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Journal of Pareek Foundation

Drs R S Pareek and Alok Pareek contributed two interesting articles. They discussed two cases of allopathically difficult diseases, which came to them as usual at a late stage, cured with homoeopathy.

Case: Large Atrial Septal Defect. (ASD)

A 48-yr-old woman was a known case of large ASD. A routine preoperative coronary angiogram showed 80% occlusion of anterior descending artery and a surgery was done to correct it. On the second day after operation the patient's speech was incoherent and slurred, with facial palsy, strabismus and ataxia; with evidence of brain stem infarct. In spite of allopathic treatment her condition worsened. By day 6, even higher centers were being affected and at this stage Homoeopathic treatment was sought. On day 8, Dr Pareek gave a dose of Arnica 1M and as there was no improvement, a dose of 10M on 9th day brought some improvement in her memory and recognition. Shifted to normal ward but there were no improvements in speech, strabismus, ataxia and facial palsy. On 15th day she was given Bothrops 1M with definite improvement in facial palsy and strabismus; her speech gradually improved in a week's time; a month later she could walk with support but her speech was not fully clear and Causticum 1M consolidated the change. She was still under observation.

Tip: Dr Pareek says "Clinically potentised Arnica has emerged as a great anticoagulant and of immense urgent help in post operated cardio-thoracic patients. We advise Arnica to be given immediately after cardio-vascular surgery as a prophylactic to ward off post -operative thrombotic complications. Bothrops and other well proved snake poisons are of great help in thrombosis; Causticum follows well and helps in overcoming the residual paralytic effect.

They have also presented a study of Hepato-biliary diseases conducted in their hospital and research center at Agra. In all 186 cases of patients in the age group of 4-73 were treated and documented; for acute hepatic failure, infective hepatitis or chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver with portal hypertension and Indian childhood cirrhosis and persistent hepatitis B antigenaemia. The remedies prescribed most were China, Hydrastis, Lyco, Merc-sol, Mag-mur, Nat-sulph, Nux, Phos and Sulph in 200 to 10M potency. Hepatitis Nosode proved useful in cases of chronic and persistent hepatitis, Hepatitis B and C nosodes (single dose in 200 potency) used in cases where there was blood transfusion and the patients were depressed. Three illustrative cases are presented. A similar study of 80 renal failure cases treated homeopathically with three illustrative cases also presented in the journal.




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