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Vol.1, No.2, April-June 93
Panchavadi, Mukkola
Muller Po, Vizhinjam,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695521

A trimonthly of Kerala Homoeo Medical graduates Association edited by Dr. Shajikutty focuses on drainage therapy and Homoeopathic approach in the treatment of cancer. Dr. K.M. Matani describes two cases of Aplastic Anaemia treated with TNT. Dr. Randeria finds Bowel nosodes (Gaertner and Sycotic-co), Cadmium salts (Cadmium-sulph, Cadmium-met, Cadmium-iod) and remedies like Arsenicum-alb, Kali-cyanatum, Carcinosin, Thuja also helpful in treatment of cancer patients - the treatment consists firstly in the selection of the similimum with, in some cases the drainage remedy. Secondly, in the removal of all irritants and exciting causes. Thirdly, selection of proper diet, eliminating foods like alcohol, strong spices, salt. Lastly assurance and courage to fight the disease.

Vol 1, No 3, July-Sept 93

A new born baby needs warmth and care and that would be best delivered by a homoeopath. Dr. Ghoor and Dr. Juneja describe various infantile problems and their homoeopathic management. In homoeopathic literature many drugs have been mentioned for alcoholism, but in Boger Boenninghausens Characteristics and Repertory, Alcoholism has been mentioned as a behavioural disorder and Ars-alb as the most important drug. A study for the same was undertaken under the CCRH in 1991-92. Arsenicum helped a majority of patients. However, future detailed study seems essential. Appreciating the individualistic features of a case can lead to the best case-taking, opines Dr. Sabiraj. Resorting to Naturopathy in day to day afflictions can raise ones immunity. Dr. Nair feels that auto-immune deficiency syndrome can be best treated by Naturopathy.

Vol.2, No.1, Jan-March 95

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  2. Homoeopathic Heritage - July, Aug. 95
  3. Homoeopathy in Practice - April-June 95
  4. Homoeopathic Prestige - August 95
  5. Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Sandesh - July 95
  6. Indian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine - Vol. 29 No.4
  7. Homoeopathic up-Date - July, August 95
  8. Orissa Homoeopathic bulletin - June, July 95
  9. Vital Informer - Aug 95.

Vol II April-June'2003

This journal of Kerala Homoeopathic Graduate assistance gives many worthwhile articles and news items. It includes pharmacology of Hydrastis by Dr Gopi, Prophylaxis in Homoeopathy by Dr Arun Prasad and others. Peter Morel in "Heavenly dialogue’ between Hahnemann and Paracellus, takes you down the history of medicine and theology, esoteric medical systems and concludes that all future roads lead back to the ancient systems and greater holism. Dr Akbar in his clinical experiences gives six gynaec case - 2 of sterility where miasm played important role and Medorrhinum and Tuberculinum along with constitutional helped patient to conceive. 2 cases of repeated abortions were helped with Carcinocin because of Family History of cancer. In two cases of fibroid uterus, Tuberculinum 1M helped cure in one case but another failed. Author’s suggestion is : for Lt sided cyst, Lachesis 0/3 should be given, whereas for right sided cyst, give Lyco 0/3. If urinary symptoms are there, Apis 30 and Thuja 1M in 15 days and Calc-flour 6x daily should be given.

Dr Abdul Gaffar writes on SARS. The latest test is nasal swabs or throat cultures to detect corona virus. Homoeopathic medicines include - Aco, Ailanthus, Ars, Bell, Bry, Crotalus, Hepar, Mur-acid etc and Phosph 200 c as the prophylaxis.

Dr Vinod in his article discusses Gullian Barre Syndrome in a 4 year old child where timely referral and a dose of Merc-sol helped the patient recover completely. The KHMGA, took up a project to prevent Dengue fever and 50,000 people were given Eupatoreum-perf 200 BD as a prophylactic.


This journal has many general articles on single drugs, small doses, and challenge to mass vaccination and others. The case reports include vasculitis and multiple myeloma. In a systematically presented case, Dr Santosh has given account of a patient who was a known case of vasculitis since 3 years and was treated with steroids. All his symptoms started after he was beatenby his tuition teacher. His constitutional totality was irritable, < insults; anxious about health, introvert and weepy. Nat-mur 200 as constitutional and Hypericum 30 SOS cured him completely and steroids could be gradually tapered off.

Dr Abdul Gafoor has given a detailed general article on multiple myeloma (a malignant disorder arising from plasma cells by selective proliferation of single abnormal cell, secreting only same type of immunoglobulin. Diagnostic criteria is based on a) Monoclonal Fgcm of light chain in blood or urine b) infiltration of marrow with malignant plasma cells or c) osteolytic bone lesion.)

He treated a case of 39 yrs male who had chronic pain in sacral region with difficulty in walking. There was generalized pain and severe pain in hips. O/E there was wasting, restricted movements and tenderness. He had severe osteoporosis of spine with fracture of T3 T7 and L2. His bone marrow FNABC was suggestive of multiple mydoma. Based on the general rubrics - uncovering desire for, sweets aversion, warm drinks desire, softening of bones, pain canorous affections, sleeplessness and perspiration from, the medicines emerged were 'Calc, Lyco, Merc, Sul and Phos' Phos 0/6 for 3 weeks, Tub as intercurrent and other acutes like Bryonia, Arnica and Capsicum helped him immensely. He could be transferred from IPD to OPD.




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