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Vol 2 No 1 Jan 1996
Association of Scientific Research in Homoeopathy
108, Mabarik Kothi Area, St No 1,Sangrur [PB] 148001

Dr Lakshminarayanan in his editorial extends greeting to all journals but warns them of straying from the principles of Homoeopathy. Quoting him, "The twin maladies of 1) underestimating the clinical and therapeutic efficacy of Homoeopathy and 2) supporting allopathy or to other systems, are assuming alarming proportions in Homoeopathic journals when allopaths themselves are wailing candidly on the looming impotency of antibiotics and the danger of cortisones, Homoeopaths are increasingly parroting and advocating antibiotics".

Often surgical intervention which is most dreaded by the patient is looked upon as a last resort. Surgery, opines Dr Manu Kothari, could be having a placebo effect on the patient. In his article on 'knife - happiness' the author states that 'In his article on 'knife - happiness' the author states that 'In a monetaristic society, the compelling ethos is that given enough dough and devices, any problem can be fixed, Alas, all that glitters with surgical gadgetry ain't therapeutic gold'.

The simplicity of Homoeopathy lies in the study of pathogenesis of remedial substances after one comes to understand' and believe uncompromisingly the Similia principle'. Dr Kulay's article on reflections on Similia conveys that essential signs and symptoms, however few are more important than totality of a large number of symptoms.

The section on nature notes talks of prudence in eating, and technique of hair bath in patient who are allergic to it. William Gutman's article Prolongation of Life deals with how to dress.

Dr Laxminarayanan's article on Breast cancer - how ignorant we are relates a case published in Readers' Digest. The young pregnant lady was made to have a premature delivery on having discovered a malignant tumor in the breast, followed by mastectomy of the affected side and to prevent recurrence to the next breast - the normal healthy breast was also removed. Along-side is another article on breast cancer treated by Dr WM Griggs. The contrast between crudity, violence and sadism [totally unwarranted fears being thrust into the patient's mind] of the allopathic method and the scientific humanism, of Homoeopathic therapy is certainly striking.

Cases of Manic depression wherein Veratrum-alb, Ignatia, Aur-mur-nat, Nat-mur, proved useful. In his experience the author feels the necessity to restudy Ignatia which according to Boericke is superficial remedy. [In my experience however remote the grief, if it remains very fresh in the patient's mind as if it occurred a few days ago - it calls for Ignatia] Long forgotten injuries respond well to Nat-sulph, Hypericum, Arnica, Nit-acid as perceived in the cased, Nat-sulph is an excellent remedy for head and spinal injuries. For concussion of the spine and brain, Hypericum is another drug in black type mentioned in Kent's repertory.
Book Reviews, letters from readers, news and an article on Bowel Nosodes cover rest of the issue.




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