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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1 Sir, I am 22 years old BHMS student suffering from premature graying of hair? What can be the possible reason for this?

- Rohit Kumar Jain (Raipur)

Well! The colour of the hair is determined by the concentration of melanin present in each individual. As the levels decrease, hair will go gray and then turn white. The melanin concentration to start with and the rate at which it shall decrease are genetically determined and miasmatically based. Of course external factors like Stress can arrest or retard the secretion of the Melanocortin hormone and vis-a-vis the melanin pigment - a possible explanation for people going gray with worry. It has also been observed that diseases like hyperthyroidism and pernicious anaemia can cause premature graying as also certain anti-epileptic, anticancer, diuretic medications. These are a few possibilities, but since I do not know your history , the reason in your case is difficult to ascertain. But as a precautionary note - do not just empirically try drugs like Lycopodium etc, just for the above mentioned symptom until the entire history is thoroughly evaluated.

2 Dear Sir, I have a 10 yr old patient, a victim of the earthquake that struck Gujarat - Bhuj on 26th Jan, 2001. Although his family, originally residents of Haryana, did not lose any lives or material, one week after the tragedy, he started having insomnia. No other symptoms are present. He sleeps only 1-2 hours/24 hours. In this past year he has undergone psychotherapy sessions, mental trauma rehabilitation sessions and is on sedatives without any long lasting benefits. I have already tried Puls, Coffea, Coca and Thuja in varying potencies, but no results. How should I manage this case?

- Dr Monika Hitendra Singh (New Delhi)

A good case wherein the ailments from shock/grief seem to be the predominant feature and Gelsemium seems to be one of the outstanding remedy. Continue his psychotherapy and start withdrawing the sedatives gradually replacing them with Pisidia 6 daily night. Take the case once more and stress on the mental state of this child. Any other event which has occurred during that tragedy, any recurring dreams/nightmares which keep him awake? Select a constitutional medicine and administer the same.

3 I am an avid reader of NJH and especially this section of Queries and Solution. I wish to ask, what are the things a physician can do to get ahead in practice?

- Dr Praveen Rai (Bilaspur)

Many students have asked me this question. For getting ahead in Practice, apart from being a well qualified homoeopath, I believe, from my practice of nearly 4 decades that a) Confidence in Self and the System, b) Adequate knowledge of Basic and Clinical Sciences, Hom Philosophy, MM and Repertory and c) Expertise in art of application for management.
Of course, all of these are imbibed gradually over a period of time. Hence be patient and remain firm in your commitments for serving the sick with Homoeopathy.

4 Where in Kentís Repertory can I find a specific rubric for Infective Endocarditis?

-Dr Hemangi S Pawde (Bhusawal)

There is no specific rubric for Infective Endocarditis in Kentís repertory. However, the following rubrics can be used depending upon the presentation of the case of Infective Endocarditis.
Chapter: Chest-Exudation, Valves of Heart-Pg 83 Chest-Gouty heart - Pg 833
Chest-Inflammation Endocarditis-Pg 835
Chest-Pain, Rheumatic Pg 844

5 Sir, I am a BHMS graduate working in a surgical set-up. It is observed that after majority of abdominal surgeries there is paralytic ileus. Have we any medication for early recovery?

- Dr Shailesh Doshi (Sholapur)

Yes, we do have medications for the early recovery of Paralytic Ileus. See the rubric "paralysis of Intestine" in chapter abdomen Pg 599 Kentís Repertory. All the drugs like Opium, Plumbum, Phosphorus & Secale- cor have given good results at our indoor practice. Moreover Nux-vom, Alumina and Raphanus are highly effective.




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