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Case 32: Cholera Cases
Dr S K Mamgain
'Verat / Cupr

In the region I live real cholera cases are rare. In the past 40 years I have met only two real cholera cases.

a). More than 30 years ago a lady in my village who had delivered a child ten days ago had an attack of cholera in the middle of a night. She had been suffering for about six hours when I was called. Her stools were like tap water. Her pulse was very weak and sinking. The collapse was looking imminent. I immediately administered a dose of Veratrum-album 30 (4-5 globules of No 10 size on her tongue). And I asked her mother-in-law to bring ½ cup of boiled water. I dissolved another dose in it. And I started giving her ½ teaspoon of this solution every 5 minutes, within 10 minutes her pulse started gathering strength. She also told me that she was feeling better. When she started improving I advised her mother-in law to give the remaining solution as I did every 15 - 20 minutes and suggested her to arrange for the patient to transfuse Glucose for early recovery of lost body fluids. But, the lady recovered rapidly without any transfusion - she is still hale and hearty after 30 years.

b). In another case the patient was a 25 years old laborer. It was about 20 years ago when I was called to see a patient at about 2:30 a m. He was suffering from cholera since 11 p m I found the patient in a very distressing condition.

He was extremely restless, he was writhing in pain, was unable to keep in one position for a moment. Whole of his abdomen was extremely sensitive; he did not let me examine his abdomen due to the extreme tenderness. Feeling cramps in whole abdomen. Watery vomiting every 3 minutes. Watery purging every 5 minutes. I immediately put a dose of Cuprum-metallicum 30 on his tongue.

Then I dissolved another dose in ½ cup of boiled water and started giving ½ teaspoon of the solution every 5 minutes. He vomited only once after the first dose of the medicine.

The interval of the purging after the first dose started increasing gradually and in about 40 minutes the purging totally stopped and the patient became tranquil. The restlessness, tenderness of the abdomen and the cramps had long gone.

At this stage I examined his abdomen all the tenderness had vanished.

In such cases I feel I can not leave the patient till there is relief. Now the patient expressed that he was getting sleep. And he asked me to go home and have rest. He was cured; no follow up was required.

Case: 33
Remedy: Bac / Iris / Sang
Diagnosis: Migraine


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