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Sure shot, Rapid cures achieved through Homoeopathy

Editor: Introduction: In 2005, Homoeopathy has taken a lot of battering with the war on it from the Allopathic and other streams of science saying that Homeopathy is only placebo effect. Homoepaths the world over, have, thorough the press, and at all forum, refuted this. But we need to keep an ongoing system of giving proof of its cures.

What is the need of the hour? To prove undeniably that Homoeopathy works! I feel that showing the rapid and indisputably strong, curative action of Homoeopathy is the best answer to any questions on ist credibility.

NJH ONLINE will start and maintain this section of SURE-SHOT HOMOEOPATHY for the world to ruminate over and refute if possible. Cases will be added on a daily basis.

To begin with, we have taken few cases, to demonstrate the immediate, almost gunshot effect of the Homoeopathic remedy. The titles of the cases denote both the nature of the person plus clue to the problem through slang use of words. Eg cough-body is the slang used to deride someone in the family who constantly falls ill with cough. A Barbie doll is a beautiful doll-character and a full series of dolls have been fashioned on her. The true Barbie collector will have every Barbie- Barbie in a party, Barbie in the kitchen, Barbie in the swimming-pool and so on.

Case 111: The cough abates in 24 hrs New - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 110: Doc! I am Allergic to Milk New - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 109: The Rain Havoc New - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 108: The Businessman who Failed - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 107: The Thirstless Journalist - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 106: Mama's Baby - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 105: Crying Boosts my Confidence!! - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 104: Husband's Brain Tumor depresses me - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 103: What if my Husband Throws me out? - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 102: I give my 100% always - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 101: I have Fibroids... - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 100: Mere Toote Hue Dil se.... - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 99: Oh! Doc my Heel hurts me! - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 98: A case of Fibroids - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 97: I Lost my Independence and my home! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 96: A Case of Spongia - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 95: My Wife Remarried - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 94: When Reflux Oesophagitis Mimics Cough - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 93: I had a Child Marriage - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 92: My Marriage has Ruined my Life - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 91: I Lost my Independence - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 90: The Salesman Became The CEO - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 89: Doc! I am Allergic to Milk - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 88: I do the Work Which Makes the God Happy - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 87: Everybody Hates Me - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 86: I Never Achieved What I Wanted - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 85: Sarcoidosis Cured with Homoepathy - Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma & Dr (Km) Ruchi Rajput
Case 84: A Case of Allergic Rhinitis - Dr Bhavini Shah
Case 83:Reaching out to the Unreachable- Part 2 - Dr Savitha S Wani
Case 82:Easy Dentition with Homoeopathy - Dr Bhavini Mehta
Case 81:A Case of Ovarian Cyst - Dr Padmaja Pai-Shenoy
Case 80:She Coughed For Days Till This Rare Remedy Rescued Her! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 79:A Case of Ovarian Cyst - Dr Ashishkumar S Julme
Case 78:Case of Eczema - Dr Bhavini Mehta
Case 77:A Case of Dermoid cyst - Dr Padmaja Pai-Shenoy
Case 76:Dermoid Cyst, treat with Homoeopathy? - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 75:Reaching out to the Unreachable- Part 1 - Dr Ramdas, Dr Manjula Kumar and Dr Savitha S Wani
Case 74:I Hate Getting Periods, I Want To Die - Dr Bhavini Shah
Case 73:The Volatile Headaches! - Dr Padmaja Pai-Shenoy
Case 72:Doctor I Feel Helpless and Unfortunate! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 71:Case of Myocardial Ischemia - Dr A R Kapse
Case 70:Case of Recurrent URTI - Dr Bhavini Mehta
Case 69:A Case of Multiple Drug Allergies. - Dr Padmaja Pai-Shenoy
Case 68:"Alopecia" - Chronic or Acute? - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 67: Osteomyelitis: Myths and reality - Prof Mohan G R and Dr Anandhi
Case 66: He presented with heel pain but had loathing for life - Dr Ruchi Jain, Md Part I and Dr Anand Kapse Md Hom
Case 65: No life as if.. - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy and Dr Pooja
Case 64: Now I have teeth but canít eat - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 63: Pyrexia due to Vaccination - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 62: Cough with salty expectoration - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 61: Burning as if sprinkled chillies - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 60: Nail Bed Abscess - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 59: Needle Injury - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 58: Homoeopathy treats a patient not a disease - Dr Afshan A Balekundri
Case 57: A case where Caulophylum worked wonders! - Dr Yogita Bhanushali
Case 56: Case of Acute Gastrointestinal Infection - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 55: Unquenchable Thirst - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 54: Acute Psychotic Episode - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 53: Dysuria only in night - Dr S C Mishra
Case 52: The tall, gangly pre-teenager - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 51: A Lonely Man on a Mid-Night Road - Dr S C Mishra
Case 50: Where is the picture of Aurum-met? - Dr D J Sutarwala
Case 49: We tried everything and thought his nails will never improve! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 48: My husband rapes me every night! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 47: A quick but lasting result in chronic IBS - Dr Pankaj Dere
Case 46: A Case of Psychosomatic Depression - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 45: I am so angry with myself! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 44: Efficacy of fifty millesimal potency in a case of Diabetes Mellitus - Dr Aloke K R Ghosh
Case 43: Case of Taenia Corporis - Dr Sangeeta J Devalia
Case 42: How Punctual is Arsenic ?!! - Dr Sangeeta J Devalia
Case 41: Dengue Fever - Dr Mahesh Chevva
Case 40: The concommitant helped clinch the remedy - Dr Kiran Gupta
Case 39: The Corn vanished by Homoeopathic 'scalpel'? - Dr Pankaj Patel & Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 38: And the Piles disappeared!!! - Dr Smita Akale
Case 37: A case of a nail injury - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 36: I cannot bear the smell of the paint! - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 35: I bit my own lip! - Dr Satish Kanojia
Case 34: A case of severe Paroxysmal Hiccoughs - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 33: A case of migraine - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 32: Cholera Cases - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 31: A Case Of Prostrating Throat Pain - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 30: Few Cases of Severe Toothache - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 29: Miracles Of The Infinite Dose - Dr S K Mamgain
Case 28: Case Of Chronic Allergic Rhinitis - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Case 27: A Case Of Hypertension - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Case 26: Case Of Depression - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Case 25: A Case of Insomnia - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Case 24: Valley (Medicinal) of Flowers: An Introduction - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Case 23: Cold better in 1 dose! - Dr Umaima Merchant
Case 22: Homoeopathy saved her a disc surgery - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 21: Lack of confidence helped by Podophyllum - T K Kasiviswanathan
Case 20: Semi-Consciousness solved by correct Rubric - T K Kasiviswanathan
Case 19: Mutilating His Body? - T K Kasiviswanathan
Case 18: When Staph Failed - T K Kasiviswanathan
Case 17: Trio of Sleepless nights - T K Kasiviswanathan
Case 16: Ever seen a 3y old buy new shoes and bring old ones back? - Dr Sushma Jaiswal
Case 15: And how the mighty have fallen! - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 14: Homeopathy or Lithotripsy? - Dr Rashmi Nagar
Case 13: I have not slept till 7 years - Dr Rashmi Nagar
Case 12: The patient was so happy with result; she forgot to inform the docotor! - Dr Rashmi Nagar
Case 11: The subdued one - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 10: Oh! My Back - Dr Vishapala Parthasasrathy
Case 9: The travails of diarrhoea in our own staff! - Dr Bhavini Shah
Case 8: Can Myopia be helped by Homoeopathy? - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 7: Fever Eclipsed his Ulcerative Colitis - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 6: The sneezing affects my concentration - Dr Sushma
Case 5: Boy with a Limp - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Case 4: My mother favours my brother & embarrasses me Dr Bhavini Shah
Case 3: The Uprooted Asthmatic - Dr Sushma
Case 2: The Tall Sophisticated One - Dr Bhavini Shah
Case 1: The 'cough-body' Barbie doll - Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy


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