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Jan'93 | March'93

Jan 93

Differences and similarities between Homoeopathy and Organisational theory are related and discussed by Bob Maas. Apis-mel has been successfully used to treat chronic ailments, especially in children says Dr. Jayesh Shah. Apis children are restless (insanity busy; busy fruitless), awkward, jealous, destructive (break things desire to; delirium violent; anger violent, destructiveness) obstinate, have a hysterical trait (Striking himself, knocking his head against the wall). Physically the child has intense desire for cold things, desire for cold bath, open sunken fontanelles with puffy, rosy and oedematous appearance of the face often with suppressed skin eruptions. A dream proving with Aur-s C 30 by sleeping on it, (Remedy under the pillow-slip) For three consecutive nights was done. The dream themes in the three nights were remarkably the same. Y. Lassauw saw Aur-s come out in this proving as more practical, concrete and materialistic than Aur-met. In two of the three nights there was a waking up at 3 A.M. Actions tended it to be resolute, uncautious and somewhat abrupt. A case of a 2 year old dog having worm complaints, anorexia and unhappiness treated with Ignatia is reported. Two plant cases are related; the weeping prune got lice (tears) after the death of the last owner of the garden which Ignatia 10 M cured. An offended Hibiscus (being moved around all the time against her wish) recovered from lice after Staphysagria 30. In the initial aggravation she lost all her leaves.

March 93
Van Walbeekstr 85-3.
1058 C.M. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This journal is published from Netherlands, mainly in Dutch with English abstracts. Kees Dam stresses in his editorial the need for drug proving. Leupen reports a case of Psoriasis with a history of Gonorrhoea. Mental emotional make up quite uncertain, fear of failure, feels herself ugly. As a child fear of spiders, snakes and wolves. Remedy prescribed was Cubeba. Scientific evidence, research and literature is presented by the editor who supports a consciousness theory in developing and curing of disease., Materia medica section gives details of Muriatic-acid. Dr. Jayesh Shah explains the role of dreams which help to perceive the real feelings about every case. Y Lassauw narrates a case of telephonic consultation about a 10 years old Bouvier dog who was easily frightened, amicable, loved thunderstorm, protected other animals; treated with Phosphorus.




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