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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1 Sir, I have read about the extensive work conducted by your Academy in the field of Cardiology. I have a case that has undergone angioplasty with stent implant in 2000 (Single Vessel Disease-Lad 90%). But in hardly 2 years, he is re-experiencing the same cardiac symptoms as prior to the procedure. His second angiogram in 2002 showed Restenosis of the same vessel at the same site. Can Homoeopathy help him and if so how?

- Dr Premal Acharya, Jamnagar

This is precisely the agony of numerous patients undergoing procedures as angioplasty and it is called Restenosis. What one needs to understand and apply in clinical practice especially for such cases is to break the tendency of atherogenesis. In such cases, I normally record the entire case afresh with special emphasis on mental and physical generals, so as to select the most indicated Remedy. One dose of the remedy in 200 potency is administered and the patient is monitored till any change is noticed. Also, at times we require to prescribe a nosode selected on the basis of the past and family history. Both of these have proved to break the tendency for plaque formation. During the management, all possible attempts are undertaken to initially taper the dose of the symptomatic drugs (both Homoeopathic and allopathic drugs) and thereafter stop them.

2 Kindly throw some light on the Iscador Therapy?

- Dr Pravesh Agrawal, Palwal

Iscador is the trade name for a remedial agent prepared from the juice of the plant - Viscum-alb (Mistletoe). It was first introduced clinically for the therapy of Cancer in Arlesheim, Switzerland. In a majority of cases it is administered parentrally via a series of subcutaneous injections in the vicinity of the tumor or the post-operative scar, but never within the tumor or in the area of lymphatic drainage. Oral administration of the drug has also been found to be successful in patients suffering from intracranial and spinal tumors. A short course of 7-14 days of preoperative cancer therapy is found to activate the defensive functions and help to prevent metastasis. The recovery tends to be surprisingly rapid and uneventful. If post-operative treatment with Iscador is started early for long periods in tapering doses, it prevents recurrence by 30-40%.

3 How is the Indian scenario as regards Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical companies? Since, I have started Homoeopathic practice recently, can you suggest as to which companies to prefer for dilutions and mother tinctures?

- Dr Amit Borgaonkar, Parbhani

Well! India probably has the largest number of Homoeopathic practitioners in the world and also has the highest turn-over of Homoeopathic medicines, both in terms of range and trade. Homoeopathic potencies are processed from back-potencies obtained from Germany (Schwabe) and USA (B & T), while, the mother tinctures are prepared from crude substances either indigenous or imported. A good number of pharmaceutical manufacturers now have rigid quality controls. The Pharmacopoeia Drug Laboratory of the Government of India tests the standards of the raw and finished products of Homoeopathy. As far as I know, there is no reliable method available with the help of which we can confirm with confidence, the potency as well as the contents or dilution in question. Hence, the experience of the Senior Physicians play a major role in determining reliability of a particular product and its place of purchase.

4 Respected Sir, I am highly impressed by your lectures, having heard you at many conferences. Kindly give us some tips so that we can develop our oratory skills.

- Dr Vivek Shah, Ahmedabad

Oration is a form of communication which occurs both at verbal and non-verbal levels. Often we take great efforts in polishing our speeches, yet our body language can betray our emotions. On the other extreme there are those speakers who pack great power into their speeches, but at the end the audience realizes that it was all sound and fury with no real substance. Hence, any lecture to be accepted by the audience requires to fulfill a minimum of following attributes, namely Confidence, Body language (gestures, expressions and postures), Oratory-tone and character of voice and the substance. In order to inculcate the above, it is essential that one must repeatedly hear lectures from good speakers keeping the above objective in mind. If you want your lecture to create a lasting impression, then it must contain authenticity. relevant shlokas, statements, anecdotes etc make ones delivery palatable. Also one should avoid monotony by changing the rhythm. Avoid vague statements. Preparation of actual content is absolutely essential so also sequencing of words and voice modulation.

5 Do we have Homoeopathic contraceptives? Can our remedies be used to terminate pregnancy so as to avoid D & E?

- Dr Poonam Batra, Oligarch

Homoeopathy being a natural mode of therapeutics, cannot be expected to perform un-natural acts. Hence, one should not expect any dynamic remedial agent for prevention of conceptions and termination of pregnancy. Of course, some doctors do claim to have used Pulsatilla CM, Secale-cor Q, etc for aborting the products of conception with good results, but then this is not Homoeopathy. [Ed: This works only when this remedy is their known acute remedy.]

6 Dear Sir, I have completed my BHMS from Gwalior. I want to take the IAS examinations. Can Homoeopathy be taken as a subject for this exam?

- Dr Khanchand Jain, Gwalior

Your question seems to be an act of frustration. Why at all, after spending 5½ years in Homoeopathy, you are thinking for taking up Civil Services. Obtaining necessary information from relevant sources, I wish to inform you that Medical Sciences can be offered as a subject both for the Prelims and the Mains. Homoeopathy is recognized as a full fledged medical science, hence can be opted for the Civil Service Examinations. While the percentage of recommended candidates with medical background was 6.57% in 1999, 11.7% in 2000 and 13.19% in 2001, it was 14.28% last year. In fact as per the statistics which I found out, 3 MDs, 45 MBBS and 1 BPharm qualified in the examination in 2002. I am not aware of any Homoeopathic graduate having cleared the IAS examinations, so hope you shall be the first. For details log on to www.upsc.gov.in.




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