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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. As per your experience, what are the advantages of LM potencies over Centesimal?

Dr Jai Kukreja [Dabra]

I am using these potencies for the past 10-12 years and have found the following advantages:

  1. Act very fast in emergencies and life- endangering situations. Can be repeated every 5-10 minutes without fear of AGG.
  2. The potencies can be increased rapidly because waiting period is small as compared to the Centisimal.
  3. Can be safely used to palliate distressing symptoms of incurable diseases like Cancer pains, Haemorrhage from cancer sites etc. Please remember high potencies in Centicimal scale must be avoided when structural changes are present.
  4. I have used them to relieve the unbearable aggravations produced due to constitutional drugs. I remember one case of PMA wherein 1 dose of Phos 1M was given and after about 10-12 days she vomited about 150-180 ml of frank blood and went into shock. On admission to our Hospital we gave Ipecac 0/3 every 5 minutes along with IV fluids. The condition improved dramatically and the patient came out of danger within 2 hours.

2. Which repertory will you like to suggest for neophytes like us who have passed out from a college and who did not have any teacher in Repertory for years. We studied Kent's Repertory from our seniors only.

Ms R T Rao [Chandrapur]

I understand your problem and the state you are put in. But don't worry. To begin with I suggest Kent. Take only one chapter every day. Go through each rubric and try to understand its meaning in your colloquial language from the dictionary. Write them in margins.

After you finish this exercise enlist all similar rubrics and perceive them comparatively. Likewise take up each chapter one by one.

Similarly refer to Boenninghausen's, Synthesis, Synthetic and Robin Murphy's Repertories. There are number of synonyms and similar rubrics in them. Enter them in YOUR Kent's repertory. Take your own time. I must have taken more than 5 years to understand my repertory. Even today, after 30 years of practice I keep learning. So make your own Kent's Repertory and start from today. Don't grumble. Thank almighty that you are a Homoeopath.

3. Is there any condensed course in Homoeopathy for MBBS graduates? If so please give their details and addresses

Dr Adil Chimthanawala [Nagpur]

If I am correct, I know that till 1992, we had a provision in the CCH memorandum of a 2 years condensed course for MBBS graduates. They were directly admitted in 3rd year of 4 year Diploma course and were examined only in Homoeopathic subjects viz Pharmacy, Organon, Materia Medica and Repertory. But, due to reasons best known, the previous CCH removed this provision. Even the short course conducted by British faculty has been derecognised by the Council. So, I am sorry to inform that if you wish to become a Homoeopathic graduate then join BHMS and once again go through the entire course of 5 years which will of course include the basic subjects which you have already passed, along with Hom subjects.

4. I have passed BHMS last year with honors in Materia Medica and will be completing my internship within a few days. Still I don't have the required confidence for starting practice. What methods will you suggest for developing it? I am really very nervous. Please help.

An intern [Bhopal]

I understand your anxiety. Practically every sensitive homoeopathic neophyte passes through this phase. Good many of them have come out successfully but of course some slip off and get frustrated. From my side I can assure you if your foundation and theory is solid and convictions are clear than you don't have to worry. Contact some good Homoeopath in your area and attend his dispensary for at least 1 year. Become a part and parcel of its working. Look, hear and perceive by yourself different types of patients and the way the physician manages. Only after this clinical training you should think of starting your own chamber.




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