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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala.

1. How far Homoeopathy can help in the treatment of Neurofibromatosis?

Dr.K U MAJMUNDAR Ahmedabad

Neurofibromatosis is a condition in which there is a tendency to produce fibromatous swellings on the neurelemnal sheath of the peripheral sheath of the peripheral nerves. It continues to increase in size till the availability of space. Of course in some case it has been reported to have evolved into cancerous change. The fundamental cause for such a tendency is TUBERCULAR MIASM, a Psrosycotic complex and from the knowledge of physiology we know that fibrous tissue is an irreversible change.

However, in order to restrict the tendency, we have drugs like Sulphur, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, and Plumbum-met. I have in my records a few cases in whom the above stated drugs, when administered on other symptoms, prevented new growths and also reduced the size of the extent of reversible pathology. It will not be wrong to classify this disease under the category of One sided disease or Difficult disease to cure.

2. I am a Final year BHMS student of R B T S Govt medical College, Muzzaffarpur. I want the details of the following courses viz DF Hom London; FNAH Nagpur; LCEH; MBS; PGR Bom and LHMI

Dr Vinay Pandey Muzzaffarpur (106 / NJH / 92)

In reply to your queries, please note the following D F is a short term Fellowship course conducted by the Faculty of the Royal London Homoeopathic Society. It was for Diploma holders only. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for the reasons best known to them. For further information (See News section)

The Royal Homoeopathic Hospital. Great Ormond Street, London, WCINSHR.
FNAH is also a Post Graduate Fellowship awarded to a graduate who has successfully passed the examination conducted by the Governing Council of The National Academy of Homoeopathy, Nagpur,. India, after completing a Post Graduate Certification Course. LCEH was a four year Licentiate course conducted by Homoeopathic college in Bombay & Poona. It has now been elevated to BHMS (degree course)

MBS was again a Degree awarded by some Universities like Calcutta till few years back. Fortunately it has been stopped since 1986.
P G R Bombay and member, ICR are a Post Graduate Certificate given by a local association namely Institute for Clinical Research, Sekhsaria Blde., Girgaum, Bombay 400004.

LMHI is a Membership Certificate given to all the members of The International Homoeopathic League, Geneva. Details may be had from Dr Jugal Kishore of New Delhi.

3. The patient says there is "GHABRAHAT" in him. Kindly suggest the rubric to which this symptom corresponds?
C Indapure Aurangabad

A good question indeed. It is one of the most common complaint particularly by the ladies. Unfortunately, there is no rubric in any of the commonly used repertories which can be claimed to be its exact translation. However for this symptoms we take the rubric Anxiety (Page No 6 Dr Kents Repertory). If it is associated with palpitation then, take the rubric on page no 874 and if with fear then page no 8.

4. What is Chromopathy System of Medicine and what is its relation with Homoeopathy?
Is there any Post Graduate Course in Homoeopathy specially in Maharashtra?

S A Dashratha Osmanabad

Chromopathy is a science of colours. According to Sir John wolf Gaug, von Goethi Colour is born as a result of subtle interaction between Darkness (Feminine) & Light (Masculine). According to him colour acts as a healing force between the two extremes. He further states that neither total Darkness, nor total light can maintain Life. In total Darkness, one tends to go to sleep which eventually ends up in unconsciousness. Similarly, total Light makes us blind rendering us unconscious.

He also said that Colours produce sounds and sounds create forms which ultimately metamorphose into a dwelling for the soul and the spirit. It is further contended that the chemical make up of every individual depends upon the release of certain chemicals at nerve endings and the movement of these can be accentuated or retarded by Colours and Sounds. Hence, certain colours are used for certain specific disorders.

Homoeopathy, is a system based on an absolutely different law, it has no relation whatsoever with Chromopathy. Please note.

In reply to the second question please note that till date No Homoeopathic College or University in Maharashtra has started any Post Graduate Course after BHMS. Of course in Nagpur University all the Preliminaries for M D course have been already fulfilled long back, but there is no college which can claim to be fully equipped for the said course. As such there are very few college all over the country which have all facilities in terms of staff and equipments even for conducting BHMS degree course.




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