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Nos 99 Feb 93
Pratap Homoeo Pharmacy & Clinic, New Delhi 110003

DR KENT's article on Psora conveys that this miasm progresses from its simple state to highest complexity not alone from itself but from the aid of men who through centuries has tried in every way to drive it from the surface and in deeper where it becomes more firmly rooted, until at the present day it has reached a point where it threatens the extinction of man. Norma Essermans essay on Cancer pinpoints liver being the target organ of the disease. Treatment of chronic cases and local symptoms Dr Ghatak stresses on our inability to make an all round prescription thereby resorting to local symptoms.

A case of abdominal neoplasm with steps of practical management taken by Dr Underhill is edited by Dr Sadhu. In continuation of the preceding issue Additions to Clinical Repertory Dr Prakash proceeds in the C series. Homoeopathic management of alcoholism Dr P Roy Vaid suggests the following remedies- Avena-sativa Q, Nux-vom, Apocyanum-can, Capsicum, Sulphuric-ac, Angelia etc. Air pollution and dermatitis a study carried out by Hari Singh and Subhash Arora showed Apis, Sulphur, Graphites and Thuja to be useful. Dr Sadhu gives Materia medica of Achyranthes Aspeia Linna remedy not used so frequently.

May 93. No.2

The issue projects itself as an AIDS special. Medical reports make it clear that Yoga and sun bathing provide great relief to AIDS patients. Yoga is considered to be helpful to drive away the feelings of despair hope to live. Extracts from the award winning articles by Jeemon jacob have been summarised by Dr. S Dhama. The series of unpublished letters of Dr. Kent continues. Nobel prize winner and author of Man the Unknown Alexis Carrel demonstrates the need for babies to be breast fed. Dr. S.K. Banerjee gives the miasmatic interpretations of cancer and AIDS. Unpublished materials from the writings of Constantine Hering by Calvin Knerr and Miasms and Architypes by Twentyman provide interesting reading.

No 3, Vol 11, March 95
944-A, Nehru Road
Kotlamubarkpur, New Delhi - 100 003.

Dr. Pareek describes two cases of cancer. A 38 year old male diagnosed as having carcinoma of the gall bladder, underwent palliative surgery followed by radiotherapy. Since the survival rate of such patients is less than 4 percent at the end of the 1st year after surgery he was put on Homoeopathy to prevent recurrence. Phosphorus 200, Chelidonium 30 and Cardus mar Q were the medicine administered and the mans general health has improved over the last 2 years. Another case of a large ulcerative adenocarcinoma of the stomach was helped by Platina 200 and Geranium Mac Q. The Indian childhood Cirrhosis has baffled paediatricians all over the world. The management, Homoeopathic remedies, organ medicines and two cases are detailed. An account of Hahnemanns treatment of a patient in 1837 (From Bradfords biography of Dr. Hahnemann) leaves the following impression about the master.

  1. He laid emphasis on clinical examination
  2. His immense faith in God
  3. Charitably minded (d). All stimulants were strictly forbidden during treatment
  4. Hahnemann himself was an inveterate smoker (The patient having seen his young wife fill his pipe on many occasions).


The general misconception that Homoeopathy takes a long time to cure in acute cases while antibiotics give speedy results is disproved by Dr Sarkars cases of high fever and diarrhoea. Some Homoeopathic remedies for Bronchitis Aconite, Bryonia, Kali-bich and Antim-tart are explained by Dr Pali. Dr S C Mishra prescribed Calc-fluor followed by Penicillin 200, Parotidinum 200 and Thuja 200-one dose each on every 2nd day for a case of a tumour in the digastric region which resulted in its disappearance and surgery was not required. Other interesting cases by the some author include Capsicum in Dysentery, Selenium in constipation. Often a dry dose on tongue does not give on adequate effect. Like Dr. Nash, Dr Mishra tried the same potency diluted in water and given every hour which gave a satisfactory result. Homoeo-therapeutics in cardiac and respiratory ailments in Geriatric Patients is delineated by Benjamin Goldberg. Students section. News, Seminar Reports form the rest of the issue.

Sept 1996


  1. Hahnemann Ki Awaz--Sept 1996
  2. Health New Letter--June 1996
  3. Homoeopathic Heritage--Aug 1996
  4. Homoeopathic Prestige--Aug 1996
  5. Homoeopathic Up-Date--Sept 1996
  6. ICR--In House Quarterly
  7. Info-Med--Aug 1996
  8. Orissa Homoeopathic Bulletin--April, July 1996
  9. Vital Informer--Aug, Sept 1996
  10. Yoga--July, Sept 1996.

April 1998

Dr KPS Dhama states that man is energy unit in action and vital force is created by nature prior to organic matter, thus emphasizing the Hahnemann's thesis that disease is a derangement of vital force. This and earlier issue contains excerpts from lectures of Dr N Ghatak on tuberculosis; in this issue he talks about the diet which should be prescribed to a TB patient and warns that morbid desires as regards food and drinks should not be indulged in as it will hasten his end. A reprint of an 1892 article on clinical verifications of the action of Pyrogenium is instructive as it is illustrated with cases treated with that Nosodes. This issue also contains second part of a series of articles written by one Dr Rosa Hobhouse on Homoeopathy, its evolution and principles.

October 1998

Adulteration of edible oils leading to dropsy and death, where some Homoeopaths suggest Argemone-mexicanas as a specific, has made Dr KPS Dhama take up the issue. He says it cannot be a specific in all cases and each patient should be treated individually. He says that the large number of dropsy cases in Delhi cannot be considered as an epidemic in the usual sense. The issue carries the third installment of excerpts of Tracts by Dr Sharp who discusses principles of Homoeopathic philosophy. In this installment Dr Sharp convincingly refutes the observations of one Dr Routh condemning the Homoeopathic system of therapeutics as far back as 1894 and his comments are still valid today. He also covers Similia Similibus Curantur and the question of small doses.

  • Another serialisation of Novum organum in which Francis Bacon explains the natural laws.
  • Dr Kanjilal's article on susceptibility covering factors which increase or reduce susceptibility.
  • A detailed repertory on alternating symptoms by Dr SM Takyar.
  • Dr R Dubey writes on Dr Kent's 12 observations on the process of cure after administering the remedy.
    Silicea by Dr Gutman completes the issue.

Jan 2000

K P S Dhama writes on his experiences in cases of remittent fever. A misconception of 50 ML is cleared about whether the globules moistened with the potency is to be shaken in a mortar till dry or should the moistened globules be put on a blotting paper. C M Boger's view on finding the similimum followed by a discussion on the same, completes the issue.




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