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Mar'99 | Vol 6 No 9 | Apr'2000

March 1999

To control Parkinsonism, a new pacemaker-like device has been designed. This stimulates the brain with a finely tuned electric current, to prevent uncontrolled movements. The experiment seems to be working and enabling patients to live comfortably.

Dr G Saraswathi discusses 2 cases of IHD successfully treated with Carbo-veg given at the critical time. Third is a complicated case of a 20- yr old patient, of Rt sided facial palsy, with slurred speech and severe throbbing in occiput and pulling in eyes, following a head injury with extensive fractures and sub-dural hemorrhage. No surgery was possible. Initially, 3 doses of Arnica 200- given one hourly. Followed by Ledum, Hypericum and Natrum-sulph. Ledum absorbed sub-dural haematoma. Symphytum for deep-seated pain in eyes and fractures. In one month, except for persistent headache, all other symptoms were better; speech normal and facial palsy fully corrected with a normal gait.

Vol 6 No 9

  • The editorial correctly draws attention to the need to ensure purity of the two medicinal mediums, namely alcohol and sugar of milk. It laments that alcohol, used so extensively, is not available in the requisite purity. The sugar of milk that is used for triturating the medicines is imported mostly from Holland, which makes it costly..
  • A case of caudia equina syndrome in a factory worker suffered after an injury was successfully cured with Causticum
  • Another case relates to an 82 year- old who came with the complaints of swelling of lower extremities, with slightly pale and burning urination and swelling of penis. Cantharis relieved other complaints but burning urination remained and later responded to Medh with the history of suppressed gonorrhoea, fear of dark and suicidal tendency.
  • Tips on health and hygiene, students section and medical news complete the rest of this issue.

April 2000, vol7 No 4

  1. Research now shows that many unexplained heart attacks could be due not simply to traditional factors, like poor diet, clogged arteries but due to abnormalities in brain's cardiovascular control centre. Scientists from University of Western Ontario identified a spot in the insular cortex, which is tucked inside a fold in the brain just above the ear level, as controlling the heart activity and blood vessels.

  2. Dr Nirdosh Kumar draws attention to the usefulness of Pyrogenium in cases having following symptoms:- Chilliness++; heat and sweat intermixing; hyper pyrexia -102-105 F; chilliness with desire to cover; offensive smell from body/breath and stool; body ache, restlessness; thirst marked in some cases, normal/absent and weakness. (What about pulse abnormally rapid and out of proportion to the temperature, which is the leading characteristic of this remedy?)

  3. A case of chronic but sudden onset of prostration only during winter was treated with Camphor. Sudden onset, severe prostration, chilliness and lack of vital heat were the symptoms led to the selection of the remedy; other remedies considered were Ars-alb, Carbo-veg and Aconite but were not selected as their characteristic symptoms were not present. However the chronic nature and chronic periodicity seemed not covered by the remedy.

  4. It is said that tea not only refreshes but can also reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart ailments according to Dr Krishnaswamy, director of Diagnostic services at the Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.




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