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Vol IX No3 | Vol XII No3,4 | Vol XV No1'98 | VOL XV No3,4'98

Vol IX Nos 3 Sept 92
1253, 66th street, Korettur, Madras 600080

The current literature listing under various topics like Philosophy, Materia medica, therapeutic, repertory, research, pharmacy, history, veterinary etc provides a very useful index., A detailed study of Kali-carb with selected peculiar symptoms by Ian Watson is a useful compilation. Daniel Papish gives additions to the repertory. from two recently published books with rich clinical experience. Dr K S Srinivasan continues Hahnemannia giving details of the masters case books.

Vol XII No 3,4
1253, 66th street, Korettur, Madras 600080

Under the section 'Non Intulitis VIxi' [I have not lived in vain.] Dr H Mohta describes the curative power of Nux-vom by explaining its physiological properties and connecting them to his experience in dealing with Nux-vom patients.
The section 'Art Longa Vita Bravis' [An aphorism of Hippocrates 'Art is long; life is too short.' It indicates, in other words that our life is short to reach the depths of art.] covers the historical aspect of the conception of simile in the Post Paracelsian and Pre Hahnemannian era.

An exclusive interview with Dr Imberechts a well known classical homoeopath of Europe also a pathologist, pharmacologist and haematologist by Dr Agarwal, conveys prescribing only on dreams can be dangerous. He also comments that books recently published on drugs are wrongly termed Materica Medica, as they contain comments about the remedy by a particular author. Materica Medica, according to Dr Imberechts comes only from proving. A trial conducted for the efficacy of AZT plus DDC [drugs manufactured by Glaxo] in patients showed good results and were termed 'best yet' by London Times but 80% of those involved in the trial had no symptoms.

A remedy study of Apis-mel based on doctrine of signature by Dr Gutman is presented along with cases. Oedema is the keynote for the understanding of Apis and through the pathology of oedema we can easily interpret most of the symptoms and modalities of Apis. Late Dr P Sankaran's article on 'observation of glossy nails' is interesting. He found that poor patients though were generally unclean, had glossy nails [as if painted by natural nail polish] The glossiness after a study was linked to a family or past history of tuberculosis. Tuberculinum given often proved to be of help in cases which did not improve with the usual remedy and these patients would not recollect history of TB in the family but had glossy nails.

Vol XV No 1 of 1998,
Dr Srinivasan 1253, 66th Street Korattur, Chennai 600080.

As usual, Dr KS Srinivasan has done this number of his famous digest in an admirable manner, classifying all the important information published in national and international Hom Journals into Philosophy, MM, and Therapeutics with cases, repertory, history, general etc. This volume contains brief information about new and small remedies and also Hura-brasilisis. 98 cases have been summarized.

Case: Periodontosis with movement of [L] without actual speech was cured by Naja on the rubric 'has lost control over lip movement'
If a patient has been unable to healthy individuate (???) and instead lives a life that is unusually embroiled or co dependent, the pressure of life's circumstances can become overbearing and may need Folliculinum.
Four interesting cases of Conium have been summarized. In two it was prescribed because of tension in legs or throat, constriction in chest, anxiety being alone, with overall cold sensation. A tip for Conium is ' the presence of Conium keynotes, especially a precancerous state which necessitates Conium prescription over other remedies' In another case a patient complained that he felt that - ground under her feet was unstable and was moving. Phosphorous, Cocurbus and other remedies did not help. Conium 1M cured him.

The 4TH Case relates to a 63-year-old cardiologist with severe nerve root syndrome due to pronounced cervical arthrosis with flattening of C3-C4 and C5-C6. Stiffness from nape of the neck with intolerable deep tearing pain and a burning tingling extending to the posterior arm right down to the last three digits. Surgery was ruled out due to degenerative changes at multiple levels. He tried acupuncture, physical therapy, traction and Homoeopathy etc. without much benefit. Sulphur and Nux-vomica were tried on him based on the symptoms: hot patient, meticulous, disciplined, and offended easily. No relief. The burning and prickling in the cervico- thoracic spine, worse lying down and better from walking around fit Thallium- metallic and Dr André gave this with maximum relief. Tellurium was given thereafter and as a result of these two remedies the patient was left only with 15-20% of the severe pain he had to endure.

Case: A 30-year-old woman came with the main complaint of anorexia. Had been on anti-depressants since 1988. Very, very tired of life with suicidal tendency. She felt that her parents loved her sister and put her down. Always felt a sense of failure and anger. Had difficult relations with people. Easily angered and intimidates people. She can tell a lot of sexy jokes and swore to an unbelievable extent although the interred. (?) No relief from Staphysagria. Further inquiries revealed dreams of dead people.
Delusion great person she is.
Delusion she is not appreciated. Laughing on serious matters.

Violent anger and ailments from grief. Dr Lianne gave Platina with substantial relief. An interesting excerpt from "the duties of the Physician from a woman's view by Claura Lourse Kent indicate that a Homoeopath, however well he may be in his art, may learn some useful Home truths from his wife. Two examples; For a patient with a Bryonia Headache, every sound causes agony of throbbing pain in back of head which even the sound of footsteps may AGG. Similarly a patient having Ipecac headache is much AGG by the smell of dead tobacco even if the smoker had extinguished his pipe and put in his pocket.

There is a report of a seminar in USA by Dr A U Ramakrishnan of India where he showed more than 3000 cases of cancer. He typically uses an organ specific remedy, an antimiasmatic remedy and a constitutional remedy. He seems to have invented a specific protocol for the remedy in cancer cases. He prescribes Carcinosin and sevinheinant (??) more freely in cases of malignancy. Dr Steven Subotnik advises for treatment of diabetes: short term low potency combinations for one or two months to detoxify and drain. A classical remedy is then prescribed based on the emerging symptom picture. The doctor is reported to have treated several cases of diabetes with surprising success.
A truly gem of a digest.




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