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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Sir, What do you mean by Quadric Potencies. Please write the details about the place from where to obtain and its literature?

Dr Sameer Sakhlikar - Jalgaon

Quadric Potencies are the potencies prepared on the 50 Millesimal scale using 6C, 12C, 30C etc as the base instead of 3C as used by Dr. Hahnemann. The effect of such potencies is thought to be more refined, fastidious and also it overcomes the problem of aggravation (as seen sometimes with centicimal potencies) and stagnation (as with millisimal potencies in some cases). They are denoted as Q30/1, to Q30/6 and Q200/6 and so on. A single pill of No. 20 is generally used as one dose and in majority of cases one dose/cases. In all cases the vehicle remains Distilled water only. The depth of action of Quadric potency is much greater as compared to others. As far as the availability is concerned, you may contact Care & Cure Homoeopharma, Near Maharani Jewellery, Bank Road, Kannur, Kerala.

2. I have a case of female aged about 56 yrs, of Chr Osteomylitis Femurshaft (Rt) having multiple sequestra. Please advise how to manage her and will the squestras come out by our treatment?

Dr Vinod Suri - Solan

Sequestra are dead pieces of bone formed by a process of aseptic necrosis though the contributory process itself is aseptic one in the bone where the nutrient artery gets thrombosed. They lie as loose foreign bodies in the subperiosteal region of the bone. Nature tries to throw them away by producing sinuses and fistulaes (via Volkmann's canal). We do have number of potent remedies which assist the nature's process of expulsion. Similimum & Potency, selected on the basis of presenting generalities will be the best agent for this purpose for the patient. Common medicines used for such type of patients are Silicea, Acid-flour, Hecklalava, Baryta-carb, Graphites, etc. Mind you, if the size of the dead bone (sequestrum) is very big, than it may take months to break and come out - of course a painful procedure. Hence assess the patientís sensitivity and pain threshold before taking up such cases. For small pieces of sequestra donít worry as they will come out without much problem.

3. In these days of war and post Afghanistan scenario, how do you perceive the mental state of individuals like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Husain?

Dr Sanjay Tambe - Nagpur

On the face of it & on whatever information we have, we can classify every hardened extremist as having a multi-miasmatic (Syco-syphilitic) complex in tertiary stage, evolved in a favourable environment. The harbouring organic miasms are responsible for their strong will, high but perverted intelligence and blunt emotions. In many cases we do get a History of bad childhood, lack of parental love, humiliations, indignations, etc. Recently Chromosomal mapping have shown presence of an extra Y chromosome in men with criminal tendencies. We have medicines like Anacardium, Aciddd-nit, Lachesis, Naja, Platina, Palladium, Tarentula, Abrotanum etc for such disposition. There are dozens of rubrics in our repertories which can be referred to viz. Headstrong, Suggestions refuses to take, Contradiction intolerant of, Wicked, Cruel, Revengeful, etc, etc. No doubt such cases are difficult to cure or at times incurable.

4. Sir, what is your clinical experience in the use of indigenously prepared Homoeopathic remedies like Raulfolia-serp Q, Acalypha-indica Q, Arjuna Q etc?

Dr Monika Singh - New Delhi

It is true that we have scanty information about the clinical efficacy of these remedies but I have used them frequently for my indoor patients with unbelievable results. Of course these remedies are selected but for managing cases of Haemophilia with Ficus religiosa Q. Likewise Hydrocotyle asiatica & Choulmogra oil are used with good results in Psoriasis & Lepromatous Leprosy.

5. I have heard that your Academy is conducting Research- Scope of Homoeopathy in Cardiology. My son aged 3 yrs is detected to have Supraventricular tachycardia. Does homoeopathy really have any role?

Dr Nitin Shah - Vadodara

Yes it is true that we have a separate cell dealing with cardiological cases. Homoeopathy has really proved to be a boon for these patients. Supraventricular Taychycardia can be of two types Congenital (since birth) and Functional. Congenital SVTs are generally due to presence of accessory pathways (Kent, James & Mahaim). They are frequently associated with AV blocks. Hence treatment for them will be only palliative. Surgical abalation/Pacing must be advised only when the SVTs are not adequately controlled by conservative treatment and when they threaten dilatation of ventricles, cardiomyopathies or failure. We have few cases of Functional SVTs, which have successfully yielded to drugs like Adonis-ver, Antim-tart, Aconferrox, Phaseol, Sumbul etc in fractional doses of 1 M & 10 M potencies. Carotid sinus massage has also helped in two cases.

6. Can a MD in Organon practise as a Homoeopathic Consultant? Kindly opine?

Dr Anirudh Chatterjee - Raipur

I don't think anyone can object a postgraduate in any homoeopathic subject from practicing Homoeopathy. Rather they will be more principle oriented.

7. I will be grateful if you throw some light on these lesser used Nosodes like Eosinophilinum, Microfilaria, Osteo-arthritic, Histamine etc. How far have they proved effective?

Dr Vaibhav Mahmane - Satara.

Out of above mentioned one my personal experience is only with Osteoarthritic Nosode. It has definitely proved beneficial in OA cases which have frequent relapses and when indicated remedies failed to act.




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