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Case 10: Oh! My Back
Dr Vishapala Parthasasrathy
'Arn / Rhus-t / Kali-i

An old patient of mine, a 28 yr old female and my school friends daughter, so kind of my adopted daughter, her mother having expired in 2004, called me on 2/11/05, for sudden severe backache on waking from sleep.

I advised her to take Arnica and Rhus-t from the homoeopathic kit she always carried.Next day 3/11/05 she came to the clinic saying that she is not better.

On further enquiry: pain radiated from back right hip knee. > lying on back, < on sides, < motion. On Examination: Tenderness3 and SLR was hardly 1 degree. I prescribed Bry 1M stat and then every 4 hourly. Within 4 days she was > 50% better.

Date Symptoms Treatment
7/11/05 Back pain L3. could work for 30-45 min, then pain +. > lying. < tight. Thigh pain 0. knee pain+. Dosage reduced as pt much better. Not stopped as it was too acute Bry 1M 3 P, HS
10/11/05 Back pain < work. > rest. Advised rest. SLR: Right and Left 45 degree. Bry 1M 4P HS
14/11/05 Worked for 6 hours. > tying, > hot3, < lying on right side. Tongue coated. Stools normal.SLR: R: 75, L: 80.Refer to do MRI Ct all
  MRI report: posterior and Rt paracentral herniation of L4/L5 disc compressing the thecal sac and both L5 nerve roots, right more than left.Rt paracentral protrusion of L5/S1 disc indenting the thecal sac and right S1 nerve root.Posterior bulging of L3/L4 disc indenting the thecal sac.Lt paracentral bulging of L2/L3 disc intending the thecal sac  
17/11/05  Took orthopedic opinion. Was advised to do surgery. But pt was scared to go for surgery. Could now go back to work and sit throughout the day with the brake of 2 hours.She had similar kind of backache in Dec'03 which was better by Rhus-t for 3 yrs Rhus-t 200 7P, 1P=3, 1 dose every 6 hourly
21/11/05 We took another opinion of a conservative Orthopaedic who advised a belt compulsory. He visited her home, showed on site, modifications and exercise, pt has to avoid weight gain. Cannot eat non-veg. Rest for 1 week.SLR(with belt): Rt: 80, L: 86 Rhus-t 200 7P, 1P=2, 1 dose 12 hourly
26/11/05 Back >2, but tired and bored due to rest Arn 30 TDS
29/11/05 Discomfort due to belt.SLR(with belt): R 84, L:86. Arn 30 7P, HS
10/12/05 Resumed work since 29/11. pain +. Takes break for half an hour after every 6 hours Rhus-t 200 7P HS
19/12/05 Danced for 2 hours with no <, no backache. Kali-i 200 1 dose
10 Feb 06 Stress at work: 1 team member cheated, so whole ream warned. Like sword hanging - all could get fired. Stress and anger mild twinge in back. Kali-iod 200 rptd as deep acting.
11 Feb 06 Better
Conclusion: Of course, we are here on a safe ground as the Orthopaedic surgeon is in advisory capacity and feels that it can be managed without a laminectomy. He also feels that MRI will not change even if pain is better, so we have so far not repeated the MRI. But we will do it when she has been pain free for 6 mths. Here Homoeopathy has shown tremendously quick results and even took care of this slight twinge in Feb, within hours. .

Case: 11
Remedy: Puls / Tub-b
Diagnosis: Anxiety, Hair fall, GB stones


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