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Apr-Sep'99 | Oct-Dec'99 | Jan-Jun'01

April-Sept 1999

A quarterly bulletin published by Ramakrishna Homoeo pharmaceuticals (p) Ltd, Hyderabad.

  • The theme is anxiety disorders; definitions of various disorders, repertorial references along with small write-up on prominent remedies. helpful in these disorders. Homoeopathic drugs if started early can provide considerable relief; once the patient's mental state begins to improve with acute remedies, constitutional treatment can complete the cure. Two anxiety disorders cases:
  • A 29-year-old female had periarthritis of the right shoulder, pain in the neck and lumbago. A careful history taking revealed that she had severe paranoia about her health and worry about her children, leading to depression. She had an incomplete abortion, which was then attended with D&C procedure; she had also frequent URTI episodes. The emotional disturbances started after a traumatic accident during a holiday. It was decided to offer psychological counseling, Kali-carb 200 along with Bach remedies of Star of Bethlehem, Chicory, White chestnut and Walnut. The periodical repetition of the remedy along with a dose of Sulphur completely cured her complaints. The remedy was selected because of repeated insults to the uterine structures and Sulphur was given as its complementary. The Bach flower remedies removed her depressions and anxieties.
  • Other case of a 22 year old student with low moods, irritability and poor concentration was cured with Ars-alb.

Oct-Dec 1999

The editorial of this informative newsletter, published by Ramkrishna pharmacy, Hyderabad asks whether BCG is effective.

  1. Clinical overview on Japanese Encephalitis with differential diagnosis. Homoeopathic recommendation by the Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians: Bell 200 OD for 3 consecutive days. 1 week later Calcerea-carb 200 and after a gap of one week 1 dose of Tub 10 M, all doses in the morning. In cases of infants the above treatment is given to the mother.
  2. Case report of Mirrizis Syndrome in a person aged 30, with 2 month old history of generalized weakness, yellowish discoloration of eyes, skin, P/H of liver hydatid cyst removal and post operative burst abdomen. H/O Diabetes, Gallstones and Jaundice for which Chinonathus 30 was given three times a day for 2 months, then thrice a day for 1 month, with changes seen on the ERCP with a normal CBD.
  3. News about international sales of herbal medicine touching $14 b.
  4. A study of the adulterated IV fluids which makes them unsafe.
  5. Information about how excessive consumption of soft drinks stimulates decalcification in living organisms.
  6. Also contains useful hints like Chininum-ars for Malaria Kali-iod for sinusitis, Fluoric-acid for lateral epicox dylitis, Phos for corns, Nitric-acid for Leukoplakia vulva, Tub for oophorites, Agnus-castus for Oligospermia, Sepia for fallopian tube blocks.
  7. Remedy study for Echinacea completes this newsletter.

Jan-June 2001

This news letter from Ramakrishna Homoeo Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad is devoted to Hepatitis B. NJH last issue was also on jaundice which also covered this aspect. There is a clinical overview of hepatitis B. This issue however contains an important extract from a book - Hepatitis-B Vaccine- All don't need it- by Dr P V R Bhaskara Rao. It is said that 94% of people exposed to Hepatitis B recover while in 1% the disease may become fulminant and may result in death. In 5% of cases the disease may become chronic out of which 4% may become healthy carriers and 1% may develop cirrhosis of liver and cancer. For this fear of the patients becoming chronic and possibility of cancer the Hepatitis B vaccine is propagated. Some of the important points made are:

  1. According to Merck and Company the duration of protective effect of the vaccine in healthy persons is unknown; in about 10% of cases the persons vaccinated will not develop immunity.
  2. The extract brings out extensively the deleterious side effects of this vaccine more particularly in children. During US Senate Congressional hearing many witnesses complained that after this vaccine, complications like autis sclerosis, paralysis. Arthritis, mental confusion and death have occurred. 60% increase in diabetes in New Zealand There the neurological and auto-immune diseases directly to this vaccine were- convulsions, Bell's palsy, Lumbar neuropathy, Myasthenia grais, MS. Gullian-Barre Syndrome, Encephalitis etc
  3. A registered nurse in USA testified that the children who received the first trial of hepatitis B vaccine developed learning disorders, ADD and serious chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and seizures. The NVIC (USA) reported that new- born infants died after the shots and there were also reports of chronic fatigue syndrome and an epidemic of rheumatoid arthritis as reported in a National Rheumatology meeting in 1997. Federal and Drug administration of USA listed 23, 000 adverse reactions after vaccination in adults. One expert said that serious reactions from the vaccine were 16 times greater than the incidence of the disease.
  4. There was a demand for moratorium on this vaccine for school children below 14 years as these are more likely to die or suffer serious adverse reactions after the vaccine than to catch the disease. A victim of MS following the vaccination in France filed a suit against Smith Kline Beecham, which manufactured the vaccine resulted in French Govt suspending mass immunization through this vaccine.
  5. It is reported that a mercury compound used as a preservative of this vaccine can cause brain damage, it is alleged.
  6. This campaign goes on because of the nexus between the pharmaceutical companies and individual physicians and equipment and vaccine manufacturers.
In conclusion the extract says that 1. Not all people need this vaccine; newborn infants born to carrier mothers must be vaccinated after confirming the carrier status of pregnant women; New born infants born to HbsAg negative mothers should not be vaccinated. And in others preventive measures such as preventing HBsAg positive blood transfusion. Avoiding multiple sex partners and non-use of unsterile syringes and needles.




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