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Vol 1 No 4 | Vol 4 No 1

The Similitude
Vol 1, No 4

Quarterly Journal published by Dr Satish Kumar Rana, Amritsar Road, facingTtehsil Complex, Kapurthala, Punjab, 144601.

This fourth issue is devoted as the heading says to "Classical Homoeopathy". In his editorial Dr Rana doubts genuineness of the new modern provings as some of the conditions laid down by Dr Hahnemann for the ideal prover, viz he should avoid over-exertion of mind and body, all sorts of dissipation and disturbing passions and should not have urgent business to distract his attention may not be satisfied. (he echoes the views of George Vithoulkas).

Dr Sucheta Desai of Mumbai discusses case of a 2 ½ yrs old child suffering from breathlessness worse at night. The child was ravenously hungry and constantly asked for food; she was emaciated though eating well; restless and a hot patient. The BCG vaccination given on the third day of the month resulted in allergy and boils suppressed with local applications and led to cough and respiratory complaints. Among the hot remedies Ars-iod was chosen and given in 30/200 potency at appropriate intervals, which improved her health, her breathlessness and voracious appetite.

An interview with Dr Praful Vijayakar (also on the editorial Board).Discusses his layers theory and the need for the doctor to know fully the embryology, physiology, anatomy and human bio-chemistry without which one can not know which layer is affected in a particular complaint. Cure should follow Hering's law- the symptoms should go to lesser important organs and not vice versa.

Dr S S Vithal writes about thyroidism and discusses a case of 23 year old girl with a history of recurrent allergic rhinitis with hypothyroidism cured with Tub.
Interesting excerpts from Dr Kents writings under the title-Warnings and Advices- are instructive and cover several aspects.

The first installment of Dr C S Sandhu's, as usual, long article on Pollutants in Homoeopathic atmosphere. The pollutants according to him are changes in basic concepts of dynamic plane, misleading theories, keynote system of prescriptions, errors that crept in original books, treatment of affected part rather than the whole and improper repetition of the potentised remedy.

The Similitude
Oct 2002, Vol-4, No1

This quarterly journal of classical Homoeopathy is devoted to Dr Prafull Vijaykar’s Mahableshwar workshop Sky is the limit to Miraculous cures: This article details the report of the workshop. Dr Vijaykar’s by now famous theory of 7 layers of suppression, his understanding of miasms and selection of a perfect similimum. Seven layers of embry and various organs and systems that develop from it have a pattern of formation and regeneration. Anything that enhances/promotes these gradients can cure, may it be: Homoeopathic, Blessings, mental catharsis, cosmic forces etc. All cures must follow Herring’s law. It reports cases of:

Cervical spondylitis -cured with Colocynth in a man with reserved nature, sharp voice and cramped aggressiveness in his gestures, postures and actions.

Down’s Syndrome: The malady was diagnosed when the child was 6 months old. Mag carb 10M and 50M based on totality of the case helped the child to study in a normal school, secure good marks and take part in theatre and poetry competitions.

Dr Mehta: A case of age related macular degeneration cured with Nux-vom. Indications: independent, orderly and careful, self reliant and industrious and syco-syphilitic mental make-up.

Blindness following head injury: Phosphorous given earlier in this case did not help but Ferr-phos based on Rt sided affection improved the eye vision just in six hours.

Renal failure with enlarged left kidney: Bellis-per 30 at 2 years interval-based on ailments after a fall and sycotic miasm. Lt sided, hot patient, industrious and better when raining.

Dr Vijaykar also points out - In Homoeopathic practice, miasms are mushrooming like vaccinations. This is wrong-as there is no fourth function of the cell body in physiology-psora-dysfunction in reproduction-sycosis and disorder in defence-syphilis destruction. Miasm is the mother of Homoeopathy and stepping stone to success is the 7 layers of suppression. Minimum prescriber is the best prescriber.

Dr Anita Salunke: She gives the case of Schizophrenia in a 38 year old patient. Baryta carb 10M was selected on the basis of childish behaviour + del Criticised, del Laughed/mocked at. Del Watched She is, grief over trifles, embarrassment and antagonism. The patient was no longer bothered about what others said and his suppressed asthma cured.

Dr Charan Singh: In an article on heart disease, continued from the previous issue he voices his feelings on rejection symptoms after transplanted heart. He says cutting the withered branch of a tree does not remove the cause of withering in the tree. The law gives uncalled of protection to heart transplant procedures, though the patients die due to rejection. He urges the specialists to understand Hahnemann’s Organon and Natural laws before going to the operation theatre.




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