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Queries & Solutions -11.
Kasim Chimthanawala.

1 Dear Dr., Is it true that Homoeopathic drugs get spoiled if dispensed in printed paper. Should we always use plain white paper for the purpose? Please enlighten with reference to some authentic works if done in this area.

Dr. J.S. MURTHY - Trichur.

I am not aware of any serious work undertaken in this field. But, traditionally it is accepted that, because Homoeopathic potencies are benign and subtle, they should also be handled accordingly. White colour signifies purity, simplicity and above all cleanliness, hence is being used for dispensing medicines.

Moreover, when our method is to wait for weeks or sometimes for months after the administration of a single dose of an indicated remedy in high potency, than we must take all the necessary precautions so that the efficacy of the drug and its potency are not adversely affected on any account.

2: Do you agree that it is always essential to restrict raw onions, coffee, tobacco etc during Homoeopathic treatment? What is your method of treating patients?

Dr. R. RAVI - Nagbhid.

A good question indeed! Restrictions in Homoeopathy has been a debatable subject since beginning. As such, we do not have any authentic work undertaken till date, to confirm that aromatics or for that matter stimulants create definite hindrances in Homoeo therapeutics. That is why, this subject of restrictions must be viewed from a broader perspective. It must take into account amongst others the temperament of the patient, traditions and customs to which he - she is used to, cravings and aversions and the effects of a particular food item on Homoeopathic potencies, symptoms or on the pathological changes. Over and above these, because Homoeopathic medicines are dynamic in nature, they are vulnerable and affected by any other stronger dynamic influence like strong aroma of raw onions, coffee, hing etc.

Also, both, stimulants like tobacco, alcoholic beverages etc and Homoeopathic potencies act on the same plane i.e. nerve cells, hence it is logical to stop the stimulants if we wish to let the dynamic drugs act with full sway.

Truly speaking, the external factors or items in the food to be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment can be grouped into three categories viz those which are known to -

  1. Aggravate the disease process like salt in hypertensive, sugar in diabetics etc.
  2. Antidote the action of Homoeopathic medicines like onion affects Thuja, Lyco and others (refer chapter in GENERALITIES in Dr. Kents repertory.)
  3. Affect Homoeopathic potencies like strong aromatic items, stimulants etc.

Hence, these factors must be advised to the patient to be avoided AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. Never compel any restrictions, particularly if he - she craves the alleged item for eg. sugar in An Arg-nitr or Medorrhinum Diabetic, or salt to a Phosphorus or Nat-mur Hypertensive. In such situations, try to convince the patient about its dangers and prepare him for the purpose, otherwise suppression of cravings usually make things worse.

Normally, I do advise my patients to avoid aromatics, stimulants like tobacco, alcohol, snuff, etc. and all those factors which aggravate the complaints provided they do not have any repercussions.

3 What is the role of Homoeopathy in managing medical emergencies like status asthmaticus, peripheral circulatory failure etc. How do you manage them in your hospital?


At our hospital we adopt a well planned schedule. As soon as a patient is admitted, the RMO I-c on duty, examines, the case and records whatever information he is able to collect. He than applies the indicated auxiliary measures like Oxygen inhalation, suction, etc. for an asthmatic whereas IV fluids in a ACF patient immediately. At the same time a suitable short acting remedy is selected, either on the basis of a definite causation or peculiar expression or a prominent modality and administered either in 50 millesimal potency in frequent doses (if available) or in high centisimal potency in fractional doses. The selection of potency and method of repetition depend upon the intensity and type of the expression.

We also use mother tinctures in physiological doses along with or without the acute remedy for eg. Blatta-orient or Grindelia for dyspnoea, Rauvolfia-serp for raised BP, Syzygium-jamb, Cephalendra, Rhus-arom for hyperglycaemia, Caulophyllum for cervical dystocia etc. In majority of cases we succeed in settling the turmoil but in about 10 to 15 percent cases we have to take help of some non-Homoeopathic medicinal agents. We have 6 consultant in allied disciplines on call for this purpose.

4: Kindly let me know which medicines cover the symptom of eructations on pressing any part of the body.

DR. S. KAILASH - Hyderabad.

I am afraid, this specific symptom could not be traced anywhere in either Drs. Kents or Boger Boenninghausens Repertories. I will be much obliged if our learned colleagues enlighten us on this count. In such situations I will take the rubric from chapter stomach-eructations, pressing stomach from and see if any drug suits the other symptoms of the case.


The conduction of this column is a benign attempt by the editorial board to provide an open platform for the members of the fraternity to get their queries addressed. The author of this column does not claim to be an authority but wishes to submit that the views and opinions expressed by him are his own derived either from his 20 years of clinical and academic experience or obtained by him from respected sources.

It is the sole discretion of the readers, to either accept or reject part or whole of a solution suggested without any criticism against anybody in person.




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