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Nov 1992

CONTINUES reports on the National Center of Homoeopathy 1992 Annual conference. Provides potraits from a presentation by Peggy Chipkin, FNP, on childrens constitutional types; gives a graph of remedies for anxieties referenced to causes and responses, from Dr Allan Levines presentation. Among other reports "George Vithoulkas, the man, his compute program, and his magic, Julian Winston on the New England School of Homoeopathy.

Dec 1992.

EDITOR JULIAN WINSTON laments the loss of books from homoeopathic collections designated for the library of the NCH, "where have all the flowers gone?" The NCH 1992 Summer School held at the Endicott College, Beverly, Mass, is reported on by participants in its several sections, including two professional weeks and a homoeopathic philosophy course.

Vol 13 No.4 April 93.
National Center of Homoeopathy
801 North Fairfax street, Suite 306
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

Hillary Rodham Clinton is firming up her health care plan and it will be put to the Congress. Bonnie Loften urges all homoeopaths and believers of Homoeopathy in America to write to Mrs. Clinton about the advantages of our system. She says, if all of us do so Our whispers will become a roar and soon homoeopathy will be recognised widely as a system of medicine. A report of the 7th Annual American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention by Jay Yasgur. Julian Winston, the editor of the publication justifies the stand and credibility of homoeopathy in Is homoeopathy, a science? Once familiar with homoeopathy and its philosophy concerning the nature and cure of illness, one can read in the newspaper hear on the radio, or see on television, items about regular medicine and contrast and compare them with what we, as homoeopaths, have known for so long. Gleanings from the Media -a column brings to light some of them (We Indians should be proud that homoeopathy is a recognised system and avails its services even to rural areas. More allopaths have joined hands and started practising homoeopathy which has an edge over their system) A report from New England regional Study Group Meeting throws light on usage of different homoeopathic remedies.

Feb, March, April, May, June 1993.

Featuring the discerning commentary of editor Julian Winston remains one of the best sources of information on the American and International homeopathic scene. These issues give considerable attention to recent happenings - homeopathy's increasing media coverage (both positive and negative) the establishment of the Office of Alternative Medicine in the NIH. Another important event is the passage in the North Carolina legislature of a bill giving establishment to alternative healing methods which may include even lay men. Also remarked is a Clinton backed mandatory vaccination bill in Congress, to be enforced with conputer surveillance. The June number contains further communications on the immunization issue. March number headlines "Good press in the New York Times" but the main media event remains the infamous Dateline program on NBC TV which still reverberates

Among the noteworthy articles:"New Theories in Physics may explain th action of Homoeopathy" (Feb), Jay Bornemann on "How to talk to people about homeopathy"(March), an indepth review of the REFERENCE WORKS computer program from MacRepertory (June) and "is Homoeopathy Science?" by Julian Winston in the same issue

Vol 13 No.10, Nov. 93

Homoeopathy appears in the media, thereby bringing in acceptance and awareness. Clippings from the media are compiled by Martha Oelman. Julian Winston reports on the seminar by Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick held in Auckland. The section on profiles introduces Richard Moskowitz, an advocate of the potential of natural self healing, offering patients at his Massachusetts clinic an alternative energy path. He maintains one of the private homoeopathic libraries in the country. A new method for remedy selection is developed by Daniel and Salvador Williams called Vibrational Finger printing. Scorpion bite cases treated with homoeopathic remedies like Ledum, Arsenic-alb, Pulsatilla, have been reported to bring on quick relief. It is not unusual to wind up with four to five pages of symptoms but it is unusual that all of those symptoms will fit the remedy that we ultimately choose. Larry Malerba describes an interesting case of a pregnant lady with backache. Hypericum was prescribed on aetiology which happened years ago. At the three week follow-up visit, the patient reported that after two days the "pain went almost completely". It is important to note the depth of action of Hypericum that we often classify in our minds as an acute remedy. This is a powerful example of how the vital force had retained the memory of the event and many years later this symptom complex apparently became reactivated by the stress of pregnancy. A curative response provoked by the similar remedy resulted in the re-emergence of the memory of that distant event and its ultimate resolution on the emotional plane.

June 1994, July-August 1994, Sept. 1994

The editor, Dean Crothers MD reports on the continuation of Dr. jennifer Jacobs homoeopathic trial diarrhoea studies first undertaken in Nicaragua, now in Kathmandu Nepal under clinic director Dr. Luke Sundee. Dr. Randall Neustaedter writes in the "The Withdrawn Child" and Dr. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman on "Three Women needing Carcinosin for Menstrual Problems". Jay Bornemann comments on a recent hatchet job on Homoeopathy by the influential periodical Consumer Reports (March 1994).

RESONANCE, July - August 1994
Reported by:
1797, E 25the Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97403, USA

November 95
Vol 15 No.10

The current update section features impetigo contagiosa, a bacterial infection of the epidermis caused mainly by staphylococcus pyogenes and at times by streptococcus pyogenes. Remedies for impetigo are described. The section also carries Dengue featuring remedies like Bryonia., Eup Perf, Rhus Tax, Pyrogen, and Gels.

The section of clinical update illustrates Hydronephrosis and Pyoderma gangrenosum with diagrams.

Fucus vesiculosus commonly known as bladder wrack is a sea weed common on the coast of UK, USA. Used widely for obesity,, the potency recommended is mother tincture upto 60 drops three times a day before meals. A case of acute pyelitis goes to prove that a detailed case taking helps to prescribe better than snapshot prescribing. Erastus E. Case of Hartford. Connecticut, was singularly accurate prescriber of Homoeopathic remedies, who had brilliant results. He laid down certain rules which he used in his prescribing. These case rules on prescribing symptoms, potency and repetition are useful tips for Homoeopaths.




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