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Benefits Of The NJH-CME's
Dr Padmaja Pai

Since the past few years, NJH has been conducting CME sessions, which are held once in two months. I am a practicing homoeopath for the past twenty years and feel that that for a CME session to be really effective, the following minimum criteria should be met:

  1. Sessions must be confined to small groups not exceeding 30-40 members.
  2. They must be held in a non-threatening comfortable atmosphere.
  3. It must be lead by an easy going but confident and caring speaker.
  4. Homoeopaths attending such sessions should ask all their difficulties regarding any of their individual difficulties in their day-to-day practice.
The NJH CME meets all these requirements and much to my delight, I have found that attending these sessions speeds up the learning process. The NJH CMEs cover varying topics in the different sessions and the atmosphere it is held in, allows one to freely interact with the speaker and other homoeopaths. The speaker puts you at ease and encourages you to ask any query on the subject matter that you may have without making you feel interior. This enables you to open up with your anxieties with the full knowledge that information and advice is readily available.

Many of the NJH CME speakers come from a non-homoeopathic background, yet are very open towards Homoeopathy and do not bear a condescending or patronizing attitude towards Homoeopaths. The best part of the NJH CME is that all including the speakers come here as learners-everyone participating in the sessions is learning and sharing thoughts and ideas in a comfortable atmosphere.

Very often an Audio-visual presentation is made and sometimes doctors actually demonstrate on how to conduct a physical examination. Several handy tips are provided which are of great help to Homoeopaths who may be either beginners or practicing for several years. The learning curve in such cases rises sharply.

Once, Dr Asrani told us that these days with so many cases of PUO, one way to confirm typhoid within 3-4 days is to do a WBC on Day 1 and repeat on Day 3 or 4 of the fever. A lowered WBC on Day 3 relative to Day 1 would confirm typhoid. This helped me to confirm the diagnosis far a patient who cross checked with her allopath, who corroborated. The patient was completely asymptomatic with Pyrogen 1M QDS for two days. Prior to having this information from the CME, I may have prescribed the same remedy and probably achieved the same results but would not have been sure that it was typhoid, which was responding to Pyrogen.

Hence the CME not only makes us better Homoeopaths but also most definitely better Clinicians. Generally in our quest to be better Homoeopaths, we lose out on being better clinicians. The NJH CME fulfils this need. A word of thanks to Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy would not be out of place here. She is the moving spirit behind the CMEs and really pampers us during these CMEs. Because of her efforts, many homoeopaths like me are ending up being better doctors.




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