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Queries and Solutions -20.
Kasim Chimthanawala.

Q 1: When does the Vital Force appear in the body? Where does the Vital Force go after death? What causes it to get deranged?

UDAY PANDIT (BHMS student) Chandrapur

Ans: The Vital Force is an invisible potential which governs the functioning of the entire living economy. Its exact origin has not been described by Dr. Hahnemann. However it is presumed to be obtained from the cosmic episphere and enters at the time of conception (fertilization of the ovum by the spermatazoa) and returns back to its common pool no sooner the soul leaves the economy.

The Vital Force, being an invisible entity, can only be influenced or affected by yet another powerful invisible force which is termed as miasms. Miasms are invisible dynamic disease producing potentials which are imposed upon the life of every unborn (pg 80 Dr. J.H. Allens Book on Chronic Miasms). They are solely responsible for the derangement of the Vital Force, thereby rendering the constitution vulnerable to even benign environmental influences.

Q 2: Do hair-dyes cause any side effects or allergic reactions?


Ans: I have come across 9 cases in which hair dye was responsible for causing certain problems. They being-

  1. Allergic reactions on the scalp, gradually spreading to other parts of the body (managed by drugs like Rhus-ven, Mez, Ars-iod and other deep acting constitutional remedies).
  2. A feeling of heaviness of head a week after application and
  3. In one case, a severe attack of Asthmatic Bronchitis was caused within 2 hours of application of the dye. It was initially managed by repeated doses of Antim-tart 2C along with Grindelia Q and then followed by Nat-mur 2C the constitutional drug of the patient.

Besides the above experience, I have not much to contribute. I invite experiences of colleagues on this topic.

Q 3: On Hahnemann Jayanti Celebrations, you referred to the four basic lessons we must take from the life of our Master. Please elaborate.


Ans: The four basic lessons that one must take from the life of Dr. Hahnemann are-

Lesson 1- To incultate a habit of complete, careful and exact observation of every live phenomenon with all seriousness and concentration and without prejudice.

Lesson 2- To form and if necessary, mould the views and opinions on the basis of observed and perceived facts. To accept only those facts which can be logically conceived and experimentally verified. To reject all those which are baseless and empirical.

Lesson 3- To remain always receptive to any rational arguments, explanations and experiences coming from any source and to accept only after thoroughly scrutinizing them to self satisfaction.

Lesson 4- Never compromise with any falsehood and instead stand erect to express the truth, come what may.

For further details please refer to the article published in the Hahnemann Gleanings page 147 (1976).

Q 4: What is "Rescue Remedy"? Kindly elaborate.


Ans: Rescue Remedy was invented by Dr. Edward Bach. It is a mixture of the extracts from five different herbal remedies viz-

  1. Star of Bethlehem (for combating shock)
  2. Impatience (for combating stress and strain)
  3. Rock Rose (to tame terror and panicky state)
  4. Cherry Plum (for desperation) and
  5. Clematis (for controlling the confused feeling which often precedes fainting or loss of consciousness)

Any alcoholic preparation like brandy may be used as a preservative. The remedy is indicated for managing any emergency state which is associated with shock or loss of consciousness. The dose depends on the condition of the patient.

I have no experience on this so claimed wonderful remedy.

Q 5: What is the basic difference between Sensitivity and Susceptibility?


Ans: Susceptibility is the universal basic property of all living creatures and is responsible for conduction and maintenance of all the dynamic (functional) activities of the economy like digestion, absorption, assimilation, growth and development, resistance to inimical factors etc. It is due to this quality that the constitution feels and responds to any stimulus.

Sensitivity and Susceptibility mean the same thing. For example, we say a patient is sensitive to cold. It also means that he is susceptible to cold.

Q 6: With reference to your answer on page 62 of NJH Vol II No 3, I invite your attention to what Dr. Pulford has said in the chapter of Silicea (page 262).
"Think twice before disturbing a foreign body that has become embedded in the tissues it may be dangerous."

Please clarify the following-

  1. What does Dr. Pulford mean by disturbing?
  2. Is it possible to cure the complaints left over sometimes after the foreign body has been embedded?
  3. Will it prove dangerous or will it cure, if Silicea is prescribed to a patient for complaints other than the one for removal of the embedded body?
  4. Does Silicea accept foreign body? Your personal experience on this subject will give me a better understanding.

Ans: Dr. Hahnemann has convincingly proved that susceptibility is the vital prerequisite and the cornerstone for each and every interaction between a living economy and an external factor (living or otherwise). It means that a foreign body can remain within a constitution until it accepts it and does not react. It will react only when it is rendered sensitive. It will become susceptible only when it gets miasmatically affected and it is only then that the economy initiates the expulsive process. Dr. Pulfords caution pertains to Silica patients harboring foreign bodies, particularly near or within the vital organs. In such cases, the embedded foreign body should not be disturbed as far as possible because with the administration of a high potency, the expulsive process may become so violent that it may even endanger life.

No doubt Silicea has a rare property to incite and promote the expulsive power of any foreign body, but being Silicea 200, a dynamically potentised deep acting miasmatic drug, it will act only in SILICEA patients. It will not show any reaction in any other constitution even with the embedded foreign bodies like silent stone in the lower pole of the kidney, Ghons lesion in the lung, myositis ossificans etc. Also if such things start happening then orthopedic appliances (nails, plates, rods etc), dental fillings, intrauterine devices etc will come out after Silicea. No. This does not happen. It takes place only when the constitution starts producing suppuration or some other manifestation at the site indicating the maturity of infection.




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