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Kasim Chimthanawala.

1: Is it always necessary to take mentals into consideration at the time of selecting a similimum or is it possible to cure patients without considering mentals? Please write what you practise.

Dr. B.R. GUPTA (Amravati)

There cant be two opinions regarding the significance of mentals in Homoeopathic treatment. They are Kents Generals, and must be given prime importance while selecting the similimum. It is equally important that the attending physician must elicit mentals without any form of prejudice for or against. He must also refrain from concocting mentals either by putting words in the patients mouth or by faulty and over-stretched interpretations.

There are a few points which deserve due attention before a particular mental symptom is taken for drug selection.

  1. A Mental symptom is significant if it is pure (in patients words), primary (miasmatic), peculiar (individualistic), persistent and prominent.
  2. Causal mentals are less important.
  3. Secondary (non-miasmatic) mentals (due to external causes like environmental influences, addictions, drug effects, prolonged suffering etc) must be considered with caution, preferably after the probable maintaining factor is appropriately tackled.

In short, I am of the opinion, that any symptom spiritual, mental or physical is significant only if it is significant in the patient. For your information, there are a number of cases reported in journals which could not be cured without taking mentals into consideration, but because they were not significant in the patient hence not taken.

2: While repertorising any chronic case for constitutional remedy, only few selected drugs come out prominently. Then why are other medicines listed there? Please explain.


It is true that many a times few selected polycrest remedies numbering about 50 or so stand out prominently after repertorisation. There are a number of reasons for the same. One of the most important being in comparison to the partially proved remedies the polycrests are thoroughly proved and thousands of symptoms have been recorded; hence they are relatively better represented in the repertories.

In order to overcome this lacuna and to extract the best with whatever information available I suggest the following steps -

  1. Selection of correct (appropriate) repertory i.e. for outstanding Physicals, Dr. Boenninghausens is the best whereas Dr. Hughes Pharmacodynamics and Raues Pathology are good when pathological rubrics are prominent and of course for mentals there is no parallel to Kents and Synthetic Repertories.
  2. By taking the right class of remedies indicated for a particular symptom (rubric) i.e. according to its standing in the patient in terms of intensity and peculiarity for e.g., if a particular symptom is very prominent - intensity wise in the patient then it is justificable to take all drugs printed in capitals or bold. At times we do take all those remedies printed in italics and even common, if the case seems to be directing towards them. For moderate and milder symptoms take the drugs printed in italics and the common respectively.
  3. It is always safe to select a drug covering more symptoms of the case rather than, one or two rare symptoms, even though they are specifically reported in the repertory. Very often these smaller drugs remove the superficial manifestations and act as palliative but for cure one must try to go for deep acting constitutional remedies.

3: Sir, What do you think of Flower Remedies? Can they be used along with Homoeopathic potentised remedies. Will they help or do otherwise?


The (38 + 1) Flower Remedies introduced by Dr. Bach are a distinct class of remedies with their own pharmacology. The method of preparation and potentisation are different. Their selection is primarily based on moods and the temperament. I am using them exclusively for combating distressing mental symptoms after I fail with the regular medicines. Of course the Rescue remedy has proved its worth, many a times to overcome medical emergencies in my indoor patients.

I have never used Flower Remedies along with Homoeopathic drugs, because both claim to act on the mental plane first. I am afraid, if both of the drugs are used simultaneously, it may complicate the case rather than cure. I suggest you to go through the article by Dr. Hasmukh Patel (NJH 394 Vol III, 94) for further details.

4: What is the scientific reason for prohibiting vaccination in the children? Are there any authentic works reported in this field ? Please enlighten.

Dr. J. TRIVEDI Baroda

Now-a-days vaccines and seras are commercially prepared from horses sera. The dynamic potentiality of the animal is ten times more than that of man; hence if its serum is introduced into a newborn, it is observed that it instigates the latent SYCOTIC miasm, if present, within the constitution (refer P 118-119 Allens Chronic Miasms) ans manifesting in a number of symptom syndromes and tendencies.

Leave aside the known adverse reactions like anaphylactic shock and serum sickness due to the sensitivity against or poor quality of the serum; host of delayed side effects of vaccinations, at times life endangering, are reported in our materia medicas and journals. It is very unfortunate that this fact has never been appropriately appreciated by the members of the dominant school.

It is my experience to find that, in the children who have taken multiple vaccinations, the inherited tendencies of skin eruptions, catching cold, hemorrhages etc become more pronounced and long lasting, rendering them difficult to treat.

So, as a rational Homoeopath, we must make people aware of the true merits and demerits of vaccinations and advocate only those which act. It will not only be inhuman, but will amount to a criminal offence to instigate the latent miasm and escalate the sickness and make the innocent suffer from lifelong maladies, all in the name of protecting him from those self-limiting and remediable diseases (if treated early) which have now become rare.

Inoculations of seras should be advised only to those children who are residing in endemic areas or when there are obvious chances of getting the infection like, when a member of the family is suffering or a patient is suffering nearby or he is going to be exposed to a patient, while nursing etc.

I think, the best prophylactic for any disease is his constitutional drug. In majority of cases it will protect him from every environmental onslaught and if by chance he gets one, the course and virulence of the attack will be much less and without complications or sequel. During epidemics, depend upon Genus Epidemicus.

5: Dear doctor, you said, late Dr. Kanjilal always stressed on the sixth sense. Please elaborate what he actually meant about it and how to imbibe it?

As far as I could perceive from him, by the term sixth sense he meant "Circumspective sense" which is also often understood as INTUITION. I remember, it was his habit of recommending everybody to read the article on Medical Observer written by the master (page 724, Lesser Writings, Dr. Hahnemann), which he believed was an essential prerequisite for developing the MENTAL EYE and also nurturing the intuitional qualities of a physician, a quality which is present in every rational physician but requires to be unfolded and strengthened by repeated exercises.




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