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Book Reviews
AuthorBook TitlePublisher
Jeremy Sherr The Homoeopathic Proving of Hydrogen J Sherr
Dr. Kamal Kansal The Illustrated Materia Medica Yuvraj Publishing House
Dr. Shirin Wadia Homoeopathy - The Perfect Prescription Sajjan Sons
Jan Scholten Homoeopathy and minerals Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Dr Kasim Chimthanawala Is Doctrine Of Miasm A Myth? Shaad Publications
Dr P Sankaran The Elements of Homoeopathy-Volume I Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Dr P Sankaran The Elements of Homoeopathy-Volume II Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Dr H Allen Basic Symptoms of Psora - The Rubrics (In Hindi) Dr Shailendra Mamgain
Dr Ranjan Sankaran The Soul Of Remedies Homeopathic Medical Publishers Dinar
Dr D A Jagtap Sun: The Celestial Doctor--A Chromapath Dr S D Jagtap
P Ishwardas Tarkas & Ajit K Kulkarni A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica Part II Soham Prakashan
DR K P S Dhama and Dr [Mrs] Suman Dhama Rheumatism, Sciatica And Spondylosis Pratap Medical Publishers
Roger Van Zandvoort Complete Repertory Roger Van Zandvoort
Robin Murphy Homoeopathic Medical Repertory Indian Books and Periodicals
Dr Jugal Kishore Evolution Of Homoeopathic Repertories And Repertorisation Kishore Cards Publications
Joe Anthony Lewis Herbs for Aids and Other Diseases Indian books & Periodicals Syndicate
Prof L M Khan A Treatise on Homoeopathic Pharmacy Indian Books & Periodicals
Dr Maneesha V Solanki Guidelines To Case Taking Physical Examination and investigations in clinical homoeopathy Varuchi Publications
Materica Medica-Live CD
Nirmal C Sukul High Dilution Pharmacology and Homoeopathy A Sukul
Dr V Krishnamoorty New Bach Remedies Dr V Krishnamoorty
V Krishnamoorty Text Book of Alternative Medicines  
Dr S M Gunvante
Dr [Mrs] Shraddha Dutt
The Amazing power of Homoeopathy [A record of 201 difficult cases] B Jain Publishers [P] ltd.
Nirmal C Sukul High Dilution Pharmacology and Homoeopathy A Sukul
Robin Murphy ND Lotus Materia Medica - Homoeopahtic And Spagyric Medicine Lotus Star Academy
CCRH New Delhi Review And Revision Of Kent's Repertory In Relation To Other Works Chapter - Throat [Additions From Boericke's Repertory] CCRH New Delhi
Dr Rajan Sankaran Provings Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Dr Mirza Anwar Baig Myths and Realities about AIDS Mafkhan Publications
Dr J P S Bakshi Manual of Psychiatry Cosmic Healers Pvt Ltd
Dr Munir Ahmed Introduction to the Principles of Repertorisation Books and Allied (p) Ltd.
Dr Yogesh Sehgal
Dr Sanjay Sehgal
Dr Mrs Preeti Sehgal
Perfect Materia Medica of Mind Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers,
ICR - Pediatrics in Homoeopathy ICR
Dr P B Thombore Gems of Organon B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr Farokh Master Clinical Observations of children's remedies B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr L R Hegde When The Indicated Remrdy Fails In Homoeopathic Practice Jnanasadhana Granthmala
Dr Ramanlal P Patel Ailments And Complaints: Before, During & After In Homeopathy Mr Indravardan R Patel
Sai Homoeopathic Book Corporation
Dr R L Kullar Piles, Fissure & Fistula Author
Dr Ajit K Kulkarni The Law Of Similars In Medical Science Sohan Prakashan
Steven Decker Organon Of The Medical Art Bird Cage Books
Dr Prafull G Vijaykar Predictive Homoeopathy : Part II (The Theory of Acutes) Mrs Preeti Vijaykar
Dr Ajit Kulkarni The Potency Dilemma: Tailoring the remedy to the patient Soham Prakashan
Dr J P S Bakshi The Phoenix Repertory (Vol 1 & Vol 2) Cosmic healers Pvt. Ltd
Dr Hitesh Shah Malaria and Homoeopathy Mayur Jain, Indian Books and Periodicals Publishers
H. Thomas Cotter and Edythe Lindley Cotter Homoeopathy in the curing of Psychological Problems Mayur Jain, Indian Books and Periodicals Publishers
Dr Ramesh D Jain
Dr Smita P Trivedi
Universal Mineral Materia Medica Dinak Prakashan
Dr M L Dhawale Perceiving 1
H C Allen Allen's Keynotes Regenerated and classified B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr Ritu Kinara Materia Medica For Students B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr Rajan Sankaran The System of Homoeopathy Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Case Tracker Sanjeevani Homoeopathic Software
Dr E Balakrishnan Homoeopathy: The Scientific medicine part I & II Unicorn Book
Dr Jawahar Shah Materia Medica Elite CD-Hompath Hompath software
Shri S Veerbhadra Rao The Teacher Homoeopathic Athenaeum
Dr. Jugal Kishore Integrated Homeopathy Repertory Volume-I (MIND) Kishore Cards
Thiru V K Arumughaam Human Energy And Homoeo Energy Hahanemann Publishers
Dr Ajit Kulkarni The Kali Family Indian Books and Periodicals Syndicate
Dr KPS Dhama Homoeopathy: The True Science of Health UBS Publishers Distributors Ltd
Dr Ronak Shah Veratrum: An Egoistic Lily Indian Books and Periodicals Syndicate
A K Tiwari You & Homoeopathy: The easy way Minerva Press
Dr Rajan Sankaran An Insight Into Plants Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Dr Babubhai Shah Biochemistry:The Inorganic Salts Mrs Premila B Shah
U K Arumgham be (elec) Treatise on Homoeopathy Hahnemann Publications
Dr S P Koppikar Koppikarís Clinical experience of 70 yrs in Homoeopathy B Jain P Ltd
Dr Sudhanshu Arya Sudeh-Soman Indian Homoeopathic Resource 2002 Dr Sudhanshu Arya
Philip M. Bailey Homoeopathic Psychology: Personality profiles of Major Constitutional Remedies B Jain Co
William Sharp The Action of One Dose
V Nateisun Trauma : The Unseen Monster
V K Arumugham Human Mind and Homoeopathy Muthu pathippagam Williamís layout
Dr Satish Rana Warnings and Advices of J T Kent Dr S K Rana
Dr Ramanlal P Patel Repertory of Hom Materia Medica Atmajyot
Dr V K Arumugam Study of Organon of Medicine Simplified Hahnemann Publications
Dr P Krishnan A concise Life Sketch of Dr Samuel Hahnemann Renaissance Publishers Government Homoeopathic Medical College
Dr Parinaz Humranwala Temperament Types: A Study Nina Foundation
Dr Sanjay Modi Accurate Homoeopathy Hahnemann's Directives and its Application Krupa Publications
Dr Subhas Singh Rheumatoid Arthritis - It's Curability In Homoeopathy Homoeopathic Publications
Dr Andre Saine Teachings Psychiatric Patients Pure Classical Homoeopathy B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr E Balakrishnan Cardiovascular diseases & Homoeopathic Treatment B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Dr Vidyadhar. R. Khanaj REPERIRE Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers
Dr Prafull Vijaykar Dr Prafull Vijaykar's School of Predictive Homoeopathy - Homeopathy is Mathematics Part 3 Mrs Preeti Vijayakar
Dr Prafull Vijaykar Miasmatic Prescribing Mrs Preeti Vijayakar
Dr E Balakrishnan Homoeopathy in Psychiatry Indian Books and Periodicals Publishers
Dr Pravin B Jain Essentials of Pediatrics Nitya Publications




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