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Vol 2 No. 6 June 94 B Jain Publishers
1921 Chuna Mandi, 10th Street P.O. Box 5775, Paharganj New Delhi- 110055

Dr. Dixit demonstrates through his cases of Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura, the use of constitutional remedies and judicious use of anti-miasmatic drugs to pave way for cure of auto-immune disorders. Another case of thrombocytic purpura which according to Hahnemanns classification, falls into the category of Pseudo-chronic diseases induced by drugs forces, along with underlying miasmatic influence (aphorism 74-76) was treated by Dr. Rao with Calcarea-carb. The case improved and set into a stage of natural remission. Dr. Barvalias cases of thyroiditis explore vital laboratory, immunological and clinical relationships. The extensive understanding of life space helps in guiding the physician to an effective, documented cure. Dr. Mamtora and Dr. N. Mehta explain the clinical approach to Rheumatology. Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis and questions, answers on the same are also carried in the issue. Students section, reviews, seminar reports also feature in the issue.

Vol 2, No 12 December 1994

SGA Brown wrote exactly a hundred years ago, about pharmacies selling homoeopathic combinations and its disastrous effects on the classical approach. Even today we sail in the same boat. Let us, in his words, endeavor therefore to annihilate the prelusive insipence, upholding the truth in its purity, "holding faith and a good conscience, which some have put away, concerning faith, have made ship-wrecks." Calc-carb is lime from an oyster shell and a basic element in living systems concerned with the skeleton and nerve conduction. So he main underlying pathology of the homoeopathic remedy is ailments from overexertion of mind and body. Jonathan Shore describes Calc-carb as slow, careful; overwhelmed with problems easily; anxious; tired; fear of cancer; clairvoyant; fear of insanity; desires to be magnetized; delusions that others think him to be insane and depressed, hysterical in their response. The physical symptoms and its perception in children is aptly described. Since the late eighties, medicine has always regarded appendicitis as a purely surgical disease and appendectomy as the only effective treatment. William Harward Hay writes of treating them conservatively. Oscillo-coccinum is a nosode prepared from infected ducks liver. Dr. Mishra writes that it heightens the immune response to many common viral infections and may be given routinely in the 200th potency in such ailments as common cold and influenza.

In the month of October 1993, an article "Arnica injury - a double blind Clinical Study" was published in Homoeopathic Heritage Vol No 18 pg 625 b Prof Veroux of Italy. His observation report on Arnica-montana administration was that there was an increase in platelet aggregation thereby helping coagulation. Dr. Sinha feels the article, though interesting, raises questions on whether it should be used as a drug for coronary artery disease-where there is atherosclerosis but no thrombus has been formed. Plague suddenly turned out to be the most feared disease of the decade in India with panic gripping countries worldwide. Dr. Ananda Prasad Saranfgs describes its homoeopathic treatment and prevention. Synthetic Repertory and its lay out is described by Dr. Tarafdar. In the section for students - Aphorisms 28 and 29 are explained. The thirtieth part of the excerpts from the History of homoeopathy and its institutions in America is continued in this issue.

May95, Vol.3 No.5

Dr. Subhas Singh in his editorial urges the Homoeopaths to unite setting aside individual grievances. He says our roots are being hollowed a by Rules and Acts like the one passed recently about 30 ml packing. But there is no national organization raise its voice. Solidarity is the need of the hour, if we Homoeopaths want our presence felt, Dr. R.C. Dewans compilation on Homoeopathy as a safe and futuristic system of medicine lists its merits. Immunology is one of the most dynamic fields of study involving the human body. Joe Lews describes various organs and cells connected to sustain the immune response. The most widely used herbs for enhancing immune functions are Echinacea, Hydrastis and Glycyrrhiza squerice), Snap-shot tips of Biochemic remedies is rested by Dr. Kartar Singh. Dr. Prasanta Paty clears various queries on Plague. Dr. Jagjit Singh Khanna traces the history of Psorinum which he says is a misnomer from the original word Sir Ra. Cases of the remedy are described. A comparison of mental characteristics of Hahnemanns chronic miasms is presented by Dr.Parse. A case of complete baldness is reported cured within 2 years. Dr.S. Banerjee started the case with Typhoidinum as the patient mentioned that he was never well since Typhoid. After initial improvement, the case came to a standstill. Thyroidinum was given later which proved very helpful.

Summer '98

The Homoeopathic Update (published by the same publisher) as companion volume has also been made bi-annual.
It contains a wealth of information on diseases and difficult cases cured with Homoeo remedies.

  • Dr Bindu Kohli emphasizes the need of the Homoeopathic physicians to educate their patients about the system of Homoeopathy. Excerpts from the article "Educating the patient" by Dr E W Hubbard on the subject is included in his article.. What a relief it is to the mother of a chronic bedwetter, or of a child with offensive excoriating foot sweat or of one with jealous tantrums, to know that these can be often cured with Homoeopathy.
  • Psoriasis cases can be treated by Kali-ars is a clinical tip. Dr Kamal Kansal, Editor, is the major contributor. He cites some disease conditions plus illustrative cases.
  • The syndrome of dry eyes in the absence of rheumatoid arthritis is known as Sjogren's syndrome and is considered incurable. Dr Kuldeep Singh presents a case of this syndrome cured by Secale-cor - traced from rubric in Knerr's Rep - Lachrymal glands, secretion suppressed.
  • Dr Kansal presents cases of herpes simplex on genital organs, tropical eosinophilia, cystic fibrosis, disc disease, TB, TIA, Bell's palsy, peptic ulcer, and Histaminum, fibroids etc.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia -15 cases- treated with different remedies; 2 of Dr Kansal and others extracted from Homoeopathic literature are presented. Remedies used were Verbascum, Capsicum, Spigelia, Bryonia Ars-alb, Cinnabaris etc..

Vol 7 No 1 Summer '99

This is a bi-annual issue. The articles have a CME section followed by Homoeopathic approach and cases cured with Homoeopathic medicines.

  • Dr Valarmathy R Fernandes discusses the haemotological disorders. After briefly discussing the various disorders under this category, the doctor advocates the miasmatic approach. Congenital disorders are mostly syphilitic in their background. She discusses 5 cases where the constitutional Homoeopathic remedy helped. Out of 16 cases treated, 4 discontinued; 12 were symptom-free; 3 showed moderate increase in platelet count.
  • Dr Vijay Bhushan presents a detailed article on pelvic inflammatory diseases with two cases, one of shifting adenexal mass and the other of ovarian cyst treated with Homoeopathic remedies.
  • A case of schizophrenia in a male aged 36 years was cured by Sepia on the basis of mental symptoms - indifference to work, wife and child; marked aversion to sex, constant apprehension that he will do something wrong; always wants motivation or stimulants with aversion to salts and preference to sweets. This case proves that though Sepia is a predominantly female remedy, it works in males too.
  • Dr Kamal Kansal writes exhaustively on diseases of the ovary. Discusses a case of ovarian cyst in a 35 years old female; the lady was prescribed Naja. During the case taking, the patient expressed her strong apprehension of dying from heart disease. She had a peculiar fear of rain and suffered from left-sided headaches.
  • Other articles include breast lumps, DNA finger printing, cerebral contusion and a repertory on pain, complete the issue.

Summer '2000

Dr M W Karo discusses arteriosclerosis with 3 cases. In one case he also applied leeches to purify the blood (archaic treatment? Or was this article written long ago. Date and source not given?)

  1. The topic of diabetes is discussed in detail: its symptoms, the types and methods of control, diabetes related problems and suitable diet and exercise.

  2. Dr Kamal Kansal, the editor, considers Copiva-off as a cost-effective non- toxic immune enhancing drug in acute as well as in chronic UTI cases, when there is painful urination and in drops , burning pressure with constant desire to urinate with swelling in the orifice. The urine is greenish and turbid with pungent odour. Discusses 2 cured cases.

  3. Dr Anjali Miglani discusses case of Plummer Vinson Syndrome with lab investigation reports; this usually strikes middle-aged women who complain of difficulty in swallowing and choking and there are severe retching spells. In one case dysphagia was cured by dilatation of stricture through oesophagoscope and administration of iron tonics. The author stresses that laboratory investigations are important tools for diagnosis and should not be ignored by Homoeopaths.

  4. Dr Kamal Kansal discusses 3 cases of nephrotic syndrome with different family backgrounds, which responded well to Terebinthina in 30 potency TDS to be continued along with Wysolone. Gradually the latter was stopped; the children started gaining wt, there was no albuminuria, recurrent episodes of sore throat decreased. This drug was continued for 5-6 months with the result that these children could eat almost anything and their renal function tests done periodically were normal. In his view Terebinthina prevents glomerular damage and increases immunity, so incidences of URTI are less. It is indicated in Bright's disease preceded by dropsy, inflammation of kidneys following acute disease, strangury with bloody urine, scanty suppressed urine smelling of violets. It seems to cover the pathology and symptomatology of Nephrotic syndrome. In these cases it is a constitutional remedy.

  5. Dr D J Karat discusses a case of Von Willebrand's disease (an autosomal dominant bleeding disorder resulting in abnormality or deficiency of Von Willebrand factor) in a 3 years old child arising from head injury treated successfully with weekly doses of Tub and Calc-phos 1M and followed up over a five year period.

  6. Dr Girish Gupta and two others analyze 300 cases of various types of leucoderma. divided into 8 groups on the basis of inducing factors: pathologically induced, antibiotics induced, neurologically induced, genetically linked, pituitary dysfunction etc. Occurrence of cutaneous candidiasis in 92% cases was indicative of some pathological role of candida albicans, a fungus, a less synthesis of melanin rendering the patients more prone to fungal infections.

  7. A report on 6 years study of 5 cases of Haemophilia and its homoeopathic treatment in OPD of Fr Muller's Hospital , Mangalore is published. Being a congenital haemorrhagic disorder, it is a constitutional defect and hence needs constitutional remedy; along with acute remedies in acute phases. It is tubercular miasm. In these cases the constitutional remedies selected were Calcarea-carb and Phos. And the acutes were tackled with Arnica, Bryonia and Crotalus-hor. One detailed case with investigation reports is given as an illustration, where constitutional remedy was Calc-carb and acute was Arnica




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