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Vol.1, No.4 March-May 93.

After seven years of university study, one becomes an allopathic physician in Belgium. G Pieters after some deceptions with allopathic treatment studied homoeopathy. His article Some considerations on Homoeopathy is a timely warning to the timid in this field of homoeopathy who falter at a superficial drawback and make false judgement on personal weakness. Kents repertory is one of the most complete repertory available to a homoeopath. Dr. Patel in his version has tried to better it. However grammatical mistakes in the original Kents repertories often change the meaning of the rubric. Dr. Narsimha Rao gives a few suggestions to improve the third original American edition of Kents repertory (especially the section on Mind). On the bicentenary year of homoeopathy, Dr. Kanjilal has written about the science in a nut shell, for homoeopathic students and the public. Dr. Mishra in his article on Miasms a Modern Concept

explains Miasms including Dr. Hahnemanns evaluation on the root causes for the failure of certain treatment and quotes some of the opinions of Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. B.K. Sarkar, Dr. Choudhari on the three fundamental miasms. He supplements his idea with a comparative study of Chronic miasms. Snap-shot prescribers are known to achieve wonderful results. Dr. Hasan is one such prescriber. Dr. Abdul Khaleque who paid a visit at the formers clinic conveys his experience there. Crotalus horridus is used by Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig in cases with bloody dyscrasias.

Vol 2 No 1 June-Aug 93

With this issue the journal enters the second year of its publication. Dr. Sosi Roy on the basis of his rich experience discusses the mental attitude of Ars-alb and Natrum-mur. The preface of the latest book of Dr. R.P. Patel Analysis and Evaluation of Rubrics- Symptoms of Dr. Kents repertory is published which contains an elaborate study of repertorisation and introduction to his colossal work. Dr. R.D. Jain explains the relation among certain medicines on the basis of corresponding connection of periodic table with medicinal salts. The posture of an asthmatic patient is given importance while prescribing. Dr. Nanda gives a diagrammatic presentation of postures and remedies corresponding to them. Homoeopathy treats the patient and not the disease. Hence, Dr. Ali insists that an efficient homoeopath should be a psychoanalyst. Luffa-operculata was found very useful in cases of sinusitis by Dr. Juneja. Case reports, quiz and medicos page are other contents of the issue.

Vol 2 No.2 Autumn - 93

Dr. Punnakara is writing a book on Asthma. This article from the book narrates an interesting true story illustrating how Indian cockroach (Blatta orientalis) entered the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Dr. Mishra describes a case of Petroleum which started with the conversation "Doctor, I am going to die very soon and before I die, I want to settle my business terms with my partner who is in Andaman Islands. Please give me some medicines so that I can go by ship, for I have sea-sickness too". Eczema which was also a complaint of the patient improved and was reported cured a month later. Progress in classical Homoeopathy does not exist in learning what Dr. Hahnemann and his loyal followers have left us, but in completing and perfecting it writes Pieters G on Kents Repertorium. Mango lovers are known to store mangoes in honey and eat them round the year. Honey certainly has a preservative and anti-septic property over and above being an antiflatulent, digestive adjunct and general tonic. Dr. Ahmed has additionally used it in cases of Asthma (2 teaspoons of pure honey - 3 times a day) supplemented with the homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathy is an ocean of knowledge which is certainly difficult for a homoeopath to master single handed. We have homoeopathic remedies, drainage remedies, Bowel Nosodes, Nosodes, Bio-salts, Flower remedies etc the effectiveness of which needs to be explored. Few rare remedies are explained in brief - Myrtus-chekan (thick yellow sputum difficult to expectorate), Vaccinium Myrtillus, Rhus aromatica (Diabetes Mellitus). Book review, Quiz, Students section, and news are other regular features of the journal.

Vol. 2 No.4 March-May 94 (Spring 94)
Sri Sathya Sai Publications Main Road, Taliparamba Kannur- 670141.

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Vol 3, No 1
Summer 1994.

Dr. N M Jaisoorya passed away 30 years ago leaving a large void in our midst - yet to be filled. He fathered the homoeopathic association in Andhra Pradesh. His life, contribution and personality are narrated. Dr. Lakshminarayanan gives an interesting introduction to Bowel Nosodes. Quote here a para wherein he makes his point clear - "The joke or should it be called tragedy is that Bowel Nosodes are not Disease products and hence even Dr. paterson, that incomparable bacteriologist-homoeopath, may be faulted for scaring contemporaries and successors by calling them nosodes. These organisms present in the bowel, do not cause any disease but show an increased or decreased presence in the bowel depending on the state of health of an individual." A case of temper tantrums treated with Proteus is also described. The concluding part of E.A. Farringtons lengthy anecdotal life sketch by his son is presented. Dr. Malhotra in his article - Iscador - an expensive placebo?" questions the efficacy of the therapy. Ten remedies are covered by Quader under Uncommon remedies in some common ailments and common remedies in some uncommon ailments. While the WHO authorities are thinking in terms of destroying the small pox virus, it reportedly having been eradicated from the world, the editor questions its reappearance soon in the poor countries.




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