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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Please suggest your approach for treating Mitral Stenosis with Pulmonary Hypertension. The patient is a 26-year-old, male, with dyspnoea on exertion and h/o repeated Hemoptysis for past 3 years. There are no s/o CCF.

Dr Sanjay Tambe, Nagpur

From our viewpoint this case belongs to "Case of Gross Structural damage - a disease ultimate with secondary symptoms," Our approach in such cases is palliative followed by constitutional treatment, if symptoms agree. Hence, to begin with you may manage him with short acting organ remedies like Cratagus. Digitalis, Millifolium, Ipecac, Iberis, Kalmia or other drugs given in "Generalities" - Contractions, structures, stenosis after inflammation: Kent's Repertory Pg 1351. "Once the complaints are settled temporarily by these partial similimums or so called specifics, then retake the case and prescribe a constitutional remedy. But if the patient starts deteriorating ie if he develops complications like Severe Pulmonary Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, recurrent LRTI, Congestive Cardiac Failure etc, then one may advise Balloon Mitral Valvotomy (BMV) or the surgery required for his valve. Because of the Tubercular taint, it is seen that in a few cases the patients develop restenosis after BMV. Hence to prevent restenosis a deep acting antimiasmatic remedy can be administered Post BMV.

2. Sir, I have a 3½ yr female patient, having Icthyosis - dry fish like scaly skin with itching and profuse perspiration especially, over the head. She has F/H of similar problem in both her mother and maternal aunt. She is the first child of a non-consanguineous marriage. She was born FTND . All her milestones till date are normal and she is vaccinated for her age. Her younger brother has Cavernous Haemangioma on the face. Sir I have already tried Ars-iod and Syphilinum, but to no avail. Please guide me.

Dr Gayatri Agarwal, Sholapur

As you are well aware, Icthyosis is an X-linked disorder, it is rather incurable in a way. We have drugs like Kali-iod, Ars-iod, Xanthoxyllum, Phosphorous, Hydrocotyle etc, which along with non-medicinal moisturizers like vaseline, urea etc. can make the skin a bit softer and presentable.

3. Sir, do we have any medication in Homoeopathy for preventing rejection of transplanted kidney, since the conventional immunosuppressants are although effective, highly expensive and toxic?

Dr Kashinath Gaurkar, Chandrapur

Basically Homoeopathy is a natural form of therapeutics. Hence if a particular foreign material (transplanted kidney in this case) is not acceptable for a particular constitution, then it attempts to throw it away. Hence, we should not hesitate to accept that there are no medicines in Homoeopathy, which can prevent an organ rejection.

4. Sir, kindly guide me in the management of the following case. A 75-year male who is a k/c/o of Bronchial Asthma since 35 years is developing recurrent inguinal hernia, first on the right, which was operated and now on the left. Sir, is surgery the only solution?

Dr Sachin Thakur, Sangamner

Hernia is a result of a weak inguinal ring in the abdominal wall - due to repeated rise in intra-abdominal pressure as a consequence of Bronchospasms. Hence if the case is still in the early (reducible) stage and if an appropriate treatment is given for asthma, mechanical intervention for hernia will not be necessary. Of course one must advise exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.

5. Sir, my 6 yr old son has Downs syndrome. He is under Homoeopathic treatment and is doing better than most other Downs children of his age (school - KG I). Since Down's is a sycotic disorder, is it safe to immunize him (esp Hepatitis B)? Will he be prone to more serious diseases due to immunization? Will anti-sycotic medicines such as Thuja, Silica etc. completely nullify the bad effects of immunizations?

M Pavan Kumar, Chennai

Down's syndrome (Trisomy 21) is a congenital aneuploidy in which the chromosomes are translocated in mosaic patterns. They manifest as retarded physical, mental and sexual development. Hence come under the purview of Manifestive Syphilitic Miasm in the intrauterine life and not sycotic as you have understood.

Nevertheless, vaccination and its bad effects have a different Homoeopathic purview. All those children who react to inoculation in the form of consitutional expressions as eruption at the site of inoculation, fever, malaise, irritability, diarrhoea etc, indicate that the constitution was vital enough to throw away the poisonous effects of the inoculated serum, hence there are no bad effects. Such cases we term as "Inoculation taken, but vaccination not taken". As against this, in cases where no reaction is expressed even after repeated inoculations, there are chances of adverse effects in future. As far as immunization against Hepatitis B is concerned, it must be avoided unless and until the predisposing factors are very obvious and pertinent. Every case must be assessed individually; constitutional treatment is the best prophylactic against all ineffective disorders. Thuja, Sil or Antim-tart can combat the sycotic upsurge as a result of vaccinations only in those patients where they are indicated and are not as so-called specifics.




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