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Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy.

  1. Practising in USA
    There is a growing awareness of homoeopathy in America and a great need for homoeopathic physicians to fulfill this. Homoeopathic Physicians from India desiring to practise in the US have a few options after complying with the existing US immigration laws.

    Pathway I : Medical Doctor (MD).
    Education-Medical School, 4 years and 3 years of Residency.
    Successfully passing the national and state board examinations.
    Licence to practise Homoeopathy-in s states only viz Arizona, Connecticut and Nevada.

    Pathway II : Physicians assistant (PA-C).
    Education-Physicians assistant is an allied health professional.
    It is a 2-3-year degree course.
    Certification-Physicians assistant who can only work under the umbrella of a licensed medical doctor sympathetic to homoeopathy.

    Pathway III : Naturopathic Physician (ND or NMD).
    Education-4 year degree course. Indian homoeopaths would be given advanced standing in the course work and can graduate in 2 years.
    Licence to practise Homoeopathy in 7 states viz Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, Montana.

    For further details contact-Dr. Pramila Vishwanath, PO Box 99,
    Green Farms, CT 06436-0099, USA.
    (Editor : This information was given to me by Dr. Pramila on 18 February 1993, at New Delhi, OMIH congress)

  2. Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy
    Albany, USA in 828 San Pablo Av, Albany CA-94706 Tel (510)524-3117

    Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy visited the college on her trip to the US and found the course attractive but unsuitable to Indian Homoeopaths as it does not give a licence to practise. In the words of Neda A Tomasevich, "The programme like all other homoeopathic training programmes, except those offered by the naturopathic colleges, does not offer any kind of any legal licence or degree allowing people to practise in California or USA. Thus it leads the foreign students nowhere. Indians with degrees in homoeopath medicine have no way of translating that degree into a valid United States degree and our course certainly does not offer any such way. I would appreciate, if it would be made clear to Indian Homoeopaths the very limited nature of our programme, as we do not offer a workable educational structure to foreign students".

  3. The British Institute of Homoeopathy
    Institute courses are based on home study at two levels

    I. Diploma course - Supervised home study course leading to the award of the Diploma of the Institute, DIHom. It comprises 200 hours of home study to be completed in 1-2 years. The course comprises 28 written lessons, with several test papers to enable the student to monitor his or her own progress. Written lessons are supplemented by audio and visual tapes, which may be retained by the student. There is a first, second and a final examination.

    Fees : Rs.3000 Overseas students : US Dollar 150

    II. Post graduate course : Supervised home study course leading to the post graduate (HMD) award.
    Eligibility-Applicants must be holders of the Diploma of the Institute DIHom, or equivalent qualification from a recognised college, or previous experience in Homoeopathic practice. The course can be completed in 1-2 years.

    Fees : Rs.4500 Overseas students : US Dollars 225

    Contact : For prospectus : B. Jain Publishers,
    192, Chuna Mandi, 10th St, P>O> Box 5775, Paharganj,
    New Delhi 110 055.

  4. A Post Graduate Diploma Course

    The Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy UK, has started a post-graduate course in India. The basic course will be conducted in India with 3 weeks training in UK. It will be followed by a seminar and certificate presentation at the Ezigaya seminar.

    At the end of the course, candidates can attend the 48th congress of LIGA MEDICORUM HOMOEOPATHIC INTERNATIONALIS at Vienna, from 24th-28th April 1993. Successful doctors are entitled to use the initials PG Hom (UK).

    Fees : Not informed

    Details : Dr. Hemant T Nadu
    126, D.P. Road, 1002 Navin-Asha
    Dadar, Bombay 400 014. Tel : 4141629, 4113131.

Dr. Sosi Roy MDH
RN Homoeo Hall
B-24 School Road, Sodepur
24 Parganas - 743 178.



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