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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1. Sir, In Kent's Philosophy, there is a mention about "tendency to exaggerate symptoms". This is covered by some of our remedies but I am unable to find such a rubric in Kent's Repertory. Please throw some light on this.

Dr Summan, Gudgaon, Haryana

Well there is no such exact rubric given in Kent's repertory. We can take the following rubrics under MIND, from Kent's Repertory. Oversensitiveness - Pg 78 Conscientious - Pg 16 Cares full of, trifles about - Pg 10 Feigning - Pg 48 Hypochondria / Hysteria - Pg 52 Delusions of various types Suggestions from other colleagues are welcome.

2. Sir, I have 2 cases of Homocystinuria (siblings - M/15 & F/12). I am treating their minor complaints -cold, cough, fever, etc. They also suffer from moderate Mental Retardation among other symptoms of the diseases. Please enlighten me about this disease and what can we offer in Homoeopathy to improve the quality of life? What medicines can we generally think of from the miasmatic point of view?

Dr S Chatterjee, Kolkotta

I hope you are well aware that Homocysteinurias are a group of inherited Autosomal Recessive catabolic disorders in which the primary defect is reduced activity of cystathionine beta synthetase - an enzyme in the transsulfuration pathway which converts methionine to cysteine. By the age of 3-4 years, more than 80% of patients present with neuropsychiatric disorders, mental dullness, delayed milestones, optic lens dislocation, glaucoma, osteoporosis and recurrent pains due to tissue infarctions. The prognosis is not good and their lifespan is about 30-35 years age.

The diagnosis of the above cases must have been confirmed by Plasma free Methionine and S. Homocysteine titres. As such there is no specific treatment in the traditional school except administration of specific vitamins for symptomatic relief. From Homoeopathic viewpoint we can classify such cases occurring due to manifestive Syphilitc trait during the intrauterine life. Hence for these 2 cases, I am afraid it would be difficult to assure any curative results. But definitely we can manage the expressions as and how they manifest and prevent further miasmatic evolution.

I suggest Syphilinum 1M 1 dose to be given and observe for at least 4 weeks. If there is no palpable change then give the drug in 10M potency and report. Along with this, constitutional drugs as Baryta-carb, Aur-met, Sulphur, Bufo, Verat, etc for Mental Retardation and other characteristics, must be considered. Meanwhile keep them on a diet, free of methionine but cysteine supplementation. Such a diet would generally include greater proportion of wheat flour, Soyabean, Fenugreek (Methi), Beetroot, Onion, Colocasia, Tapioca, Jackfruit, Pistachio nuts, etc.

3 Sir, My son, 5 years has an undescended testis. He was operated upon 3 years ago but was unsuccessful. Thyriodinum 3x was tried for a long time but without any results. Please suggest a further course of action.

Dr S S Bhattacharya, Kolkatta

For undescended testes there are a host of remedies in our repertory. Thyriodinum is only one of them. The indicated remedy has to be selected after a detail case taking. Common drugs for such disorders are Aur-met, Lyco, Clematis, Rhododendron and others.

4 Sir, why do different medicines take different times to get their actions started? Some even take more than a month. Barring the knowledge of just a handful of such slow acting drugs, there are times when it is difficult to decide as to how long to wait before changing or repeating the medicine. Could you please enlighten me on this?

Dr Y Bhalerao, Pune

The duration of action of a remedy is a highly individualistic phenomenon. There are a number of factors that influence the medicinal actions namely-
Type of drug
Sensitivity of Patient
Intensity of complaints
Potency applied
Dose and repetitions

On an average if everything goes well and you feel that your drug, potency and dose is correct then wait for at least 21 days in a chronic patient. Repetition of the remedy must only be done if you are sure that the action has palpably ceased. Remember that it would do no harm if you were late by a week or so but would spoil the case if the drug were repeated while its action has not been completed. In an acute condition the time limit is dictated by the progress of the symptoms. For Nosodes remember the dictum "Never give a nosode in low potency and never repeat it frequently. If at all required, then repeat after at least 3 months".

5 Sir, what treatment can we offer in hernias - is mechanical correction the only answer?

Dr Sameer Sakalikar, Jalgaon

Depending upon the stage and the age of the patient, we can advice the steps of management in such cases. For Funicocoel, Buonocoel, reducible indirect inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias particularly in children we have drugs like Lyco, Aurum-met, Nit-acid, Plumbum, Opium, Nux-vom, Nux-mosch and others. The selection of these drugs must be made on other symptoms.




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