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The 50 Millesimal News Letter

10th April 2004. This Souvenir issue comes as a birthday gift to our founder Dr Hahnemann.

This bi-annual news letter published by Dr R P Patel aims at propagation, advancement and research in Homoeopathy. One half of the issue has interesting photographs of Hahnemann house at Koethri, Dr Hahnemann's belongings, medicine boxes, repertory in his own handwriting etc There are photographs of Kent house in Chicago, his vacation home. and his grave.

This album comes as a part of Dr Patel's 'Homoeopathic tour' in search of Dr Hahnemann for 50 years (1951 to 2004). They are a tribute to the founder from a stalwart. Most of the articles are written by Dr Patel. He writes about why Homoeopathy failed in the hands of Hahnemann, why miasma, our problems, corrections in Kentís repertory and a clear cut protocol for research in Homoeopathy.

In 'My Experiences as a Homoepathic Doctor', Dr Patel gives a moving account of his early years in practice, his struggle, compassion, passion, his steadfast faith in Homoeopathy and need of qualified Doctors in rural areas. He writes medical science is so vast that one life is not sufficient to master it. A doctor has to learn many things beyond the education in a medical college and any help to a patient in emergency is not a monopoly of any system of medicine.

He first treated a case of an untouchable boy of 14 years who was rolling on the ground with pain of pleurisy. Ranunculus-bulbosus gave instant and miraculous relief. This charted his destiny as a Homoeopath and he has never looked back.

Dr Patel has given guidelines for drug proving of recorded symptoms and their clinical verification.

  1. Verified symptom (S) from the source book to be fully recorded and each medicine under that heading to be noted down.
  2. Clinical verification of that particular symptom to be noted down judging by improvement, relief, cure and laboratory data.
  3. Grading and re-grading of the symptoms according to clinical verification. He has given formats for 3 different phases. Same protocol he used for correction of 6th edition of Kentís repertory. This protocol will set a standard in research and make HMM reliable and richer.
  4. Specific projects:
    Verification of Arsenic-iod in Bronchial asthma with or without primary complex. Patients with primary complex responded well to Arsenic-iod 0/1 or 0/3 potency.- 2 to 4 globules (No 10) dissolved in 2 ounce of water with 40 drops of alcohol and 10 drops were given in half ounce of water. They had fewer acute attacks.

In patient with F/H/O TB, Tuberculinum 200 was given as intercurrent remedy. Blatta-orientalis Q 0/1 was also given in acute attacks.

All cases were assessed on clinical basis and laboratory investigations.

In an article on cancer, Dr Patel explains the Homeopathic view of cancer, the needs of cancer patient viz an ear that will listen, sharing of helplessness, ease the pain and give the will to live. He discussed the drawbacks of prevalent cancer treatment and a need for homoeopathic viewpoint, miasmatic understanding, understanding basic cellular mechanism and research. His institute has undertaken a research project for 10 years or 2000 cases starting from 10th April 2004. The results will be assessed clinically, pathologically and relief of pain and peaceful death in terminally ill patients.

Other articles discuss miasms, priority of research on Boeninghausen's repertory.




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