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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Please opine whether all physical diseases have mental symptoms ?

Dr. Kashinath Gaurkar Chandrapur

Not necessarily. The occurance of peculiar mentals is in inverse proporation to the physical disturbances. In cases with gross structural changes in the organs, there are very few or rather no mental generals worth prescribing on as a similimum. Hence in such cases palliative remedies selected on the basis of palliative remedies selected on the basis of pathological totality is made use of.
Of course in the majority of cases there are both physical and mental generals, hence are curable.
Aph: 211 states: mental illnesses are the end results after the corporeal disease subsides. In these cases the treatment is directed on the basis of presenting symptoms of the mental disease proper.

2. Can you throw light on the details of Cancer and Ringworm Misam?

Dr. Rajendra Gupta Dondhicha Dhule.

During the time of Master Hahnemann, diseases were simple, and superficial , but with times changing due to massive drugging, artificialities, vaccinations, mechanical interventions, mental stress, ect, the pure natural morbific agents- MIASMAS have evolved into complex states. Dr. Burnett described the first i.e. the Tubercular Miasm. In recent times we are hearing about Cancer, Amoebic and Ringworm Miasms. The list may go on increasing as and when they are reported. As far as I can understand they all are combinations of the three BASIC Miasms either two or all the three. It is the phase and the stage of the permutation and combination which will express as different combines. As compared to the pure natural diseases, the diseases expressions of miasmatic combines are difficult to manage and at times incurable. As far as the treatment of such cases are concerned, the principle should remain the same i.e. selection of similimum on individualistic symptoms only. Of course, we may require to administer, Nosode, etc during the course of treatment.

3. Sir, Staphysagria has been mentioned at both places in Synthesis Repertory i.e. "Sexual desire diminished (Male) pg 900 and Sexual desire increased (Male) pg 901." There are many such rubrics. If we prove this medicine, then what is the result? If both are true then what are the factors causing these conditions ? If the behaviour changes or if we do not have any other symptom except the chief complaint, then how will Staphysagria or any other remedies with dual character should be used ?

Dr. (Mrs.) Meenal Poshattiwar (Nagpur)

Both these rubrics are correct. In Kent's Repertory both carry 3 marks. On going through the Lectures on Kent's Materia Medica we find that increased sexual desire is a primary characteristic - the essence of this drug. Even the patient is constantly dwelling on sexual thoughts. The occurrence of such contradictory states depends upon the state of miasmatic disposition the prover harbours at the time of proving. Hence for both of these conditions the drug can be administered. At the same time, I have observed that in case of onanism and sexual overindulgence for a long period, Staphysagria patients end in an absolutely opposite state i.e. sexual apathy and lack of sexual passion. So for the latter symptom, history of excessive sexual desire has to be there for prescribing Staphysagria.

4. What is the scope of Homoeopathy in the field of Prophylaxis?

Dr. Roopshree Tambe (Nagpur)

  1. As far as prophylaxis is concerned Homoeopathy has a wide scope. For instance, for epidemics, the Genus Epidemicus (apho 76 ) selected on the basis of the presenting totality will prevent the disease in vogue.
  2. For Eruptive fevers like Measles, mumps etc specific Nosodes prepared from the causative organisms or their pathological tissues have been clinically verified as dependent preventives, eg. Diphtherinum for Diptheria (Allens K.N.Pg), Morbillinum for Measles, Vaccinimum for Chicken Pox, Hydropobinum for Rabies etc In Allen's Keynotes we find The author has used it for 25 years as a second case of diphtheria to occur in a family after it had been administered. The profession is asked to put it to the test and publish the failures to the world . (page 300 also).
  3. There are certain Nosodes like Tuberculinum, Carcinosin etc which have the potentiality of not only preventing the specific disease from which they are prepared but also have been proved successful in preventing the subsequent manifestations of Tuberculosis, Cancers etc.
  4. Similimum selected on the essential totality by itself prevents the occurrence of not only acute diseases but also the evolution of sickness. As far as Thallesemia is concerned, it is a genetic disorder, produced as a result of miasmatic evil during the intrauterine life. Hence complete cure with similimum will not be possible. But appropriate constitutional treatment of the mother during pregnancy will prevent such congenital disorders. For Giardiasis , Amoebiasis we have no such specific Nosodes till date. Hence avoidance of the exciting factors with appropriates similimum will do the job.

5. If nobody is devoid of miasm, then How it is claimed that provings were made on healty persons?

Dr V K Jain Hisar

Yes it is true that Nobody is devoid of any miasmatic schedule. As far as they are in latent state we term them as relatively healthy. At the time of proving we enlist all the symptoms/tendencies from which the prover is suffering before the proving is started. During proving only these symptoms are deducted. In practice we prove a drug on number of individuals (both the sexes and in different ages). Common symptoms occurring are taken as the symptoms produced by the drug in question. Of course a peculiar delusion or a dream occurring during proving (from which the prover has never suffered in the past ) even in or two prover are considered to have been produced due to the drug.




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