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Queries & Solutions - 3.
Kasim Chimthanawala.

Q 1: Now a days very often we get cases in which more than one medicines seems to be indicated. Many a times we are inclined to alternate drugs or give mixtures of the indicated ones. The results are good. Are we wrong ? If so, then what is the solution? Please explain in detail.


It is true that in present days of rapidly increasing so called modernization, hectic and artificial pace of life in urban environments, over education and intellectualization and rampant use of suppressive treatments, the self limiting simple yet natural disease of the past are being fast transformed into lifelong complex disorders like metabolic, allergic, psychosomatic and so on.

Successful management of such cases requires indepth knowledge of the subject, years of experience, criticality in judgement and the highest degrees of skill on the part of the Homoeopath. I believe such cases are the measure of truly accomplished Homoeopaths as compared to the mediocres.

In order to successfully overcome such predicaments, I suggest thee following-

  1. Record, without any form of prejudices, a complete, correct and critically crossed data of the case at hand.
  2. If necessary, administer a short acting remedy for presenting / distressing symptom syndrome so as to make him comfortable and to build a sense of confidence in the pathy as well as the path.
  3. Make all attempts to either stop or at least reduce the doses of the synthetic remedial agents, if being taken for symptomatic relief as far as possible. Simultaneously replace, if necessary with physiological doses of organ remedies and / or short acting remedies in smaller doses. At times antidotes like Nux vom 200 is used to nullify the drug effects. Use tautopathic drugs like Adcortex, Adrenalin etc as specific antidotes if the history corroborates.
  4. Advise him to curtail all aggravating factors in food, job, habits etc before constitutional treatment is connected.
  5. Suggest to him to regularize his daily routines such as eating, sleeping, bowel and bladder movements etc.
  6. Wait for at least 4-6 weeks and monitor the changes in the state of economy for atleast a month. You will find that the original (natural) symptoms will return back. Re interrogate the patient once again.
  7. The fresh date obtained must now bee critically analyzed, according to the Doctrine of Clinical Analysis, under the following heads.
    1. Congenital, Genetic or Hereditary Characters.
    2. Physiological attributes like cataract after 60s, dentitional period etc.
    3. Physiognomonic features like build, facial expressions, gait etc.
    4. Tendencies, Diathesis etc.
    5. Ailments from bad effects of (mental as well as physical), sequelae after, complication from etc.
    6. Symptoms pure and primary (miasmatic) or modified and altered due to suppressions including clinical finding and Investigatory reports.
    7. Target Organ involvement, pathological changes and results, ultimates and secondary symptoms (nonmiasmatic).
    8. Eliminations in the form of discharges or eruptions.
    9. Nonmiasmatic responses due to environmental influences like habits or addictions, Occupational, Social etc.
  8. Now, assess each group of them according to their merits and manage accordingly for eg-
    1. Congenital or Genetic complaints are incurable hence can only be palliated.
    2. Secondary symptoms due to gross pathological changes or ultimates requires to be palliated till the primary cause is tackled for eg UTI due to urethral stricture, Hydronephrosis due to obstruction from stone etc.. If need be mechanical intervention may be advised.
    3. Miasmatic manifestations requires to be treated by indicated dynamic remedies (acute, chronic etc) in appropriate potencies and repetitions.
    4. Nonmiasmatic symptoms due to unsuitable environmental influences, occupations, habits etc needs to managed by adopting appropriate corrective measures along with short acting dynamic medicines in potencies or organ remedies in potencies or organ remedies in physiological doses.
    5. Deficiencies to be supplemented parenteraly if oral is not possible.
  9. Select the drug, potency and dose according to the case. If the case is incurable than avoid a deep acting remedy. Restrict yourself on superficial acting palliative drugs in low potencies with frequent repetitions. At times in such difficult cases, it may be necessary to use a series of two or three different remedies in fairly quick succession (Vithoulkas), but they must always be prescribed only upon a full totality of essential symptoms.
  10. Wherever indicated suggest appropriate auxiliary measures like P T exercises,, mental relaxation techniques etc.

Q 2: Please explain the meanings of the following terms-Prima Causa Morbi, Medicamentum a globule and Medicamenta la gouttee.


These are Latin terms used by the master and his contemporaries in their writings. Their meanings are as follows-.

Prima Causa Morbi= Primary (basic) cause of the disease.

Medicaments la gouttee (340 S)= The procedure of dynamisation in which a drop is used for subsequent potentisation. It is done in

Centisimal Potencies.

Medicamentum a globule= A new method of potency preparation in which a single poppy size globule (saturated in 1 drop of the mother mixture) is used for subsequent dynamisation. It is done in 50 Millesimal Potencies. Details regarding this method are given in sec 270-272 of 6th edition of Organon.


The conduct of this column is a benign attempt by the editorial board to provide an open platform for the members of the fraternity to get their queries addressed. The author of this column does not claim to be an authority but wishes to submit that the views and opinions expressed by him are his own derived either from his 20 years of clinical and academic experience or obtained by him from respected sources.

It is the sole discretion of the readers, to either accept or reject part or whole of a solution suggested without any criticism against anybody in person.

The secret of success in conversation is to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

-Bent Relly.




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