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Synopsis of Homoeopathic Journals
National Journal Of Homoeopathy
1994 Mar / Apr Vol III No 2.
Parinaz Humranwala.

Dr. Agarwal in his editorial advises homoeopaths to be honest to the system and practise Homoeopathy on the principles strictly laid down by Hahnemann.

Prof L. M. Khan narrates a case of Uterine Fibroids with Retroverted Uterus. Sepia, the given remedy, acted well and subsequent sonography showed the uterus anteverted and fibroids disappearing. Tips for therapeutic usage by different eminent homoeopaths surface in the section, Beckon Lights. WHO studies show that the poorest countries of the world, already burdened by communicable diseases such as AIDS, Cholera, Malaria and Tuberculosis are now suffering from diseases like Cancer, Heart disease, Strokes, and Diabetes which were formerly regarded as being mainly restricted to the industrialized nations. Arts Longo Vita Bravis (Hippocrates first aphorism- Art is long and life is short) indicates that our life span is too short to reach the depths of the art. Under the above section is discussed Paracelsian simile, with a description of Paracelsius theory. Dr Hahnemanns evolution of Homoeopathy through experimentation is detailed by Dr. Jain.

Synopsis of Homoeopathic Journals

Sep-Oct 1994 Vol 3 No 5

A short biography of Dr. Boenninghausen is presented by Dr. C.P. Goel. A working hypothesis to explain the mechanism of action of potentized homoeopathic drugs in vitro by Dr. Khuda Buksh convincingly shows that certain potentized homoeopathic drugs like Arnica, Ruta, Hypericum, Aconite etc. could repair chromosomal damage inflicted by X-ray irradiation or by injection of poison mice. Dr. V.P. Bansal explains Headache, its signs and symptoms, aetiology and differential diagnosis. Homoeopathy is also a preventive science. Dr. K. Narasimha Rao explains different rubrics to widen the scope of preventive homoeopathy. For most people, swimming pools are places of fun, frolic and excitement, relaxation and even repurcation. S.C. Sharma explains the use of hydrotherapy and how buoyancy of water helps a victim of paralysis for his rehabilitation. Measles, usually a disease of childhood can be treated successfully with homoeopathy reports Dr. V.P. Bansal and Dr. S Mukerjee.

Parinaz Humranwala.

Seminar Reports.

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting. A trial study was carried out by Srihari and Raghunadharao to explore the role of Ipecac on cases undergoing chemotherapy. Ipecac was found superior to placebo. Dr. M.C. Batra firmly believes in the usage of acute remedies, interpolated by constitutional remedy. Various examples given are Arnica for injury, Calc-flour for cataract, to destroy cancerous deposits - Malandrinum, stricture of rectum - Thiosinaminum, itching in the evening aggravated when undressing- Natrum-sulph, Merc, Asmina-tr etc. Dr. Batra stresses his point that if Arnica is used at random for any and every patient with injury, why dis-regard other remedies.

Fungal infections are common in places which are humid. Efficacy of Homoeopathic drugs against plant pathogenic fungi has been reported by various workers in the past. Encouraged by their work, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Garg planned a study to screen antifungal activity of Homoeopathic drugs against human pathogenic fungi in vitro. Specimens were collected from tongue, skin and ear of infected patients by swab and scrapping methods and were cultured on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar Media. Three fungi were obtained Viz, Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Aspergillus niger. Against the above three isolates in vitro, antifungal efficacy of six Homoeopathic drugs ie., Bacillinum 200, Ustilago 1M, Petroleum 200, Sulphur-iod 1M, Mezereum 1M, and Benzoic-ac 200, were tested; Sulphur-iod and Benzoic-ac were found effective against all three fungi. Females were found to be more prone to fungal infections than male patients. Similarly, urban patients were more sensitive to fungal infections than rural patients. Dr. C.P. Goel pays tribute to the genius of Dr. Hahnemann and his keen sense of study. The scope of Homoeopathy and various myths in the field of Homoeopathy are explained by Dr. Bhargava. Dr. Parakh compares metals, Aurum, Cuprum, Platina, Argentum, and Ferrum with their physical properties. On losing or buying Gold a persons temperament deviates; either he is very sad or very happy. The authors link various rubrics to describe thus the mental state created.

Parinaz Humranwala.

Seminar Reports.

In his article "An update on the history of Homoeopathic and allopathic medicine" Dr.Coulter comments upon the conflict between Empiricism and Rationalism that has existed within allopathy as well as between allopathy and other emperical medical disciplines. he gives five examples of this conflict within modern allopathy-disputes over 1) the significance of the natural resistance, 2) the meaning of "Holism" 3) the theory of antibody formation 4) the explanation of preventive and therapeutic vaccination and 5) the treatment of allergy. Dr.Robinson raises the question whether extrauterine events and the emotional state of the parents at the time of conception and - or during pregnancy - attitudes, feeling, traumas, shocks etc.-can influence the unborn child, generating a correlative emotional response pattern and pathology later in life and consequently affecting the childs Homoeopathic medicine requirements. He provides a number of interesting case reports to illustrate his contention. Dr. Wember regales us yet again with a fascinating pot pourri of small remedies and some of their indications. Cases add color to the issue.




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