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Vol 9, Oct-Dec 92 Nos 495-A
Narayan Nagpur, Laxinagar Extension, Delhi 11092

A FOCUS on the dreaded and widely discussed disease, AIDS and its Homoeopathic treatment by Dr Hari Singh and Dr Savita Katara. A list of rubrics from the repertory have been given. Dr Harwood SMC Sweeney carries forward the same topic, concluding that unless all HIV infected persons are identified within the context of a comprehensive programme, the AIDS epidemic will continue creating an ever increasing pool of carriers who are also walking tissue cultures with dangerous potentials.

Dr Castros article on Clinical application of knowledge of Materia Medica involves the principles to be applied before, during and after the administration of the remedy and the potency, judging the patients condition, administration of the medicine, observing the action of the remedy, judging the progress of the patient and making a second prescription. Dr Lakshminararyan gives a poetic description of Gelsemium. Various trials of miasms mental and physical have been narrated by Dr Manjit Kaur in the article Recognition of Chronic Miasm. In the Hindi section, Dr Sardar Mal Jain describes Stannum-met.

Vol 10 Jan-March 93 No 1

A humorous sketch of what homoeopathy can do, is described by Elizabeth Wright in Cough and Company. The Materia Medica of different remedies for cough is listed by Dr. V.R. Agarwal. Giving examples of incurable cases treated with homoeopathic medicines. Dr. J.B.D Castro shows the efficacy of Homoeopathy. Other contents are Headache. The first Bell of Alarm by Dr. P.K. Mittal, Practical Aspects of Homoeopathic Prescribing.

Vol. 10, No.2, April-June 93

Psoriasis, a noncontagious cutaneous disease is rampant in Sri Lanka. Dr. M A Latif, President of Sri Lanka Homoeopathic Medical Association discusses management of the same. Dr. M.P. Nimbhorkar reports that DNA 1M has proved useful in the treatment of Psoriasis. Allergies and infections of the upper respiratory tract are common in children. Dr Rastogi gives us a list of homoeopathic drugs to deal with them in our day to day practice. The Ministry of Health, Govt. of India, has proposed to amend Rule 106 - A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945, relating to packing of homoeopathic medicines. After the proposed amendment is implemented a homoeopathic manufacturer or a homoeopathic chemist shall have to abide by the same and do the following - Discard all packings of homoeopathic medicines containing more than 12 percent of alcohol, above 30ml and below 15 ml since packing in more than 30ml will not be allowed while sealed packing with proper labelling below 15ml will not be possible. Dr. M. Gulati, president of Delhi Homoeopathic Chemists Association spoke to the Govt. officials, who orally conveyed that the amendment is brought in for two reasons-

  1. To help prevent use of alcohol for potable purposes eg. Sura tragedy and
  2. To check the brand name abuse by retail homoeopathic chemists.

(Sura- an Ayurvedic medicine seems to have become a basis to disqualify homoeopathic way of prescription. In our country, Whisky, having an alcohol of 43 percent vol are sold in bigger than 500 ml packing in the open market and are non objectionable while homoeopathic medicine is treated like a beverage. Should the Government not rethink on its policy?)

Dr. Lakshminarayanan gives a poetic version of Psorinum. Cases of Cancer of uterus, sterility and the homoeopathic management of psycho-sexual disorders are other topics covered in the issue.

VOL NO 4, Oct-Dec 93

Some useful tips by Dr. Cuthbert - Enlarged tonsils with honeycombed appearance need Baryta-iod and smooth appearance Calc-iodide; Hecla-lava 6x for wounds which refuse to heal; Kali-ars in the treatment for boils etc. Mezereum is closely related to many other remedies. Bryant explores its usage in Herpes Zoster, Ciliary Neuralgia, Ulcers and recommends potency above 30. Dr. Agarwal gives few remedies for toothaches and dental problems. Viral Fever and its Homoeopathic orientation by quoting rubrics from Kents repertory are presented by Dr. R.C. Agarwal. Potency is often a debatable topic with Homoeopaths. Low potencies are generally neglected when a similimum is prescribed. ian Mckinlay Burns quotes cases from his experience to encourage readers to use low potency. Nodules in vagina treated by Agaricus, Ringworm on tongue by Sanicula, sterility by Onosmodium are reported.

April-June 1998

In his editorial, Dr Pankaj Agarwal refers to the news item in May 1998 relating to the discovery of a comprehensive medicine for cancer proved through rats. Dr Agarwal correctly points out that past experience has established that medicines which have been tested on animals are not necessarily suitable to humans and many such allopathic drugs had serious side effects. In this context he quotes extensively from a medical text on pharmacology of allopathy in support of his position.

  • Homoeopathic treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (a reprint) by Dr V Sundaravaradan deals with Gonorrhoea and Syphilis and its therapeutics. Med, Puls, Syphilinum unlock the suppressions and bring back the discharge, paving the way for further medication. When both Gonorrhoea and Syphilis are present, he first treated Gonorrhoea with Can-sativa, mercurial salts for syphilis. Carbo-animalis for bubo.
  • Dr Sangeeta Sehgal's concluding article on Cimicifuga contains three cases: one of ophthalmoplegic migraine and pain in the eye ball.
  • Of late Homoeopaths are increasingly testing the efficacy of 50-ML potencies and Dr Besant Jiwan Banerjee illustrates with 6 cases.
  • Diet restrictions in Homoeopathy. Dr Y R Aggarwal lists the Yes foods & No foods as per diseases and the remedy. He quotes the experience of Dr Diwan Harischand that coffee in small quantity is permitted if the patient has always been drinking it. (Dr P Sankaran had also confirmed it) Similarly alcohol in moderation and smoking only half an hour before or after medicine are allowed.
An article of general information on cholesterol, queries and answers and news items form the rest of the issue.




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