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Homoeopathic Queries & Solutions
Prof Dr Kasim Chimthanawala

1 Sir, is it always necessary that a patient who has been given a similimum always has some sort of Eliminations? Please opine regarding the concept of Eliminations.

Dr Nikhil Bharne, Gondia

The concept of Eliminations has been dealt with in clarity by many Stalwarts particularly by Dr A H Allen, Dr Kanjilal and others. A healthy economy becomes sick only under the influence of certain disease producing factors- miasms. But in response to this influence every living instrument reacts in a specified manner. Depending upon various factors particularly the quantum of resistance the economy harbours, the effects of the external potentials are combated by the process of Eliminations. They are expressed through all the three planes viz Spiritual (confession and pardoning), Mental (emotions) and Physical (two forms viz Discharges and Eruptions).The intensity of every Miasmatic evil is reduced by the specific type of elimination for eg Psora is reduced by natural discharges through natural outlets, Syphilis by pustular offensive discharges through natural or unnatural outlets, Sycosis by scanty, stringy discharges having fishy odour through natural or unnatural outlets whereas Tubercular by bloody discharges.

2 Sir, I have a patient aged 27 yrs/F suffering from Asthma. She is under constitutional treatment. The whole family has a habit of repeatedly using alum treated drinking water. Since we advice stoppage of all aromatic things during constitutional treatment, should I, in your opinion ask her to stop treating her drinking water with alum repeatedly?

Dr Aroshi Talreja, Raipur

Well! The information provided by you regarding the case is scanty. Anyway, why have you concentrated your focus on alum treated drinking water? Is it causing any aggravation of her complaints? As far as restrictions during constitutional treatment are concerned, I agree that all possible aromatic things in the environment should be stopped. But in Urban areas, at least the drinking water is already treated with alum at the Water purification plant. If the drinking water quality at the patientsí residence is high then there may not be additional need for her using alum. But if the water is contaminated, then she may be allowed to use alum even if she is under constitutional treatment unless that is causing her more problems. On a lighter plane, do observe if she has a delusion that "her drinking water is contaminated".

3 Dear Sir, I am in BHMS III yr. While going through our Materia Medica we find that some medicines called by different names by different authors eg: Actea- racemosa (Cimicifuga). Do they require corrections?

Dr Bhavesh Jhaveri, Vadodara

Well! your suggestion is really worth pondering. Many important books and literatures in our system have such errors when we minutely go through their text. For eg Dr Clark describes in his Dictionary Cenchris-contortrix (Vol I, Pg 446) where as the same drug is given a different name Aqkistroriden-contrortix by Dr Allen in his Encyclopaedia (Vol 10, pg 281). Also Dr J H Clarke describes Prunus-virginiana in his Dictionary (Vol 123, pg 891) whereas Dr Hale refers to the same drug under the name as Cerasus-virginiana in his New Remedies (Vol1, pg177). Many other errors are found in Kent's Repertory and also in Boericke's Materia Medica too. However, recently, work is going on at the Central Council for Homoeopathic Research, New Delhi with Kent's Repertory and Boericke's Materia Medica .The National Academy of Homoeopathy, Nagpur has also undertaken the task of correcting the entire Kent's Repertory. The newer Materia Medicas and Repertories do include a mention of all possibly used name of a remedy in its description.

4 Sir, can we administer the same remedy in Centesimal and Decimal potencies at the same time in the same case for faster results?

Dr Vivek Chauhan, Bhopal

In my opinion, absolutely not. Both the potencies (Centesimal and Decimal) have different planes of action. For faster results, your main contention should be whether or not the administered remedy is a true similimum or a partial one. You need not repeat the same remedy in 2 different scales / potencies at the same time. If required, the lower potencies can he given after the first and then ascend a higher scale if the desired effect has not been achieved.




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