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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1.What is the significance of Tautopathy in treating Drug-Diseases?

Dr Ritu Parakh Nagpur

A drug can affect in different forms and the indication of Tautopathy depends on the type of effect. The various effects of a drug can be:

  1. Pharmocological Effect - A drug may have many effects but very often it is prescribed for its main effect. In some patients we notice the other ones also for eg. Aspirin as an analgesic also irritates the gastric mucosa and causes hyperacidity or Sorbitrate which is given for coronary dilatation also dilates the peripheral arteries, and this increased flow to the head, may cause heaviness of head. Such effects of the drug are termed as unwanted effects. These effects subside no sooner the drug is stopped. If severe, they need to be managed by short acting drug eg Nux-vom 30 for apthae-after prolonged intake of antibiotics.
  2. Toxicological Effect - Certain drugs if given in high doses or continued for long time, produces toxicological effects in the form of diseases for eg Gastric ulcer after prolonged intake of Salicylates and hair fall after radiation or chemotherapy. For Management of these effects first stop the alleged drug and then give the Antidote.
  3. Immunosuppressive Effect - There are certain drugs which are given for immunosuppression, like steroids, rendering the individual prone Recurrent infections, Tuberculosis etc. For management of such diseases first stop the drug and then adopt Tautopathic procedure ie drug prepared from the alleged drug itself.
  4. Drug-Miasm Effect- Prolonged use of certain constitutional drugs produces a DRUG MIASM. It is more powerful than the natural morbific agents. The patient than produces symptoms, which are called Drug Diseases. These diseases are the most difficult to cure eg Steroid Diabetes, thyroid disorders etc. For managing such cases first stop the drug and then start constitutional treatment along with intermittent doses of tautopathic drug if available.

2 Do you advise Inj TT for injury to your patients?

Dr Jai Kukreja Gwalior

My answer is No, Never. Yes I may give few doses of Hypericum or Ledum depending upon the case. But this question must be understood in its wider perspective. Medicolegally it is obligatory for every physician to at least advise Tetanus Toxoid if he thinks there is a remote chance of getting Tetanus. Hence in Calcutta Medical College where I worked, we used to write on the case card but verbally they were told that the Homoeopathic medicines would prevent the danger.

At times I have observed my teachers at Calcutta advising TT to patients, if the injury has taken place due to an old rusted iron piece and there is a potential danger of infection then to be on the safer side, TT is given along with our medicines. Such situations of course are rare.

3 Do we permit parental administration of fluids in cases of PCF resulted due to profuse loss of fluids?

Dr Sumeet Chatterjee Calcutta

Yes, of course parental administration of fluids must be undertaken to replenish the fluid loss. If there is gross dehydration and the BP is very low & when oral intake is either not possible or will take sometime to establish, than do go for IV fluids without hesitation. It is Homoeopathic to do so.

4 Can constitutional treatment be given to a patient who is taking oral contraceptive pills?
Dr Adil Chimtanwala Nagpur

A 4 Of course. In exceptional cases, when it is essential, one may select an antimiasmatic remedy even when the patient is taking oral pills. But it is always advisable to construct the essential totality for the selection of similimum after omitting hormonal tablets, so that the drug effects do not interfere with the symptom format.

5 Nowadays it has been observed that every homoeopath adopts his or her own method and repetition. Some even use centesimal and decimal at one time. All of them claim good results, at times unbelievable. Please opine.

Dr Adil Chimthanwala Nagpur

Yes, it is true the situation has deteriorated to this extent. In homoeopathy the 'cure' can be achieved by only one method and that is similia-similibus-curentur. That means, the drug, potency as well as the Dose (repetition) must match exactly with the state of disposition of the SICK in question. Any other method adopted will result in palliation or even suppression, so RELIEF should not be the sole parameter of assessing the correctness of the drug or its posology.

It is the procedure of cure according to the Herrings Laws, which can ensure permanent anhiliation of sickness.

6 What is the prophylaxis of Hepatitis B? Should we allow vaccination?

Dr R S Tambe

As such, there is no such specific in Homoeopathy, except the Genus Epidemicus. The best prophylactic is the Constitutional Drug selected on the principles of similia. However, some of the colleagues are using Lyco 200, three doses in one day as preventive for Hepatitis. To what extent it is successful, is questionable.

7 Enlist the group of the incurable diseases in Homoeopathy according to your experience.

Dr Mehboob Chimtanwala

Broadly speaking all those diseases in which the Pathological changes have crossed the reversible stage and in whom the Generalities are absent can be grouped under this head. But for enlisting purpose we can enlist them as under:

  1. Drug diseases
  2. Autoimmune diseases.
  3. Gross Structural changes with Secondaries.
  4. Congenital diseases.

8 If in the course of constitutional treatment, the action of the remedy is slow but steady (ie slow improvement day to day) then what should be our procedure of drug administration?

Dr Subash Gutke

In such a situation, if the symptoms are same, then repeat the same medicine in higher potency. If the drug gives partial effect and it is suggested that it is still working, then you may give a dose of an appropriate intercurrent in 200 potency. It will help the similimum to act better and for long.




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