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Case 22: Homoeopathy saved her a disc surgery
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Rhus-tox / Thuja / Nat-mur

Mrs KJ, 38 yrs, resident of Khetwadi, Mumbai

Complaints Of

  1. Backache since 1988, A/F 1st Delivery. It would come once a month very severely on over-exertion.
    In December 2005 she had a slipped disc.
    Lt sided severe pain pulling3 type from hip to ankle.
    Pain aggravates on turning, walking for even 15 mins, standing3 15 mins, 1st motion esp in the morning3.
    Ameliorated warm, lying.
    She was diagnosed as PID and advised Surgery.
  2. Bleeding Hemorrhoids since 1988 since 1st delivery, 1/mth, < spicy3.
  3. Acne 2-3/mth, Pustular, leaves marks. Aggravated menses before. Heat boils.
  4. GIT: Once a week, sour regurgitation of food, < sour3, <spicy.
Patient As A Person
5 feet 5 inches tall, Wt-88 kgs.
Dandruff3. Hairfall3 graying.
Wears specs since 10 years of age.
Perspiration: Profuse, offensive.
Appetite: Normal.
Thirst: More than 10 glasses a day.
Desire: fried3, salt3, spicy3, sweets3. warm.
Stool: 1/Day. P/H Constipation.
Urine: Normal.

Menstrual History: 3/22 Days.
MB: Anxiety3 menses before. Headache and backache menses during.
Leucorrhoea since 1st delivery. More with the backache.

Obstetric History
G4P2A2L1. She had a miscarriage in 96 in the 3rd month. In 1987 had a D&C done since unplanned pregnancy.
Her 1st Pregnancy was in 1988: Full term Forceps.
2nd In 2000: Full Term, forceps.

Development History: Normal.
Sleep: 6 hrs, unrefreshing, now disturbed due to pain.
Thermals: < Hot weather3, Headache < Sun, > Open air3, < Room Closed3, Fan S5, W3, Covering thin in winter, warm water bath throughout the year. C2H3.

Family History
DM: Br. HT: Mo. OA: Mo.: Syc + Tub Miasm

Past History: Malaria twice. Typhiod once.

Mind: Patient hailed from Surat. She was born in 1967. After her 12th, she had an arranged marrraige in 1986 at 19yrs and came to live in Mumbai. She had her 2 children- son in 1988 and Daughter in 2000. She is short-tempered, irritable and broods for a long time. Does not weep easily. Does not like consolation. Poor memory since 4 yrs. Gets worked up and anxious at sudden arrival of guests. Sleep is unrefreshed. Particular about how things are kept in the house.

1/6/05: XR Heel: Calcification in the insertion of the tendo-achilles and a small calcaneal spur is seen.

7/12/05: XR LS Spine: Second Degree Spondylo-listhesis of L5 over S1 with Spondylosis in L5. L5 shows spina bifida.

25/2/06: Grade 2, anterolisthesis of L5 over S1 with bilateral defect in the pars interarticularis. There is bilateral bony encroachment of neural bilaterally at this level. Post disc herniations at L2-3and L4-5 indenting the thecal sac. Postero-central disc herniation at L3-4, indenting the thecal sac.

Repertorisation from Robin Murphy's Rep

> Company
Anticipatory Anxiety
Craving acids3
Cr salt 2
Cr sweets
Cr Spicy
Leucorrhoea with backache
Backache < MD

Remedy group which emerged from the repertorial filter: only hot Rx
Sulph 37/18, Lyco 27/15, Natrum-mur 33//17, Lach 26/12

Planning and Programming:
Acute: Rhus-tox: with classical modalities. + Calc-flour 6x-as biochemic support
Constitutional: Nat-mur 200
Anti-Maismatic: Thuj 200 as the anti-sycotic.

Date Symptom Remedy
6/3/06 SLR. Lt-200 Rhus-tox 200 -7 HS
Calc-flour 6X BD
13/3/06 >3. Backache L7.
No constipation for which she had been taking Ayurvedic phaki since 10 yrs!! No acidity, headache, since Pain is much better. Sound sleep.
Thuja 200-1 dose
Rhus-tox 200 7 HS
Calc-flour 6X BD
22/3/06 Better 70%. No constipation, or headache.
Here in such a acute condition, can relapse, so repeat.
Rhus-tox 200 3 HS
Calc-flour 6X BD
7/4/06 > 80%. Thuja 200 2nd Dose
Rhus-tox 200 3HS
24/4/06 >90%. SLR Lt 700. No headache, acidity. Sleep: Good.
Now give constitutional as acute phase over.
Nat-mur 200 1 dose
Rhus-tox 200 SOS.
12/5/06 Used SOS Twice.
Backache Better 90%. SLR Lt 800
Thuja 200 3rd dose
Rhus-tox 200 3 HS
Calc-Flour 6X BD
26/5/06 Since 15 days Heel Pain, pricking needle like pain. Thuja 200 4th Dose
Ledum 200 7 HS
20/6/06 Heel pain > 20%. No Backache. Thuja 200 4th Dose
Ledum 200 7 HS
10-7-06 Much better. No pain in heel. No backache. Has lost 13 kgs in 3mths. Wt is 75 kg. Has gained much control over food, which she could never do till now. Placebo.

Case: 23
Remedy: Puls
Disease: Sinusitis


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