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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Now days I hear that an improved edition of Homoeopathy is being practiced by a section of young Homoeopaths specially in the Metropolis of Mumbai and Delhi, in the name of Classical Homoeopathy. Please opine how it differs from the orthodox one discovered by the Master.

Dr Adil Chimthanawala Nagpur

If I remember correct, I have already answered this question in the previous issue of NJH. Nevertheless I think it will not be out of place to once again opine on this issue because of its importance.

Classical Homoeopathy is a modern term in place of Hahemannian Homoeopathy. It has been coined by a section of enthusiastic Homoeopaths who are busy updating Homoeopathy by introducing their own concepts and methods derived from their own personal experiences', not necessarily based on the fundamentals of Homoeopathy as laid down in the Organon. Majority of them has not yet passed the crucial test of clinical trials by other Homoeopaths. Factually speaking, Homoeopathy is only ONE, the one, which was discovered by Hahnemann and aptly explained in the Organon. Any Homoeopathy other than what has been described in Organon is NOT Homoeopathy even if it has sugar pills and in potencies.

2. Sir I wonder why my son got Bronchial Asthma when he was on Homoeopathic treatment for recurrent tonsillitis, since birth. Even for his skin problem our Homoeopath had given a Homoeopathic ointment, which relieved. Please opine?

Dr S R De Calcutta

Your query is not only relevant but also very significant. It is a common belief amongst the laity and even professionals that ALL drugs taken in sugar pills is Homoeopathy. Also Homoeopathic drugs are safe and never suppress diseases or produce side effects. Truly speaking these contentions are far from the truth. Remedy selected and administered on any other base, other than the totality of symptoms (ie Patient as a whole) is NON HOMOEOPATHIC no matter even if they are in the form of sugar pills. Also, some drugs given in high potencies repeatedly for long periods produce dangerous side effects, which at times remain life long.

During my professional career of more than three decades I have come across hundreds of such cases. Even now I get at least 10-15 such unfortunate patients every month. So, as far as your son's case is concerned, I presume that the child was given symptomatic treatment or some mixtures of Homoeopathic remedies or patent remedies for relieving the presenting symptoms. The sickness continued to grow from skin to tonsils and then to the lungs i.e. from periphery to centre. My advice is that you should contact some eminent Homoeopath, known for spending time taking the history etc in your town, and let your child undergo a full course of constitutional treatment for sometime.

Unfortunately, now a days majority of Homoeopathic Graduates are using mixtures, patents, specifics etc for treating patients. No doubt some of them succeed in attracting big crowds but they are employing Homoeopathic medicine in allopathic manner.

3. Sir, I am practicing since 1997. Many a times I face a problem whether to stop symptomatic drugs like Antihypertensives, Antidiabetics etc during Homoeopathic treatment?

D. Jai Kukreja Gwalior

Our Organon strongly objects to the use of any other drugs during constitutional treatment with deep acting anti miasmatic remedies. But we must deal with this subject in a broader perspective. During Hahnemann's time, diseases were simple and that time the remedial agents applied were not toxic or dangerous. Very few had any long lasting effects. But today practically every allopathic drug like Antibiotics, Hormonal prep, Antimetabolites, Vaccines/Seras etc have deep constitutional effects. Some of them continue to produce effect for years even after they are stopped.

It is true that in our Organon, Hahnemann clearly states that during Homoeopathic treatment, all crude drugs must be stopped, but keeping in mind the pharmacogenesis of crude drugs, the symptoms bounce back if stopped immediately. Hence their doses must be tapered and if necessary some Homoeopathic organ remedies in physiological doses must be given as replacement therapy. It is only AFTER we succeed in reducing the dose to bare minimum or are able to stop the crude drugs, our constitutional treatment should be started. Of course, there are some cases in which similimum has acted as expected even when the symptomatic drugs are being taken. There are also cases in my records in whom our similia has helped to reduce the crude drugs faster without any rebounces. So the strategy will depend upon the case at hand - his symptomatology, duration, drugs being used, sensitivity etc.

Editor: This Q and A section has really touched upon some very fundamental and basic problems abounding in the young and even the old minds. Dr Kasim has really tried to solve them by these answers. I just want to add my thoughts on the last point, viz during tapering off process, the constitutional remedy can be introduced. In fact it will help hasten the tapering and the final amelioration. The recent research at the ICR has shown that most Allopathic medicines do not interfere with the action of the homoeopathic remedy.




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