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Vol 1 No.3 & 4 (1992)
Phule Road, Maliwada, Ahmednagar 414 001

Tips on Homoeopathic case taking are explained by Dr. Wadia in his article The Homoeopathic Inquisition. A few cases by the same author are also narrated. Sir Aurobindos view about homoeopathy, were expressed in replying to Nirodbaran, a disciple and an allopathic physician. Dr. Dalal reproduces the correspondence between the disciple and the master. Dr. P. Shindhe contributes cases of left hemiplegia. Potts spine followed by paraplegia and 4 psychiatric cases. Dr. V. Pachegoankar describes a case of primary sterility which on treatment for 1 year gave a positive pregnancy test. The author reports the patient having Herpes zoster later but there is no mention of the lady delivering Dr. Mistry presents cases of multijoint arthralgia, poliomyelitis, tonsillitis, lymphadenopathy and jaundice. Dr. J.K Das reports how a case of 10 large warts was treated by a single dose of Causticum 200 and another case of menorrhagia with Thyroidinum 1 M. The issue carries many case records with editorial comments following them.

VOL II NO 3 July-Sept 1993

This issue carries an interesting article by Dr. Prem Sobel on iridology (the science of diagnosis via the iris). Cases of Endometriosis and adhesions and endometrial cysts with small cystic ovaries were healed by Pulsatilla, Sepia, Thiosinaminum, and Arnica. Concussion is treated as an emergency and the patient is hospitalized for observation and intensive treatment. The Editor, Dr. Mistry, describes a case of Myositis ossificans where the girl suffered from a concussion. She was given only homoeopathic medicines like Arnica, Aconite, Nat-sul and Phosphorus which proved beneficial for the case. Solanum-tuberans-agrotans (diseased potato) is a useful remedy for prolapse of the rectum. Dr. J.K. Das describes his own case of prolapsed rectum of 70 long lasting years cured by a single dose of the remedy. Various cases ranging from Malaria to Hepatoma are covered in this issue (I wonder why most authors have changed the remedy or even repeated the remedy when the patient showed improvement. Should the patient not be given Placebo?).

Oct - Dec 93

Homoeopathy - Past, Present and Future - A Brief Survey by editor Dr. Mistry, narrates the historical past and its present status in todays world. Intuition is a wide term which requires deep understanding. This is what one feels on reading the article Intuition in homoeopathy. The author A S Dalal elucidates quotes from Mother (of Pondichery) to Vithoulkas to demonstrate how intuition differs from knowledge. Dr. Wadias case wherein Thyroid helped a case of Lupus Erythematosis, the prescription being based on intuition. Dr. Kulkarnis case on Rheumatoid Arthritis is well arranged and well presented. Dr. Shinde often sees through a case by noting the striking mental peculiars - in other words the nucleus of the case and prescribes on it after verification of other symptoms.

A case of Psychiatry in pediatrics describes a child who heard all that was told to him but did exactly opposite. The rubric chosen was Recognizes everything but cannot move - Cocculus. Other cases by the same author are depressive schizophrenia, senile dementia, and acute nephritis. Based strictly on repertorial usage Dr. Gautam Kamat reports a case of Vertigo with eye pain cured with Staphysagria. Dr. Kabra reports a case of Asthma treated with a number of remedies including combinations of mother tinctures. The National Journal of Homoeopathy proposes to start from the first issue of 1994, an open forum on Monopharmacy versus Polypharmacy wherein the readers can write in favor or against either of the above. Acute Appendicitis treated with Rhus-Tox, and ureteric stone with Lycopodium are reported by Dr. Joshi. Tuberculosis: Perspective in Homoeopathic treatment by Dr. Ramayya delineates the disease in great detail and describes 30 cases.

Vol 3, No 1, Jan-March 94 Phule Road, Maliwada, Ahmednagar-

Homoeopathic potencies are often called unscientific because there is no molecular presence of the crude drug in them, completely ignoring the dynamic part of the medicines. Classification of disease and diet add to the authenticity of the system. A question often arises as to why there is a wide variation in prescribing by different practitioners for one patient. The editorial stresses that the practical application of Homoeopathic principles is an art depending on the ability of the physician to take up the case properly, to evaluate the symptoms obtained, to arrive at a synthesis of the case including its miasmatic background, to interpret the changes following the administration of a remedy, to understand the degree of susceptibility of the patient and other co-related factors. Prof Gobind Sen, discusses the most commonly encountered psychiatric disorder depression. A reprint of a case of Schizophrenia, Hebephrenic type, treated by Lachesis. Meningitis as a disease is explained by Dr. Bansal with relevant Homoeopathic medicines. Dr. Sundra Vardhan quotes various authors for diagnostic and therapeutic hints in his article Pointers for Diagnosis and Therapeutics. The life of William Boericke (1849-1929) is detailed by Dr. Joe A Lewis. Various medicines for sexual debility are described by Dr. Hassain with cases to elaborate the cures. Bowel nosodes often bring on cures in inveterate chronic cases. Dysentery-co has mid-day and mid-night aggravation, peptic irritation, vomiting of large quantity of food. Gartners keynote is malnutrition and undernourished body with overactive brain and hypersensitive to external impressions. It also has inability to digest fat. A section for students discusses aphorisms 19,20 and 21. The 25th part of the excepts from the History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America. deals with the spread of Homoeopathy in the state of Ohio and establishment of the Cleveland Homoeopathic medical college.

Jan-March 95, Vol.4, No.1

To blow and open the mouth to the roof, to exhale and inhale, to force out the old air and draw in the new, to stretch like a bear and spread like a bird. That is the art of prolonging life. This is the way of the wise men, who exercise their breathing and care for their bodies, that they may live long" - Dschuangdst. The editor presents the profound thoughts of Dr. Gutman on a subject about which there is tremendous awakening among the people of this planet and suggests exercises accordingly. Dr. D.P. Rastogi reports a case of bladder carcinoma treated with Iscador which showed disappearance of the tumour. The cystoscopy findings before and after the therapy have been recorded giving authenticity to the case. Prescribing on a single remedy - rubric in the repertory is one of the several paths by which difficult conditions with irreversible pathology usually considered surgical, can be treated successfully. Dr. Malhotra prescribes Apis for innumerable cases of femoral thrombosis based on the rubric in Kents repertory - thrombosis lower limbs - apis (only drug in italics). Though Kents Materia Medica has no mention of thrombosis, both Herings Guiding symptoms and Allens Encyclopedia mention symptoms of thrombosis under Apis. The first step in treating patient with burns is dowsing him in cold water. Two cases are described to show the efficacy of heat application in burns. Under the biography section, the concluding part of T.F. Allens biography is presented. Having read many issues of Medicine Futura Homoeopathy, I have found Dr. Laxminarayans approach to cogitate on burning issues, be it Bowel Nosodes or usage of steroids in Homoeopathy, very instructive.




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