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Vol 82 No 1 Jan 93
2, Powis Palace, Great Ormond Street,
London WC IN 3HT, England.

To assess the role of homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of the asymptomatic phase of HIV infection, a pilot research study was undertaken by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy. India, starting in May 1989. Rastogi. V.P Singh and Dey report that 129 symptomatic HIV carries were treated with Homoeopathic medicines on the basis of the individuals constitutional (mental, emotional and physical) characteristics, with potencies ranging from 30 to 10 M in varying repetitions, depending on the age and constitution of the individual patients. 12 of the patients studied have reverted back to negative serology for HIV antibodies after treatment varying from 3 to 16 months. All patients who continue to remain symptom free are receiving follow-up treatment. Efforts are being made to evaluate their haematological and immunological status in detail. A study evaluating the efficacy of homoeopathy in daily practice by Berckel Smith showed higher success in children as compared to adults.

Noel Pratt regularly collected histories of patients receiving homoeopathic treatment over 30 year period using a standardized case record. The case record patterns is presented. Such records yield useful data, patients for prescribing patterns and rate of improvement. Dentists who accept Social Security patients in Germany today, are bound by a large number of rules and regulations, which impose severe limits on their free choice of treatment, cost effectiveness being a prime consideration. Feldhaus used homoeopathy for a period of 7 years and obtained impressive results. Dr. Jack narrates cases of Crohns diseases. A debate on Single or Multiple medicine prescribing participants being Dr. Curtin, Francis Treuherz, Dr. George Lewith and Dr. June Burger provide interesting reading. Sections on research reviews, international press abstracts and book reviews are informative. Similie carries news and views of the Faculty of Homoeopathy and cases of Multiple Sclerosis. Haemorrhoids and Post-partum psychosis treated with Agaricus, Aesculus and Hyoscyamus respectively.

Vol. 82, No.2 April 93

A double blind random clinical trial for infantile diarrhoea was carried out in Nicaragua to compare homoeopathic treatment versus placebo. Though there was a definite decrease in the number of stools, a larger case study to get a conclusive report was suggested. Eight patients with endometriosis were followed up from 1 to 4 years to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment. All had laproscopic grading in their endometriosis. Every case improved with treatment. The veterinary drug picture of Aconite, with major therapeutic indication given by Christopher Day. Nails are continuously growing structures which reflect many aspects of the bodys function. Abnormal appearance of nails is described in terms of - general appearance, form, colour, structural abnormalities and nail biting. Implications of the various appearances of the nails of different digits for prescribing are described. Lycopodium contains traces of Alumina, which is one of the oxides of Aluminium and Silica, the oxide of silicon. Both Aluminium and Silicon are found in increased amounts in ageing brains. Lycopodium is a drug mentioned for Alzheimers disease by Clarke. Today even the allopathic school is pondering over the power of this remedy for Alzheimers. A case report of adenocarcinoma of prostate treated by Ignatia is presented.

July 93 Vol. 82 No 3

Until recently, the lay public learnt about Homoeopathy mainly through press. With the BBC spreading its wings to many countries through satellite television, Homoeopathy reached many houses through their TV sets. BBCs QED program did more than anything else to lay bare the sterility of the argument that Homoeopathy is pure placebo therapy. Even the most skeptical observer would find it hard to believe that cows think they will not get mastitis simply because they see a Vet tipping the contents of a vial into their drinking water from 400 yards across a field! The editorial speaks on Homoeopathy and its public image. In March 1991, the charity Homoeopathes sans Frontieres established an aid programmer for Cholera victims in Peru which continued intermittently for three months. Homoeopathic remedies like Ars-alb, Camphor, China, Cuprum, Ipecac, Phos-ac, Phos, Verat-alb were administered along with rehydration. In the course of the mission a method was established with which to evaluate the importance of the use of homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of Cholera. Anne Clover narrates how she treats Cancer patients. Carcinosin and Conium are used in cases of primary breast tumours; those with pain, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Euphorbinum; bone metastasis - Eupatorium-per, Rhododendron; after effects of radiopathy - Radium-br, Cantharis; Malignant ulcers - Arsenic-iod, Asteria-r, Hepar-s, with surgical procedures - Bellis-per, Arnica, Hypericum. Similie carries news, views and case reports from the faculty of homoeopathy. An interesting case of Osteo-arthritis treated with Medorrhinum and Radium-brom is also described.

Vol 82 no 4 October 1993.

Forty children attending a nursery and school for the handicapped were seen in a total of 55 consultations. Following detailed case taking from parents and school staff, medicines were selected by computer repertorization and verified against the childs constitutional type. Results of the study showed children with organic brain damage, autism and definite syndromes generally responded well; those whose handicap was due to social deprivation generally failed to respond. Major responses were increased drive and improvement in hyperactive and aggressive behaviour, which enabled the children to benefit more from this education. Physical symptoms and problems such as stammering and enuresis also improved. A clinical study of the effect of Caulophyllum 7C in normal labor showed that the duration of labour was cut down by 90 minutes. Sulphur in the experience of Grazyna and Olga helped in treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and delirium tremens. Dr. Gross, Hahnemanns closest friend and colleague was never forgiven by Hahnemann for suggesting, after losing a child, that homoeopathy did not always suffice. Bernard Leary in his article The personality of Hahnemanns discusses his attacks on the medical profession and raises a question as to whether his personality played a part in generating negative reception to his ideas. Reports on seminars, book reviews, abstracts from journals constitute the rest of the issue.

Similie carries news items, case reports and letter from faculty members. Details of summer plants like Chamomilla, Arnica, Hypericum, Hyoscyamus and Aconite have been presented by Michael Bata.




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