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Vol 1 No.3 April 93.
B-2 / 264 Sector 6, Rohini
Delhi 110 085.

A monthly medical news letter edited by Dr. Vijay Bhushan, where in the editor cautions patients, who are indiscriminately subjected to hysterectomy, to give homoeopathy a chance Dr. Madhu Agarwal mentions Apis, Calc-flour, Calc-carb, Fraxinum americana Lachesis, Ustilago etc. as remedies for Myoma. The characteristics, contributory factors and symptomatology of fibroids is explained by Dr. Asha Jain. Cases of fibroids have been reported The eye catcher of the issue is Dr. Kasim Chimthanawalas interview, where he stresses that books cannot teach homoeopathy. The interview is informative.

Vol 1, No 11, Dec 93

Around two million people have developed AIDS in the past decade and around 10 million have been infected by Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) which causes it, according to the WHO. Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy is sparing no effort in tackle the much dreaded disease. The success rate of CCRH is about 10 percent. The occurrence of serological reversal in 10 percent cases reported may occur however for various reasons. In some asymptomatic HIV carriers, anti-HIV antibodies disappear or their titre becomes so low that they are not detectable through ELISA or Western Blot test or if significant population of B cells are infected, they may cease antibody production activity. Because of these reasons RRIs seroconversion rate (12 out of 129) which is about 10 percent becomes insignificant. There is a possibility that a person is relieved of circulating viral burden under the influence of Homoeopathic drugs and the antibodies declined significantly, causing a non-reactive ELISA ,accepts RRI sources. An absence of a control group in any research project created doubt that the results may be natural and not due to the medicines tried, reports Dr. Vijay Bhusan. Dr. Rastogi, the Director of CCRH is willing to conduct trials now on a control basis which will make results authentic and claim world wide success. Warts are generally considered sycotic only and hence the prescription of Thuja is common among novice homoeopaths. Dr. Vijay Bhusan reports a case where Tuberculinum helped the patient wherein the commonly used sycotic remedies failed. A few other cases of warts are described. A case of severe orthopnoea was treated with Cina based on the fact that the patient had Eosinophilia in the past. An interview of Dr. M. Abdul Latif by the editor carries the dictum Be a single remedy prescriber and a patient doctor. (Do not be impatient by using polypharmacy to make a fast buck.)

Vol 2 No 11 Dec 1994
Dr. Parinaz Humranwala
Bombay - 14.

Homoeopathy Today, this monthly publication of the National Center for Homoeopathy (801, Fairfax Street, 306, Alexandria VA 22314) along with Resonance, the bi-monthly magazine of the International Foundation for Homoeopathy (2366 East Lake Avenue, 325 Seattle WA) is this reporters main source of information on homoeopathy in America. He wishes there were available Indian Homoeopathic libraries so that they could be availed of by the numerous Indian Homoeopaths who writes to the undersigned desiring personal accounts of Homoeopathy in America. We will try to provide more of that in these reports.

Every issue carries ads and notices of lectures and courses; the latter are usually aimed at the general public or professionals already liscensed to practice some form of medicine. there are no specific homoeopathic educational facilities in America that lead to the aquisation of a license to practice homoeopathy. the closest access is through the schools of naturopathic medicine in which homoeopathy is a department; the ND degree is accepted in only some of the states.

The publication pays keen attention to the appearance of homoeopathy in the media and its budding place in the official structure via the office of Alternative Medicine in the NIH and in medical school curriculum. Studies in Repertory and Materia Medica are found both in articles and reports on seminars as the Louis Klein RS Hom, Clinical Application of Homoeopathy Seminar held in January 1994 (July - Aug 1994) and the Mellisa Assilem Seminar in Boston which presented the remedy, Folliculinum made from synthetic estrogen. (June 1994)

OCT 96

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Vol6 No4 April 1998

While drawing attention to the birthday of Dr Hahnemann, which falls in April, the editor asks the fellow homoeopaths to take up the task of educating their patients of Homeopathic principles and philosophy so that they are well informed of the advantages of this system of medicine.
Dr ML Aggarwal shows how Homoeopathy can cure psychological and psychiatric cases with illustrations. One of the cases cited related to a lady who became unconscious after dreaming that mountains had fallen into the Ganges River at Hardwar. She was cured by three doses of Stramonium. . According to Dr S K Dubey Hyos is good for sleeplessness due to business embarrassment while Kali-bro is for loss of property or reputation. Ambra-gri can not sleep due to business worries and gets up. Staph is for mental effects of onanism while phos-acid for physical effects.

Vol8 No 8
A Monthly Newspaper published by Dr Manish Bhartiya,
ED- 94, Tagore Garden, New Delhi-27

Cover article: Dr Sushil Vats decries the ongoing feud between Principal, Nehru Hom Medical College, New Delhi and the Executive Committee of CCH. The decision of CCH to issue a public notice that the advertisement by College calling for applications to BHMS admissions was done without CCH permission and so recognition to the College has been withdrawn! This feud has compromised both the institutions. The above public notice seems to have been issued (but without issuing show cause notice to the Delhi state Govt) as the college is stated to be short of regular teachers and run with honorary lecturers. Whatever be the real story, this episode does not augur well for propagation of Homeopathy or for the reputation of Govt Homeopathic colleges.

In his editorial Dr Manish Bhartiya draws attention to the proposal of Delhi allopathic fraternity for conducting regular CME programmes for the allopathic doctors and urges that similar programmes are also very necessary for the homoeopaths. (ICR, NJH and IIHP and others have been conducting such CME's for the past few years at Mumbai, with much benefit to the participants.)

Dr Vinit Monga stresses the importance of obtaining family history while treating chronic diseases; this allows interpretation of the miasmatic background, so necessary to treat pt.

Mental symptoms of Caladium by Dr N Gupta:
Pts who suffer from nocturnal emissions and fear to go to bed.
High sensitivity to noise.
Useful for tobacco poisoning and to remove craving for tobacco.
News item: Dr ML Seghal, founder of the Revolutionalised Homoeopathy was honoured by the Homoeopathic Medical Association, London in April 2000 and presented the certificate of distinction by the Guest of Honour, the great grandson of Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

Excerpts from Dr Jugal Kishore's Book "Evolution of Homoeopathic repertories and repertorisation" which deals with vital aspects of case-taking.
Dr S Haque- some random thoughts on repertories; outlines the philosophical background of Boenninghausen's and Kent's repertories and their limitations.
Vast scope for using the Internet for propagating Homeopathy and honing the skills of homoeopaths.




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