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Homoeo-Jyoti 1965-66
Two Days With Deborah Collins
Hashi - A Brief Report
Jan 94 Shaad Seminar
Feb94 Jaipur Conference
Jan94 Bangalore Conference and Quiz
March 94 Ahmedabad Seminar
April 94 Nature Cure Conference
REPORTS Jan94 Two Days with a Living Legend Two Days With Dipchand Gardi
Seminar With Prakash Vakil
Kali Seminar with Dr Nancy Herrick
Maharashtra State Scientific Seminar,Beed
AP Homoeopathic Association: Seminar in Nov. 94
IXth All India Homoeopathic Congress, Bhopal All India Congress
How Computers Help Efficient Homoeopathic Practice
First Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar
7th International Homoeopathic Congress in Australia
Heat Wave in Allahabad
Seminar IIHP Sept 1995
The 2nd Dr Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar
Dr Jeremy Sherrs Dec95 Seminar Exciting Fair
Bowen Technique
Winter School Nagpur
March Best of Calcutta Seminar
March Jaisinghpur Seminar
Seminar On Malaria
IIHP (Mumbai)
IIHP Ranchi
NJH Aurangabad Seminar-30th June 1996
IIHP Guntur Seminar July 96
April Hahnemann Day at Lucknow
Constitutional Similimum for Neophyte
Homoeo Dynasty Seminar Sept 96
Sankarans August96 Seminar
IIHP, Lonavala - August 1996
National Homoeopathic Conference 1996 - New Delhi
Approach to sexual problems - Mumbai August 96
Report on H.E.R.I Seminar
Jeypore Health Camp - Sept' 96
9th AHML International Conference Jaipur 16-18 February'97
5th Winter School - Dec'96, Nagpur
IIHP Seminar April 1997, Mumbai
HMAI Hubli Seminar: April 1997
NJH Seminar April 1997 Amravati
A Report on the 7th National Homeopathic Conference, New Delhi 11th & 12th Feb '97
Book Release Ceremony And Seminar At Satara
The ICR Bombay: Symposium
Homoeopathic Workshop May 26-June 8
World Congress-A Report
The 4th Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar January 1998-A Report
A one-day seminar with Dr Girish Gupta
Winter School VI
Seminar on Homoeopathic Awareness
Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely
Homoeopathy in Kerala
Yavatmal Seminar: Feb'98
National Homoeopathic Conference, Dhanbad, Apr 1998
Re-orientation Training Programme, Khamgaon, June1998
Lectures at the LCCH, London May1998 by Dr Parinaz Humranwala
Research Society of Hom, Lucknow
NAH Summer School VII-A Report
Homoeo Learners Club of Hyderabad - 23rd Aug'98
Homoeopathy and Cancer, Poona, June 98
Case Seminar on Chronic Diseases, April'98
July 98 Seminar at Tiruchi Taluka
Awareness, Counselling and Treatment of HIV & Aids in Homoeopathy- Nov'98
A Report of Arefa Memorial Charitable Trust Workshop Dec'97
Vth Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar
Homoeopathic Conference 1998, Mangalore
CCRH Workshop: Diabetes Mellitus and its Homoeopathic Treatment, Aug 98, Delhi
ICR Pediatric Symposium Feb 26-28, Mumbai
One Day Seminar-Chandigarh May 99
Seminar On Mentals Of Metals
CODEX: A major threat to Health Care Freedom- Forthcoming Danger
Two day workshop, Khanna Feb 1999
Similimum 99 - June 1999, Mumbai
Homoeopathy 99- Mangalore, Oct 99
Vithoulkas Seminar: The Homoeopathic Extravaganza!!
The Monsoon Homoeopathic Workshop
XI All India Homoeopathic Seminar - Calcutta Dec 99
Seminar Dr S S Vithal Satara Jan 2000
VI th Sarla Sonawala Seminar 2000
NJH Aurangabad Seminar
NAHI - Calcutta Chapter
ICR Workshop, April 2000, Mumbai
Seminar on Materia Medica, Ludhiana
Report ICR Symposia - September 2000
Seminar, Arefa Trust, October 2000
Millennium Mumbai Seminar- Jan 2001
ICR Pune Symposium ,June 00
CME on Autism and Tarentula- Jan 2001, Hyderabad
National Workshop: Prevention of Communicable Disease through Homoeopathic
4th National Homeopathic Conference - Bangalore, March 2001
ICR, Silver Jubilee Seminar Feb 01, Kolhapur
10th National Shimla Conference, Feb 2001
Materia Medica Workshop Khanna UP
National Seminar at by IIHP (Pb)on MM at Gidderbaha
Seminar On Dr Hahnemannís Jayanti
Conference AHML Malaysia Sept 8-10, 2002
Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Lecture Series: Hair & Homoeopathy
International Homoeopathic Conference (Agra)
Unique Homoeopathic Camp, Sangamner
Homoeopathy Festival-2003
A Day with Dr. Vishpala Parthsarathy
Homoeopathy on the move in Jammu & Kashmir
Two Days Seminar on Updating Homoeopathy Practice
Vijayakar seminar: August 2003,Mumbai Treating Incurable cases with Homoeopathy
Handling Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. -An in depth study of Platina
Classical Homoeopathy In Himachal
10th Dr Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar, Feb, 01, 2004
12th National Homoeopathic Conference, Feb 04, Dehradun
Seminar on Neurological Disorders
Back to School
Homoeopathic Work Shop
A workshop in Israel with Dr Ajit Kulkarni Aug 04
Paradigms of prescribing - Robin Murphy in Mumbai, Dec'04
Revolutionized Homoeopathy - Delhi Nov 2004
Vijayawada IIHP seminar, February 2005
Educative Seminar By IIHP, Chandigarh April 05
Organum 2005, April 2005, Calicut
Dr Ajit Kulkarni's Workshop, Satara March 05
"Is It Saare Jahan Se Acha Or The Whole World Is Beautiful?"
ICR Hahnemann Day 2005




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