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Queries & Solutions- 13.
Kasim Chimthanawala. 

1 Do you or know someone else who has cured a case of Cancer of Oesophagus stage II? If so please write the list of remedies which have been clinically verified. Please note I do not want the list from one of the repertories.

Dr. NIKHIL GHOSH - 24 Paraganas

I distinctly remember having cured a patient (Homoeopathic consultant himself) suffering from a histologically confirmed case of Ca Oesophagus with secondaries in left submandibular glands with Merc-iod rubrum 30 and 200 and Carcinosin 1M (one dose) administered according to symptoms. But, after about a year and a half of Homoeopathic treatment, his old complaint of Pulmonary Tuberculosis relapsed which did not yield to any medicine and he died 6 years later.

For your information, the National Academy of Homoeopathy, India along with Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Cancer Institute, Nagpur, had undertaken a project of Homoeopathic treatment of Cancer patients in 1990. We had registered 674 cases during the full year. Of them 236 died within 3 months of treatment (Serious cases who had come after all radical treatments were performed), about 184 left the treatment within one month, 14 are still (6 years later) living fine and about 100 or so, are still being monitored and treated palliatively as as and when asked for. A detailed statistical report was presented in our Annual Report 95. We have found that the prognosis of any case depended upon the stage of the disease, resistance of the patient, treatments undertaken and the manifesting miasmatic complex.

Prognosis is good if the patient is below 50 years of age, the progress is slow, the pathology is restricted only to the primary organ particularly Breast, Prostate and Uterus with no lymphadenopathy, no excision biopsy has been done, no destructive treatment like radiation, chemotherapy or surgical intervention has been undertaken, patients physiological parameters like appetite, weight, water intake, bladder and bowel movements, pulse, B P, Hb percent etc. are within normal limits and there is an elimination in the form of a discharge.

It was very poor in patients above 65 years of age, cases with gross infiltrations or metastasis and secondary symptoms, when the appetite has reduced to practically nil, when the reduction in weight is rapid, and after all destructive therapies have been tried.

Commonly indicated drugs for CA Oesophagus at the project were Baryta-carb 30 and 200, Nux-vom 30 and 200 and Iodum 30. I usually give one dose of Carcinosin 200 to every patient of malignancy sometime during treatment. I have found that this drug makes the picture clearer and reduces the pace of development of disease.

2 Do you agree with Dr. S.K. Dubey of Calcutta, that the study of Allens Key Notes is enough for practising Homoeopathy? Please opine.


I dont think Dr. Dubey must have made such statement, because I had the privilege of working with him for two years during my Calcutta days and I have never heard such a remark from him. It is true that he has mastered Allens Keynotes. But, in patients, he selects drug on the basis of totality of constitutional expressions only; of course the Keynotes mastery helps him to select faster.

3 I am a final year BHMS student. I want to know which Case Card must be followed for good case taking. Please reply in NJH for the benefit of others also.

R.S. TARE - Bhopal

A good question. I am sure you are aware of the fact that neither Dr. Hahnemann nor Kent has prescribed any specific format for recording the data of the patient. This is because case taking is an art, and every Homoeopathic physician adopts his own method to extract the details. What is more important is that you must be able to extract a complete, correct, and critically crossed (interrogated) history of the case at hand. In our Academy we use a Standardized Case Card for this purpose. For a neophyte, I will advise that he must at least keep a case card in front of him while recording data. It will help him to ask questions so that nothing is left out.

4 Is it possible to cure Diabetes Mellitus of 14 years duration. Do you have any case of diabetes of such a long standing cured with constitutional treatment and is now normal without medicines and on normal diet. If so please oblige.

Dr. RAVI CHARDE - Nagpur

I do not remember having cured any such long standing case of Diabetes mellitus. Yes, there are a number of cases of hyperglycemia and glycosuria of recent origin completely cured under constitutional treatment, when they have other symptoms also in the form of mental and physical generals.

From my experience of 25 years, I have observed that prolonged use of antidiabetic drugs always results in a state of disuse atrophy of whatever remaining alpha cells of islets of Langerhan, ultimately leading to a state of total dependency. In such stages, cure will be difficult, only palliation is possible with physiological doses of Syzygium Jamb, Cephalendra, Rhus arom and few others.




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