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Case 20: Semi-Consciousness solved by correct Rubric
Compiled by
T K Kasiviswanathan
'Arn / Bapt / Hyos / Croc-sat

One may take the case correctly and note all the relevant symptoms. The art of prescribing lies in translating the symptoms or expressions of the patient to correct reportorial rubrics to find the similimum. Dr Muthukumar illustrates this point:

A lady in her fifties was found to go into a semi-conscious state once or twice in a year. During that period she would lie quietly in her bed without taking any food for about 10 days. Nobody could wake her up from this comatose stage. However, after recovering from this stage on the 10th day she would resume her normal routine as before without any sign of the hibernation. But she would reply to the questions put to her. A colleague of Dr Muthukumar, who was called for consultation prescribed Hyos on the following rubric.

"Answers correctly, when spoken to, but delirium and unconsciousness return at once- Arn, Bapt, Hyos, (P 72 Repertorium Gen- Kunzli). There was no effect of this medicine on her condition. Then Dr Muthukumar was called in for consultation. Luckily on that very day the lady had come out of her semi-conscious state and she visited the clinic for examination.

During questioning she repeated what she said that she has already answered the questions to the other doctor. However, Dr Muthukumar probed further and asked as to what she used to think when she was lying semi-unconscious or what thoughts were crossing her mind at that stage.

She replied "I used to feel sad and guilty for lying like this. I feel very bad about it, not being able to do anything either for my children or for my grandchildren. How can I do live with myself like this? This is what I think about."

Dr Muthukumar selected the following rubric from Kunzli's repertory.
"Delusion that he is unfit for business- Croc-sat."
A few doses of this medicine put an end to this complaint.
Dr Muthukumar says that similimum can be selected from the most seemingly unimportant clue or symptom in a case.

Case: 21
Remedy: Podophyllum
Disease: Alternating constipation and diarrhoea, jaundice, Liver affection, Lack of confidence


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