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Feb'93 | Apr'94 | 1997

Vol 1 No 1 Feb 93
South Anarkali Extension
Delhi 110 051

A monthly medical newsletter under the able editorship of Dr. M.L. Agarwal and Dr. L.M. Khan, published by Dr. Pankaj Agarwal, dedicates its inaugural issue to Sir Jananendra Nath Majumdar. Contains an article by V.T Augustine on "The Origin of Human Pharmacology, its development and the necessity for exploring new drugs Dr. M.L Agarwal narrates a case of damaged cardiac valves treated with Sulphur, subsequent echocardiography showing a distinct improvement. Articles in form of abstracts of AIDS, News from the world of Medicine are included. We wish the news letter all success.

Vol 2 No. 4 April 94
37, South Anarkali Extension
Delhi- 110051

This Journal, has presented a method of studying the genius of a remedy based on exploring the central idea or theme as revealed by provings. In this issue, the remedy Ammonium-mur has been studied in that manner based on proving of the drug by Dr. Hahnemann. It is as if the patient has suffered an extreme loss, grief, shock, injury etc leading to profound internal suffering which cannot be undone. It therefore continuously gnaws the patients and torments them. While expressing their complaints, they express as if something drastic has occurred (as if head was broken into two; torn to pieces; as if crushed). They withdraw more and more and are increasingly difficult to arouse from their self absorbed grief stricken state. This theme was tested in a particular case, details of which have been furnished. A 26 years old lady computer programmer suffering from uncontrolled Thyrotoxic goitre. The characteristic features of her case were-

  1. very much grieving over her condition as if nothing can be done for her,
  2. devastated and frightened and
  3. sad or horrible thoughts affect her profoundly. These conformed to the picture of Ammon-mur and she was prescribed this drug in different potencies. Later Osmium metallicum and Ignatia were prescribed depending on symptom picture. The authors, George Dimitriadis and Jacqueline Dimitriadis quote Hahnemann that "In non-venereal chronic cases, which arise from Psora, we often require in order to cure, several anti-psoric remedies in succession each chosen homoeopathically after the earlier remedy has exhausted its action."

Another case is discussed where a four years old boy showed excessive reaction to chicken pox as continuous high fever, weakness, desire to be carried, aversion to be touched, pustular eruptions was treated with Antimonium-tart based on these symptoms. George Dimitriadis in his article under "Homoeopathogenesis-basic knowledge of Homoeopathy" criticizes the present method of teaching Homoeopathy and suggests that it should be taught in an evolutionary way and students should be asked to study the cross reference materials. Thus the basic and practical applications of similia should be the approach.




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