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Queries and Solutions

Q 1: Kindly explain how the following symptoms fits into MEDU phenomenon you explained in the 1 st summer school - Respiration, difficult, menorrhagia suppressed from. Do you not agree that profuse bleeding will act as drain and result in severe loss of vital fluids?

Dr. REDDY (Hyderabad)

A 1: In order to conceive this new concept of Doctrine of Expressions, Eliminations and Ultimates in its real perspective, it is worthwhile to go into a bit detail of the theory. According to the Doctrine, all discharges or eruptions are grouped under three main categories

  1. Expressions
    1. Primary Miasmatic - as a symptom of the disease like Haemorrges, Eczemoid dermatitis etc. If suppressed it instigates the internal evolution of the sickness.
    2. Secondary - due to some non miasmatic (external or internal) factor for eg. Leucorrhoea due to irritation from IUCD, Bleeding as a result of rupture of a blood vessel due to hypertension, trauma or infiltration by cancer cells etc.
  2. Eliminations - these can be classified either as miasmatic and diseased or physiological and pathological. Potentially they are the natures method to eliminate or reduce the load on the constitution. They always relieve the symptoms and many a times protect the economy from the invasion of internal or vital organs.
  3. Ultimates - They are the end result of a Pathological (Disease) process. In some cases, they play a signaling role and indicate the level of miasmatic state operating at a particular point of time for e.g. a silent solitary wart at a particular place of time indicate the operating state of Sycotic Miasm at the time or eruption.

It is expected of every physician to critically comprehend the category of every discharge or an eruption at hand; before any remedial strategy is decided upon.

In the symptom cited above I agree, blood is a vital fluid and needs to be conserved, but if it is a miasmatic eliminate then the attending physician must judge to what extend the natural process could be allowed. It should not be continued at the expense of loosing a life or incurring a lifelong defect.

Q 2:

  1. Can Genetic disorders, congenital diseased (Like Mongolism) be treated with Homoeopathy?
  2. What are the remedies for - Difficulty in opening the mouth (due to fibrosis) after habitual chewing of pan or supari?

  3. Dr. A.A. VEDPATHAK (Yawatmal)

A 2:

  1. Homoeopathic medicines can successfully manage the constitutional effects of Generic or Congenital; Disorders with the help of deep acting antimiasmatic remedies provided the patient has such symptoms (arising out of the defects) may have to be resorted to. The organic defect will require supplementary treatment or corrective mechanical intervention - for e.g. - repeated factor 8 transfusions in a haemophilic, repair of VSD and so on.
  2. Submucous fibrosis is a constitutional expression and a pre-cancerous condition, any a time it presents as a one sided disease so difficult to cure. In such cases if symptoms are present then treat it as any other cases else a Nosode must be administered selected on the basis of past history of family history. I had the opportunity of treating seven patients of this disease. Syphillinum, Tuberculinum and Merc-viv were given on the symptoms available. Factually speaking there was no substantial change in the fibrotic pathology except that the progress has stopped in four cases.

I will be pleased to welcome the experiences from our valued readers in this area.

Q 3: Would there be any difference if I use the 31st potency instead of the 30 and the 201 the potency instead of the 200 and so forth?

DR. INDU GOEL (Meerut)

A 3: The selection of a potency mainly depends on the sensitivity (susceptibility) of the individual and the intensity, functionality and the depth of the disease hence potencies. More so because it is very difficult to determine the exact susceptibility in every individual. The more experienced the homoeopath are better his judgment. So, it matters little if you use the 30 or 31st potency for a case at hand certainly 31st potency used as second dose prevents aggravation.

However there are cases reported where wonderful cures could be achieved hardly by one or two doses of the 30th potencies, may be the wavelengths of both the disease and the drug matched exactly. In such cases a higher potency say 50 or 60 would have brought up an aggravation but that would not have lasted long because of a small difference.

Q 4: What is the meaning of Desires to be magnetized and Bilious or Sanguine temperament?

DR. M.K. JAISWAL (Siliguri)

A 4: One must keep in mind the terms and phrases used in the Materia Medica by different authors are to impress on the importance if a symptom or a group of symptoms of a particular remedy. The phrase - Desires to be magnetized in Silica and Phosphorus has been used for a yielding, dependent, non-initiative temperament. Such patients harbor a desire to be under somebodys control - an expression of want of self confidence.

Bilious temperament means a short tempered, irritable, peevish and sensitive (touchy) person while the term sanguine is for persons who are lively, confident, cheerful full of hopes.





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