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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Doctor, can a remedy in Centisimal and LM potencies be given at the same time in one patient? What is your opinion?

Dr Sameer Sakalikar,Jalgaon

Definitely not. Both potencies have different planes of action. Yes, a remedy in one set of potency can be given after the first, if the desired effect has not been achieved. In our indoor patients, we do experiment by shifting from centesimal potency to LM potency for managing acute conditions with good results.

2. Can a Homoeopathic Cure (according to Hering's Laws) be achieved by administering a similimum only in LM potencies? If so please advice the procedure.

Dr Adil Chimthanawala

For initiating cure as described by the Master, the remedy must be administered in a potency which fits the sensitivity of the state of disposition. In LM potency the plane of action is Superficial. In my experience, drugs in LM potencies can effectively manage two major groups of manifestations (a) Acute states and (b) To palliate pathological symptoms in incurable cases.

3. In your opinion, which potency is more powerful Centesimal or LM?

Dr Monika Singh, New Delhi

If compared, the action of centesimal potency is more powerful than the LM potency although it is more dynamised, because a remedy in centesimal potency acts in a much deeper plane and also for a longer period. (The basic idea of Hahnemann to devise the LM potency is to avoid the medicinal aggravation of centesimal potencies in patients. Please see the article on 50M Potencies in Potency Part I issue of 6/2000-Editor)

4. Which method of administration of Acute remedies is more beneficial- Plussing method or Fractional Method?

Dr Jai Kukreja, Gwalior

There is no specific work has been conducted in this field but from my personal knowledge, I can say that a remedy administered by plussing method works faster than the one given by fractional method, because by plussing method the subsequent potency administered is a bit higher than the first.

5. My only son aged 3 months is suffering from Coarctation of Aorta. He has been advised operation for correction. Can Homoeopathy help me?

Dr Vinay Panchalwar

I am really sorry to learn that your son is suffering from this congenital disorder. But medicines have a limited role. Mechanical Correction is the only solution. However we do have effective remedies for palliating symptoms due to this disorder. You may contact a good Homoeopathic Physician and seek his intervention.

6. Nowadays we are getting number of mixtures and patents for difficult diseases. What is your experience about them? Please advice specific ones, which can be used with safety?

Fatema Varawala

I agree that with changing times Homeopathy is also being moulded on the lines of traditional, medicine probably because of the demand and easy earning. But Hahnemannian Homoeopathy NEVER advocates polypharmacy in the form of mixtures or patents. Symptomatic treatment with the help of mixtures, or patents amounts to allopathic treatment with homoeopathic drugs.

7. What is the role of mother tinctures in Homoeopathic treatment? Can they cure the sickness?

Dr Ujjwal Patil Kohlapur

In our day to day clinical practice we come across a number of situations where we have to use remedies in mother tincture or Q potency. The commonest indications being as organ remedies like Chelidonium Q for Liver disorders, Cardus-amer Q for Splenic Disorders, Crataegus Q for Cardiac disorders and so forth. They are given in drop doses (5? 10 drops BD or TDS), as tonics or to prevent further deterioration of that particular organ. I use these organ remedies in incurable cases with good results. Also Hydrastis or Nuxv-Vom Q is used for Constipation and Bellis-per Q for, Joint pains with short lasting effects only. But one thing is certain; we cannot expect CURE with the help of these potencies.

8. Sir, what is your experience with the use of Hypnotism during Homoeopathic treatment? Is it Beneficial?

Dr Miss Savita Patil Kohlapur

Hypnotism, Pass etc have definite roles to play during homoeopathic management. I often apply them to extract deeply embedded symptoms, for settling down the state of mental turmoil, to allay anxiety, fear etc. I think nowadays these psychotherapeutic measures are essential along with the indicated remedies for achieving good results because majority of patients who visit us are sensitive, hypochondriac and over-conscious. With the help of these measures, not only do we require less repetitions of the indicated remedy but also the curative process becomes less distressing. They also reduce the duration of treatment in some cases.




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