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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1 How long and in which potency (ies) should Arnica be administered in a patient of Intra Cerebral Hemorrhage?

- Dr Shibaprasad Ray, KOLKATTA

The administration of Arnica or for that matter any antihaemorrhagic dynamic remedy in a patient of Intracerebral haemorrhage will depend upon the condition of the patient, the extent of the pathological insult, the clinical presentation etc. Even the dosage schedule shall vary. For eg. the potency is inversely proportionate to the pathological insult, greater the organic damage- lesser the potency and viceversa. The duration of adminsitration should be till satisfactory recovery takes place.

2 "Perspiration like horses urine" is a symptom mentioned in the Kents repertory as well as majority of the books of Materia medica in Nitric-acid. My question  Sir, is do we actually get such an odor? And if yes which clinical condition?  -

Dr Vaibhav Mhamane, SATARA

Since this symptom is mentioned time and again in various Repertories and proving of drugs like Nitric-acid. etc., there has to exist a clinical condition where in one can get this symptom. As far as the common clincial syndromes are concerned, I am not aware of any such clinical condition wherein one gets perspiration which has an odor as of horses urine. But as homoeopathic practitioners, our major concern should be reverse I eirrespective of the name of the disease, if the patient gives such a symptom during the case -taking or the physician can smell the same during physical examination, then it becomes an uncommon, peculiar characteristic symptom and should be taken for repertorization or selection of the drug.

3 Sir what is an intercurrent remedy? When and in which cases should one use it?

- Dr Jeetendra Jain, RAIPUR

Intercurrent remedies are those class of remedies which have the potentiality to dynamize the vital force and reach into the deeper planes of the economy and correct the inherent errors. They are basically Antimiasmatic remedies. Many a times, they either help to clear up the miasmatic obstacle  hindering CURE particularly in chronic cases and assist the action of the best selected remedy when it fails to act or the progress gets held midway without any obvious cause or maintaining factor.

4 Dr. J.H.Allen in his book "The Chronic Miasms" remarks "Sin to be the parent of all the chronic miasms, therefore the parent of disease." My question is what does he mean by Sin?

- Dr Yashodhar Bhalerao, JUNNAR

According to Dr J H Allen, Spiritual aberration - the first Sin-Disobedience has rendered the human race predisposed to Miasmatic influences. He further adds that  Miasm-Psora cannot influence the economy unless and until a state of predisposition is present.

5 Sir, Malarial Fever is rampant in my village. What is Malaria-officianalis made of ? and do you have any personal clinical use of it for Malaria?

- Dr Sunil Lasure. ADILABAD

From Clarke’s Dictionary it has been found that Malaria-officianalis is prepared from decomposed vegetable matter.  I have used this drug in few cases of  rheumatism in patients who did not respond to our commonly indicated remedies,  particularly in those patients who are residing in endemic areas where the prevelance of Malaria is very high eg Gadchiroli District of Vidharbha. Some of these patients incidentally also had past history of frequent malarial fever. In addition to this, I have used this drug as an intercurrent remedy in patients suffering from intermittent fevers when indicated drugs like Chinum-sulf, Arsenic-alb, China have not responded.




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