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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1 How long one should wait after giving a single dose in chronic diseases?

Dr Ritu Parakh

The onset of action of drug administered in a chronic case depends upon the following factors viz its similitude with the symptomatology, the type of drug (whether superficial acting or deep acting), Sensitivity of the case, Case Type (curable, one-sided, drug disease, incurable with gross pathological symptoms), the dose of the drug, potency applied and of course the maintaining factors influencing. Normally if everything goes well, I find that a deep acting polycrest takes somewhere between 3 days to 3 weeks to take effect. One more thing, if your drug is a similimum than the first effect will be at the mental level and if a palliative than on the distressing symptom.

Rubric DNS is not to be found in Kent's Repertory. Please suggest what should be done?

Dr Adil Chimthanawala

Yes there are many such conditions, which are absent in Kent's Repertory. In this case, DNS is an ultimate, an end result of a recurrent inflammation at the root of the nose and the turbinates. And as far as I understand, our objective should be to treat the tendency to Rhinitis for which you can refer to rubric- NOSE, inflammation along with other associated symptoms watering, obstructing feeling etc. If his/her recurrent coryza subsides, the DNS will look after itself. Of course one cannot expect to straighten the septum as it was before but the patient can be brought to within normal limits, if he does not get frequent attacks of Rhinitis or Sinusitis. I have a number of cases of Allergic Rhinitis et Sinusitis in whom the tendency has been substantially reduced and they have no difficulty in breathing even though their septum remains deviated.

Mind you, the DNS can never be the cause of Rhinitis. Hence SMR is no treatment. Of course if the DNS is very gross and the patient gets stuffy feeling even after his tendency has reduced then he/she may be permitted to go for SMR for removing mechanical yet irreversible obstacle.

3 Which is the best time to prescribe a Nosode? What is your method? Please write.

Dr (Mrs) R S Tambe, Nagpur

There are a number of indications for prescribing a nosode. Depending upon them we administer one dose in a medium potency of 200 or 1M. The commonest indication is as an intercurrent when the best selected remedy fails to act, as a similimum when selected on the essential totality and as a preventive, to prevent relapses or future disorders in a patient having history of such disease either in the past or in the family. For eg I often administer Tuberculinum in all cases which have either a history in the past or a family history of tubercular disorder.

4 Are Polycrest remedies not enough to manage cases of present times? Do we really need newer remedies like Petrol, Chocolate, Plastic etc for treatment?

Dr Sanjay Tambe, Nagpur.

My answer to this very important query is both Yes and No. Yes because in present times we get cases which are much complicated. The diseases from which they suffer are not simple and superficial. Majority of them is suffering from lifelong metabolic/immunological/neoplastic/idiopathic disorders. Over and above that, they come to us after taking toxic drugs for years. So for managing such cases we require extra drugs. I don't mean to say our polycrests will not manage them but in some case we do require snapshot palliatives. And No, because Polycrests are curative remedies having a definite pen picture which is very often not clear in majority of cases due to reasons already described.

About the newer drugs which you have mentioned, I am sorry, I have no first hand knowledge about them. I am of the view, that first we must know and use whatever drugs have already been proved (authentically). Then, if required we should go for the newer ones in whom the symptoms collected have yet to be scrutinized and verified.

I am sure there must not be a single physician who knows and has used all the drugs written in Boericke. Where is the question of those described in the Source books. It is human nature and a sign of ignorance that whatever new is presented gets immediate attention. But then they are like soap bubbles, the faster forgotten. But no Homoeopath can ever forget Nux, Bell, Lyco or Calc till the last day of his life.




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