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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Please advise whether we should allow booster dose of vaccination after the primary ones have been given?

Gayatri Agarwal [Barshi]

Vaccination is by itself is a controversial topic for Homoeopaths. On Principle it should never be given, but considering the socio-legal implications, some Homoeopaths are hesitatingly allowing primary vaccinations. As far as subsequent doses are concerned, they must never be advised.
From my own experience I can assure you that a constitutional remedy or a Nosode selected on the presenting manifestations [if any] and the family history is the best prophylactic against any form of disease.
You will be surprised to know that my family of about 200 and odd members have never taken any form of vaccination during the past 5 decades and, touchwood, none of us have suffered from any form of the diseases against which they are given.

2. Can we allow vitamins, tonics, Chyawanprash along with our drugs for general health? Does it hamper the action of our drugs. Please explain.

D S.K. [Mumbai]

Such health boosting items should never be allowed as a routine except in patients who manifest their deficiencies either due to poor intake [vomiting, diarrhoea, severe mouth ulceration etc. or after they have become grossly debilitated following some exhausting disease. Always assess every patient as an individual case and critically decide their use and duration.

3. Please explain '.. Only the nosodes can be given with profit either first or intercurrently as tuning regulators. To borrow a botanical analogy the Nosodes are like the Genius and the remedy the species.

Dr Janardhan Reddy [Hyderabad]

I hope you know that I have described Nosodes as multi-polycrest remedies. Why? Because a single nosode has the characteristic peculiars of a number of polycrests. For e.g. Medorrhinum. It has the symptoms of Baryta-carb [the dwarfishness, scrofular diathesis, dull mind and constipation] Merc-sol [impatient, hurried temperament, trembling, thirst +++, stool mucus] Carbo-veg [collapse condition, craves fan and fresh air, cold sweat with loss of vitality] Sulphur [Burning palms and soles, craves sweet, ravenous hunger ] Arg-nit [impatient , apprehensive patient, craving sweet, trembling, anticipatory diarrhoea] Zincum [fidgety and trembling with spinal symptoms ]etc.
Similarly other nosodes also have the characteristics of many polycrests. Clinically this knowledge is employed to select a particular nosode after that particular polycrest does not act.

4. Please explain what do you mean by the rubric- KR 611. RECTUM, Diarrhoea, bad drainage

Dr Janardhan Reddy [Hyderabad]

A debatable rubric. It should be taken as Diarrhoea due to intake of contaminated water [sometimes leaking sewage pipes contaminates drinking water pipes].

5. What is your experience pertaining to "Hering's Laws of Cure"? Are they relevant even today?

Dr Ritu Parakh [Nagpur]

From my own experience I can emphatically say that while treating Natural cases [curable ones which means having good generals, reversible pathological changes, elimination and not much suppressive treatments undertaken] we do experience the sickness retreat according to Hering's Laws. Even though such cases are rare, but every physician must monitor his treatment only on these guidelines.

6. Are there any government run Homoeopathic hospitals in our country?

Dr Ritu Parakh, Nagpur.

Yes, there are few Homoeopathic indoors which are financed by the government. The one attached with the Govt Homoeopathic Medical College, New Delhi is claimed to be the best. But, I am sorry to find it otherwise. Never mind.
Similarly every Homoeopathic College recognized by the CCH claims to be running [on paper] an indoor with number of beds and departments according to the Memorandum. There are also few hospitals, which are being run by private managements, and assisted by the Govt at Mumbai, Aurangabad, Calcutta etc. which have patients but unfortunately even over there non-Homoeopathic treatments are being administered along with the sugar pills. So, all in all the factual state of bedside treating in Homoeopathic institution is deplorable hence less said the better.

7. Is it correct to allow local ointments, shampoo and face cream etc along with our treatment? How do they act?

Ku Gayatri Agrawal

No and never. All of the local medicaments are non-Homoeopathic combinations of Homoeopathic remedies. If at all they act, they will suppress the expressions and never cure. Yes for soothing skin we do advise non medicinal agents like coconut oil, plain Vaseline etc.




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