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April-June'93 | Oct-Dec'93 | Jul-Sep'95 | Vol5 No1 1997

Vol.1 No. 2 April-June 93.
Homoeo Vasam Publications
64, A Purasawalkam High Road
Purasawalkam, Madras 600 007.

Quo Vadis? Whither Homoeopathic Research an article by Dr. Koppikar urging Homoeopaths to guide their efforts towards research. Ginseng, the so called Elixir of life is known to the world for centuries. In 1990 USA banned all Ginseng based formulations, considering the side effects of its long term use and ordered to take it off Us market (But allowed selling them to other countries). Ginseng abuse syndrome and its homoeopathic implications are studied by Dr. Venkatraman. In any case similimum can be arrived at by various means, the way widely accepted being the repertory. Dr. Mathukumar throws light on Knerrs repertory for practical use. The laymens section carries an article by editor Dr. Mohammed Alem on our master Dr. Hahnemann.

VOL I NO.4 Oct-Dec 1993

Potency will always be a controversial topic. Giving the modus operandi of stalwart homoeopaths, the editorial conveys the discrepancies of potency prescription of every prescriber. Dr. D.M. Borlands booklet on Pneumonia also explains the concept of potency and has been reproduced in this issue. Dr. S.P. Koppikars article throws light on Miasms. With the coming of new repertories we seem to be forgetting the genuine old repertory like Knerrs. Dr. Mathu Kumars efforts to re-introduce Knerrs Repertory to the homoeopathic brethren is commendable. Earlier issues also carried his articles; this final article speaks about the advantages of Knerr and the arrangement of mental symptoms. "All living matter consists nearly altogether of carbon compounds, swollen with water. Not only are we, as exponents of living matter, composed of a high percentage of carbon compounds, but we are constantly exposed to the assimilation, combustion and expulsion of carbon compounds, in every conceivable form. Life itself is a cycle of combustion, and there is hardly a substance which is not a composition of, or related to a greater or less degree of carbon or carbon compound". Dr. Roberts delineates homoeopathic remedies which are related to carbon. A case of glutton, where Calc-carb seemed to be the remedy, was helped by Iodum, the prescription being based on Dreams - Eating (Iodum, only remedy in two marks) reports Dr. Aleem.

July-Sept 95 Vol 3 No.3

Julian Winston and Greg Bedayn visited the grave of James Tyler Kent in Stevensville Montena. Greg Bedeyn is setting up a foundation house and gravesite as a monument to an American Master of Homoeopathy. Dr.Razi throws light on common remedies in pediatric care. She describes Nux Vomica babies as "babies who get colicky and fling themselves backwards. They stain to pass a stool, and are better afterwards. They are better with warmth and will settle down after a bath or being wrapped up. Angry infants with congestion, inability to sleep at night, irritability, difficulty with burping, and liking warm baths, think of Nux Vom" Any Rothenberg speaks on her pattern of casetaking. Book reviews, cases, and letters form the rest of the contents of the issue.

Vol5 No1 1997

Keynotes may be either weak, strong or even indispensable. By the word 'indispensable' Dr Bellokossy meant that it must be present in the patient we are prescribing for, else the remedy to which it belongs must be left out of consideration, for example scanty menses in Graphites. If this keynote is absent Graphites must be disregarded. Dr S Mohamed Aleen in his editorial does not agree with the term and instead prefers to call them precious symptoms. Dr Douglas Borland describes various aspects of Natrum salts explaining their personality, temperature reactions, food reactions and discharges along with a few physical symptoms. Dr S P Koppikar speaks of his experience in the field of Homoeopathy. He recommends Allens Keynotes, Clinical Repertory of Clarke and Hutchinson's Clinical Methods as essential books for every Homoeopath.

William Gutman's article on "Influenza and Influenzosis" advises the use of Gelsemium, Eupatorium-perf, Euphrasia, Nux-vom and Veratrum-alb for acute stage of influenza. The chronic stage may need Sepia, Sulphur, Psorinum, or Cadmium-metallicum.




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